Saadi Love Story (part 17)

The huge round of applause broke their trance and dey slowly part away from each other realizing that music had stopped long back; they both looked other side trying to calm their raising heartbeats due to their proximity. Ragini was blushing hard when she realized that how lost she was in Sanskar’s eyes while Sanskar was just feeling awkward to face Ragini as he himself didn’t realized from how long he was lost in her. he still had no idea what spell does her eyes do to her that he always lost himself in those depths and den every other thing in this world doesn’t seems to exist. Both looked at each other from the corner of their eyes and den immediately looked other side smiling. Soon Laksh, Heer, Uttara and Nikhil joined them to compliment them on their sizzling performance.

“Wow Ragini, Bhai you both had just rocked the dance floor. Isn’t it Heer?” Laksh said chirpily only to made Ragini blush hard.

“Of course they both are just perfect with each other. I mean no one could match their performance and at last everyone had just left the dance floor. “Heer complimented and that’s when Ragsan noticed that all this while they both were alone in the dance floor and both haven’t realized it yet.

“Ragini, Jiju you both look awesome with each other and the way you both had performed this dance I was just not able to put my eyes off from both of you.” Heer said to which Ragsan looked at each other with Admiration in their eyes and den again turned their attention back towards them.

“For that even I wanted to compliment them.” All of them heard a voice from behind and shifted their gaze only to find Shaurya standing behind with a nasty smile. Sanskar’s blood boils just by the sight of his but he kept quiet for the sake of Ragini.

“I must say Mr. Maheshwari. You both had literally burned the dance floor.” Shaurya said and Ragini moves closer to Sanskar as she felt his gaze on her.

“Thank you so much Mr. Shaurya. Glad that you felt so.” Sanskar said non interestingly making it clear that he was not at all interested in talking to him but it seems that Shaurya is hell bent on talking to them.

“It’s my pleasure Mr. Maheshwari and Mrs. maheshwari even you were so graceful during dance. Trust me I didn’t knew that you could dance so well.” Shaurya said while eyeing Ragini from top to bottom as he extends his hand towards Ragini to which she just press herself more close to Sanskar.

“Thank you once again Mr. Shaurya and I guess you had complimented us enough for this evening. And if you have not forgotten then the couple of the evening is Mr. and Mrs. Oberai and not me and my wife. So I think they deserve more compliments from you then us. So if you don’t mind can you please excuse us?” Sanskar said while shaking his hand with Shaurya as he noticed Ragini’s uncomfortableness and Shaurya who was expecting Ragini to shake hand with him was totally feeling humiliated. He thought that in this process at least he could touch Ragini for once but once again Sanskar had crushed all his hopes.

“Ya of course. Carry on. I’ll catch you both later.” Shaurya said while gritting his teeth with a fake smile and left from there feeling dejected

“He’s so weird.” Uttara said as soon as Shaurya left

“Let it be Uttara. We are not going to meet him again. Anyways Bhai maa has called an hour back and she said that she’s going to stay one more week at London as her friend is still not well.” Nikhil revealed the information to which Sanskar just nodded.

“By the way Jiju if you don’t mind then can I steal my friend from you for some time please?” Heer said mischievously only to get a glare from Ragini.

“Ya of course all yours.” Sanskar said as he moves away from the dance floor leaving Ragini for Heer but not before looking warmly at her to which Ragini just looked downwards feeling shy.

But her trance was broken wen Heer jerk her shoulders and winked mischievously only get whacked by Ragini. Ragini looked at Sanskar as he gets himself busy with his business associates and den made her way towards the drinks bar along with Uttara to get some drink for herself.


Rest of the function went well and slowly slowly every guest started dispersing from the party. Maheshwari’s too decided to leave as it was quiet late. Nikhil and Kavya along with Uttara had already left for MM and Laksh and Heer had gone outside to spend some time alone. Ragini too was searching for Sanskar so that they can leave home but he was nowhere to be seen in fact she couldn’t able to see him from past 20 minutes. She thought of checking outside thinking that he might have got a call from someone and due to network problem he had gone outside to attend the call. Thinking this she made her ay outside the hall when she bumped into a waiter who was coming towards her only.

“Oh! I am sorry. I haven’t saw you.” Ragini muttered a quick apology to the waiter and turns to go outside only to be stopped by him.

