Saadi Love Story (part 16)

The party was at full swing as everyone is busy enjoying themselves complimenting the couple of the evening. Ragini was standing in a corner alone waiting for Uttara to come back who had gone outside to take the call. Laksh and Heer had gone in pretext of getting drinks but Ragini knew that they must be needing some quality teem with each other so she asked them to go ahead and enjoy with each other. And now here she’s standing all alone in a corner waiting for Uttara. She tries to spot Sanskar and go near him as she was feeling awkward to stand alone here at the corner. She was searching for Sanskar only when she heard a familiar voice from behind making her numb.

“Good evening Mrs. Maheshwari. Hope you are having a nice time.” Ragini turned to look at the direction of voice only to find Shaurya standing over dere with a nasty voice plastered on his face.

“Mrs. Maheshwari I really wanted to apologize for my behavior in the office today. It was just I don’t know how to express himself.” Shaurya said while taking a step towards her eyeing her lustfully from top to bottom while Ragini was just feeling sicken with his gaze.

“It’s ok. I understand. Excuse me I need to go to Sanskar.” Ragini said as she tried to move away from there only to be blocked by Shaurya.

“Relax Mrs. Maheshwari! Wats so hurry? I was trying to gain your attention since you guys had entered in the party but it seems that you didn’t notice anyone than your husband. Please spare some of your time with me also or I would think that you didn’t forgive me. How about a dance together? It would be my pleasure to have a dance with this lovely lady.” Shaurya said as he took one more step towards Ragini extending his hand towards her to which Ragini just took a step back. She was just thinking of some excuse to get away from this disgusting man but nothing was coming in her mind.

“I am here for that Mr. Shaurya. You don’t have to bother for it.” Ragini heard a familiar voice from behind and she doesn’t have to turn to look who it was as she recognized him very well. It was one other den Sanskar.

Sanskar saw Ragini standing alone searching for him while he was busy in talking with someone. He thought of spending some time with her and excused himself to go to her but stopped dead in his track when he saw Shaurya approaching towards her. His hands turned into fists when he saw him blocking Ragini’s way while she was trying her best to get away from him. And den he saw him extending his hand towards Ragini and dis was enough for Sanskar to lose the last strand of control he had and he instantly rushed towards her side to save her from this disgusting man.

“Oh Mr. Maheshwari! Good to see you here. I was just asking to Mrs. Maheshwari to have a dance with me.” Shaurya said with a fake smile cursing the timing of Sanskar when he was so close to his target.

“Sorry Mr. Shaurya but I need to take my wife away for Dance. As you could see that it’s a couple dance. So if you don’t mind please excuse us.” Sanskar said as he encircled his arm around Ragini’s waist protectively to which Shaurya just nodded and Sanskar left from there with Ragini towards the dance floor before Shaurya could say anything else.

Sanskar left Ragini’s waist as they reached near the dance floor and looked at Ragini to know that if she was ready for this or not as he didn’t asked for her consent before taking her away from there. At that moment all he was thinking is to take her away from there but now when they reach there he was not sure whether Ragini wanted this or not. He was lost in these thoughts when he felt Ragini holding her hand. He turned his head to look at her only to find him smiling which was enough for Sanskar to take a step ahead. He holds her hand in his gingerly and lead her towards the dance floor and now they were standing in the middle of the floor lost in each other’s eyes.


Kehte hain khuda ne
iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai
banaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss
rab ka ishaara maanu
Mujhko banaya tere
jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kehte hain khuda ne
iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai
banaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss
rab ka ishaara maano
Mujhko banaya tere
jaise hi kisi ke liye

As they reached at the dance floor whole world around them seems to be lost somewhere as they were lost in looking each other’s eyes. Ragini gently rests her hand on Sanskar’s shoulders while Sanskar encircles his one hand around Ragini’s waist bringing her closer and with his other hand he entangled his fingers with hers and together they start swaying with the music.