“Excuse me are you Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari.” Waiter asked and Ragini looked at him confused.

“Yes. Why?” Ragini asked with a frown.

“wo this letter is for you.” Waiter gave him the letter and before Ragini could ask him who had given this letter to him, he had already gone. Ragini just stood there perplexed for a while and then opened the letter

“I wanted to tell you something. Meet me at room no. 301” she read the content of the letter and her heart did a flip flop after reading it.

She re-read it again and it took her no time to register that who must have send this letter to her. A sweet smile crept up on her face as she realized that Sanskar had sent this letter to her. He wanted to meet her alone. So that’s the reason he was not here in the party from past 20 minutes because he was arranging all this. Her heart started beating fast as she tries to comprehend wat he wanted to say to her. So does that mean what she saw in his eyes during dance was not the fragment of her imagination, she thought as she slowly moves towards her destination with a sweet smile on her face.

Probably Sanskar wanted to give their marriage a chance, probably he too feels for her something and he wanted to talk about it only that’s why he had arranged this room for them. O god! Her heart seems to come out from her rib cage due to this sudden excitement. She was already started having that jittery feeling throughout her veins. Wat will she say to him; how will she say to him what she feels for him. Lost in these thoughts she didn’t realize when she reached towards the reception area. Once after reaching there she asked the direction for the desired room no. and quickly headed towards the destination where her life is waiting for her.

She didn’t realize when she took the elevator and when she reached at her desired floor and when she started heading towards the room. It seems that her legs had the mind of their own as they automatically carrying her towards her desired location. As she was coming close to room her heart started to beat even more and she felt like she’ll faint any moment for she was so much ecstatic for what coming next which can be a turning point for their relationship. Her hands shivered when she placed her hand on the door knob for opening the door. After much difficulty she calmed her racing heartbeats and steps inside the dimly lighted room. She looked around herself only to find whole room decorated beautifully and she was awed seeing the efforts Sanskar had put to make the moment special. But her eyes searched only for the person who was the sole reason for her existence.

“Sanskar..Sanskar where are you?” She called out him as she looked around herself to find him but he was nowhere to be seen. Just den she heard the sound of locking the door and she blushed, smiled and restless all at the same time expecting Sanskar to be here.

“Waiting for someone Mrs. Maheshwari?” Ragini heard a familiar voice from behind and the smile of her face started diminishing and her eyes widens in shock as she recognize the owner of the voice yet she was scared to turn back.

She silently prayed to her Babaji that let it be just the part of her imagination only and when she turn around her Sanskar would be there. But it seems that her Babaji was not in the mood to listen to her plea today as her fears came true when she turned around to look at the owner of the voice. The room was brightly lit now when she saw at the person standing in front of her which was none other den Shaurya who was looking at her lustfully with a nasty smile on his face.


Here when Sanskar came back to party hall the first thing he did is to search for Ragini but she was nowhere to be seen. He got a urgent call from one of his important call from London so he left outside to take the call and got engrossed in discussing the details of the project and after half an hour or so when he came back den Ragini was nowhere to be seen. He clearly remembers that when he left the hall den Ragini was here only. He frowned as knowing Ragini he knows that she never goes anywhere without telling him. He searched at each and every nook and corner of the hall but she was nowhere. He thought maybe she’s with Laksh and Heer as they were also not in the party. He was about to call Laksh to ask him where are they when he saw him and Heer coming towards the entrance door where he was standing.

“Laksh where were you guys? And where is Ragini?” Sanskar asked as soon as Laksh came near him making both Laksh and Heer confused.

“Bhai, Bhabhi was in the party only. Me and Heer had gone to see off Nikhil bhai, kavya Bhabhi and Uttara nd she said that she’ll wait for you in the hall only. Is she not inside?” Laksh said and Sanskar got tensed as he could sense something dreadful.

“No then may be she’s in the washroom. I’ll just call her and check. Why don’t you guys leave for home? It’s pretty late and Heer’s parents must be waiting for her.” Sanskar said while trying his best to sound normal but he just can’t as his heart was having this feeling that something is not right.

Heer didn’t get much convinced as she could easily see the tension on Sanskar’s face and moreover Ragini’s sudden disappearance had made her tensed too. But seeing Sanskar so adamant for them to leave she had no other option left with her therefore she quietly left with Laksh making a mental note that she’ll call Ragini as soon as she’ll reach home.

As soon as Laksh and Heer left Sanskar instantly tries Ragini’s number but it was not reachable. Fear started to cloud over his heart as he tried her cell yet again and still the same response. He even checked at the washroom also but she was not there too. Even Shaurya was not present in the party which was not the thing to be ignored. Now he was 100% sure that Ragini is in some sort of Danger and the mere thought made him die thousand death. He asked several people including waiters that if they had seen her but just got disappointment from everywhere.

“Where are you Ragini? Just be safe wherever you are.” Sanskar prayed silently as he came towards the corridor once again only to be get bumped by the same waiter who had given Ragini that note.


“What are you doing over here? Where is Sanskar?” Ragini tried to sound as normal as possible but her voice had already started shaking in the fear of wat coming next

“Sanskar? Are you kidding me Mrs. Maheshwari? What he’ll do over here when I am here for you?” Shaurya said as he started coming towards her dangerously while Ragini just took a step back.

“Stop right there. Don’t come near me.” Ragini said while moving backwards terrified with his lustful gaze

“Oh don’t act Mrs. Maheshwari as if you don’t want this. You too wanted it equally as I want it that’s why you were here after reading my note.” Shaurya said while smirking and that’s when it dawned on Ragini that the note which she thought that Sanskar had send her was actually send by him. Her heartbeats raised in fear as she realized in what trouble she got stuck up in.

“Don’t be so tensed Mrs. Maheshwari. I won’t trouble you much. After all you are my guest and it’s my duty to take care of my guest.” Shaurya said breaking Ragini’s trance as he came and stand close to Ragini.

“You know something you are really an epitome of beauty. Since the time I saw you I just can’t resist myself from thinking about you. I really feel jealous of Sanskar now.” He said huskily as he extends his hand to stroke Ragini’s cheeks to which she just jerked his hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch me with your filthy hands. Or else Sanskar will kill you.”Ragini said as she felt disgusted in his presence to which Shaurya laughed maniacally

“Sanskar! You are really nave Ragini. You think he had this much time to enquire about you? I doubt on it. He must be busy with some of his clients. Your husband won’t come; he’s always busy in his work. I’m sure he doesn’t even spend time with you. So why don’t I spend some time with you Mrs. Maheshwari” oh her name looks so disgusting from his filthy mouth. But she was sure that whatever he was saying is wrong as she had full trust on her Sanskar. She knows that he’ll definitely come to her rescue. She struggled to get away from her but Shaurya pressed himself more close to her instead.

“SANSKAR!!!!” Ragini called out his name hoping he would come and save her from this monster to which Shaurya just laughed maniaclly.

“Scream as much as you want Ragini but no one will hear you as no one can find his here.” he said laughing maniaclly and Ragini’s eyes welled up listening to his revelation.

“You are so beautiful. I have been dying to touch your beautiful skin the whole day.” Shaurya said as he caressed her cheeks. Ragini couldn’t take this anymore. His mere touch was making her skin crawl. Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to get away from his grip. She was thinking about Sanskar, she wanted him to be here to save her from this monster. She tried to scream Sanskar’s name again but Shaurya covered her mouth with his palm stopping her from screaming.

“Don’t you dare to call his name again. I wanted to hear my name from your mouth wen I am with you, wen I touch you, wen I Love you” Shaurya said as he leaned dangerously close to her face squeezing her cheeks and Ragini’s eyes widens in fear anticipating his next move.


Sanskar was searching madly for Ragini outside the hall area. Since the time he had bumped into that waiter and information he got from him that he saw Ragini going outside near the reception area when he gave some note to her, his heart was restless. Till now if he had a tinge of doubt then it was all confirmed that Ragini is in some big danger. Fear gripped in his heart as he sensed of something dreadful. He searched outside the hotel to find some trace of her but find none. He felt that his heart will stop beating if he won’t see Ragini within few minutes. He pushed back his hair in frustration as she found no sign of Ragini yet. He was angry, frustrated, irritated on himself to leave her alone at the first place wen that shaurya was hell bent to get a chance around her. He don’t know what to do where to find her except of praying that wherever she was she was just safe.

Here Ragini pushed Shaurya with all her might before he could lean to kiss her and he stumbles backwards not expecting this sudden action of hers. Ragini taking the opportunity tries to run away from there when Shaurya held her wrist hard stopping her from going. She tries to free her hand from him but he made his grip tight on her hands. Just den Ragini noticed that she was standing near the window and that’s when her gaze falls on Sanskar who was standing down facing his back towards her. a ray of hope started building in her yet again as she saw her savior in front of her eyes

“SAN…..” Ragini tried to scream Sanskar’s name but shaurya was quick enough to cover her mouth preventing her from screaming and pulled her aside from the window. In that vein Ragini’s hand hits the vase near the window hard and it came crashing down all the way from the window where Sanskar was standing.

Sanskar heard Ragini trying to call his name and before he could understand something he saw a vase falls down beside him crashing into pieces. His sharp senses instantly sensed that there is something fishy and he snapped his head upwards to look at the direction from where the vase has fallen but till den then Shaurya had already dragged Ragini aside yet Sanskar had seen a part of Ragini’s Saree when he was dragging her aside and it took him no time to register that it was Ragini only. In no time he rushes inside the hotel towards the room where Ragini and Shaurya were after enquiring about the directions from the reception.


“Don’t try to scream Ragini as no one will help you. Just submit yourself willingly or else I won’t mind forcing you.” Shaurya said as he pushed Ragini away making her fall in the ground. Ragini started crawling back as she found him taking steps towards her.

Shaurya leaned on her yet again but Ragini again pushes him and tries to run away from there when he holds her leg making her fall on the ground and hovers over her in no time. Yet Ragini didn’t stopped struggling as he can’t let this monster impure her. Only Sanskar had right to touch her and she’ll fight till her last breath if anyone else tries to touch her. She was successful in pushing him away and runs towards the door when she felt a tug on her Saree pallu and she turned only to find Shaurya holding it tight.

“Please Leave me. Don’t do this.” Ragini begged as she tries to free her Pallu away from his hands but shaurya pulled her pallu harshly making it rip into half and throws away the tore apart.

Ragini’s hands automatically covered her chest as she tries to hide away her modesty from him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she tried yet again to run away from him towards the door but Shaurya pulled her and throws her on the bed and in no time he was hovering over her yet again. Ragini struggled and screamed for help but it’s of no use as he had covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming as he looked at her beautiful body hungrily. Ragini closed her eyes thinking that this is the end, now she can’t escape from him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of her Babaji, her family, her friends and at last her Sanskar. She knows that after this she won’t be able to see anyone because after that she won’t be alive yet there is a hope in her heart that Sanskar will definitely come.

“Please Babaji save me. Give me death before this monster touches me. Please do some miracle and send my Sanskar. please don’t let me be impure with his hands. Sanskar please come and save me from him.” Ragini silently prays as tears welled up in her eyes seeing him leaning close to her neck but before his lips could touch her skin she felt him getting away from her with a jerk. She instantly opened her eyes only to find her savior, her god, her Love Sanskar standing over dere enraged at the scene in front of him

Sanskar came running towards the floor where Ragini is and instantly spotted the room and as he neared the room he could hear Ragini screaming. He felt that someone had kill him when he heard Ragini screaming and struggling to get away from him.

“Ragini, Ragini open the door.” he knocks hard but Ragini couldn’t hear him as she was busy in saving herself. Having no other option, he pushed the door hard and it jerked open in two-three pushes and he instantly runs inside and the scene he saw in front of him had made his blood boiled. He saw shaurya hovering over Ragini and was trying to kiss her while Ragini was trying hard to get away from him. He also noticed the piece of Ragini’s pallu lyieng on the floor and in no time he pushed him away from her.

“Ragini, tu theek ho na?” Sanskar asked panting heavily as he saw Ragini’s tear stricken face.

“Sanskar… wo….” Ragini whispered and she hugged him tight petrified with the situation. Sanskar instantly hugged her back as he sensed her crying bitterly in his arms.

“Sshhh Ragini its fine. Nothing had happened. I am here now. I’ll not let anything happen to you.” Sanskar said as he rubs her back in order to calm her down. He gently pulled out from hug and wipes away the tears from her beautiful eyes and instantly removes his coat and wraps around her petite saving her sanity and den he looked at shaurya angrily who was trying to get up from the ground.

Sanskar didn’t gave him chance to get up and quickly punched him hard on his face causing him to bleed. How dare he lay his lusty eyes on Ragini? He’ll kill him today and won’t even regret for it. He held his thru his collar and jerks him towards upward and punches him hard on his stomach. He won’t hesitate in killing him today for laying his eyes on Ragini. Shaurya will regret the moment he lay his eyes on Ragini as today he’ll rip apart his each and every limb away from his body then only he’ll be in peace. He keeps on hitting him, punching him hard making him lifeless. Ragini was still sitting on bed looking at both of them in horror. She had never seen Sanskar this much angry but here it seems that he’ll kill him but she was too numb to react for anything.

“How Dare You? How dare you to even see her, let alone touch her?” Sanskar said as he keeps on punching and kicking Shaurya hard.

“You are beating me? Why don’t you ask your own wife what she’s doing over here with me in this hotel room?” Shaurya said between his heavy breathing only to get a punch from Sanskar yet again.

“Don’t you dare to point my Wife’s character from your filthy mouth. I had full trust on her. I know that it’s you who had tricked her.” Sanskar said as he punched him hard and he falls on ground.

Sanskar crushed his hand under his feet from which he had touched Ragini and shaurya yelled in pain. He tried to get up and beat Sanskar but Sanskar was too strong for him and moreover he was unstoppable today. He keeps on kicking and punching him hard till he falls unconscious on the ground. Sanskar pulled him up and punched him hard on his face. He clutched his collar and hits her head on the nearby wall making him bleed. It seems that today he’ll stop after killing him only Ragini was feeling dizzy seeing so much blood and violence in front of her. She wanted to stop Sanskar but didn’t know how to stop him. As Ragini’s tear stricken face came in front of Sanskar’s eyes he punched him even more hard.

“Sanskar!!!!” Ragini screamed in horror when she saw Sanskar picking up a vase to smash it on Shaurya’s head. Sanskar instantly left him who was half dead by now and rushes towards Ragini only to find her scared and terrified. And its den he realized that he went too violent.

“Calm down Ragini. Everything is fine.” He said as he rubs her shoulders to calm her down and gently helped her to get up from bed.

“You have to pay for this heavily Mr. Shaurya. I will not leave you so easily.” Sanskar thought as he looked at Shaurya’s lifeless body before taking Ragini away from there.


After whole 45 minutes of drive they both reached at MM. everyone was far asleep till the time dey reached MM. The weather was changing as it seems that it’ll rain tonight. Sanskar had informed Heer that Ragini is fine and is sleeping due to fatigue. Whole drive towards home was silent and Ragini didn’t said anything as she was still terrified with the incidence taken place few minutes back. Sanskar looked at her from the corner of her eyes and he felt like someone has squeezed his heart out seeing her in that condition but he couldn’t even form some sensible words to make her feel better. He don’t even want to think what could have been happened if he haven’t reached over dere on time. The mere thought had made him shivered in fear den Ragini had faced it all. If it was in his hands then he wouldn’t have left that Shaurya alive but for the sake of Ragini he left him over dere half dead but now he was unable to see Ragini in that numb state.

They reached MM and Sanskar parked the car. Ragini was too numb to understand anything and she came in her senses wen Sanskar had shrugged her shoulders telling that they had reached home. She slowly get down from the car holding Sanskar’s coat around her tightly and goes inside the MM. Sanskar looked at her terrified form for a while and den follows her holding her hand as they made their way towards their room.

“I can’t believe this that that shaurya could stoop so low. I’ll not let him rest in peace.” Sanskar said once they reached their room while removed his shirt and vest frustratingly as he was still feeling raged towards that Shaurya. He looked at Ragini who was standing numb near the couch looking downwards. It didn’t have in him to see her in that state therefore he slowly goes towards her and stands behind her.

“Ragini, don’t think about that. Everything is fine now. Nothing has happened” Sanskar said softly while keeping his hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini felt alive as soon as she felt Sanskar’s touch and she instantly turned and hugged Sanskar tight as much as possible much to his surprise.

“Aap please kabhi mujhe akela mat chodiyega. Mujhe bahut darr lagta hai.” Ragini said as she sobbed pressing herself more close to him.

Precap: hot, sizzling romance of Ragsan

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