The moment Ragini looked into his eyes she forgets every other thing and wat all that matters to her at that moment is that Sanskar was holding her close to him. At that moment she felt like all her prayers getting answered as she found the person who is her soul mate in every sense. The person for whom her heart had waited since the day she had started dreaming of her prince charming. It was like she was made just for him like he was made for her. She instantly remembered of the famous line that she heard in one of her famous movie that “Someone Somewhere is made for you” and it seems so true in her case.

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yahi marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain khuda ne iss j
ahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai
banaya har kisi ke liye

Ragini don’t know what steps she was performing as it was Sanskar who was taking the lead while she was just following it. She was totally drugged in his Love and everything else except him seems to be blurred now. It was as if her eyes meant to just see him and nothing else.

Sanskar gently twirled her around and now her back was touching his hard chest. Ragini closed her eyes feeling him so close to her. it was as if she found her solace in his arms. He was her soul mate, her humsafar who was there with her whenever she needs him. Who was there to save her from all the evil things in this world. And for whom she won’t even hesitate to die if it costs in giving him all the happiness of this world. For she was not alone anymore as her heart and soul had already connected to his.

Music… (Sa ni pa di na sa.)

Ragini’s one hand was in Sanskar’s strong hand while other one was encircling around his neck as they performed each and every step beautifully. Every other couple on the dance floor stopped to look at the most enchanting couple in the dance floor but it seems that they didn’t seem to notice the world around them for they were too lost in each other.

Laksh, Heer, Uttara and Nikhil were looking at them with the sweet smile on their faces as they were busy in swaying their bodies according the music while Kavya just rolled her eyes seeing their PDA. She felt like she’ll get diabetes if she keeps on looking everything so sugary around her. But there was someone who was not liking the proximity between Ragsan. It was Shaurya who was looking at both of them with a dangerous expression in his eyes as he was sipping his drink. But oblivious of all this Ragsan was lost in their own paradise.

Meharbaani jaate jaate mujh pe kar gaya
Guzarta sa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya

Tere nazara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Takdeer ki kashtiyon ko, kinara mila

Sanskar was totally lost in the feel of the dance by now. if all that was happening with him since evening was not enough then this song had completed everything. It was as if each and every lyrics was expressing the emotions he was feeling currently. He twirled Ragini towards himself and end her down like a flower. Ragini felt her warm breath on her throat and she felt like current flowing down her spine.

It was as if Sanskar was in trance which he was as no matter how hard he tries but he just couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful and angelic face which was so close to his wen he brought her back.

Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri sauhbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye
Tere milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye

Ragini was feeling like at the top of the world right now having Sanskar so close to herself. It was as she was thirsty till now and Sanskar had quenched her thirst with just his presence. She felt like screaming and shouting telling whole world what she felt for this man. How her life has become beautiful after him coming into her life! It was definitely a sign of God that her heart had recognized the person who is made for her.

Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye
Tere milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maanu mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yahi hai marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liye
Kisi Na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liye…

Sanskar as very close to Ragini, so close that she could feel his breath on her face as they were swaying and twirling with each step but all this was giving an unknown satisfaction to both of them especially Ragini who was lost in the feel of her husband. It was one of those moments that she had dreamt of and she just wanted to capture more and more of it for these are only things which will give her strength for whole of her life waiting for him to reciprocate her feelings.

Sanskar puts all her weight on his waist and twirls her around while Ragini unknowingly leans her head back on his shoulder. She felt his hot breath on her neck while he was dropping her down and she loved the feel of it as it was just arousing her more and more. For other it could just be a dance step but for them it was something more than that especially for Ragini who was now totally lost in her husband’s love that she can’t even think of her life without him now.

But did she really have to worry for anything now when she knew that no matter what Sanskar will always be by her side be it him saving her from that leech Shaurya or comforting her at Bade Papa’s illness or advising her when she was tensed due to Sahil. He was her soul mate in every sense just like she was his and will always be no matter wat comes for they are “Destined to Be” and no other thing in this world could change this beautiful reality that they are made for each other not for today, not for tomorrow but till eternity where she’ll love him like this selflessly and he’ll care for her like this endlessly.


As the music was diminishing the distance between their bodies also started decreasing ok if there was any and they just kept on looking at each other’s eyes as if trying to read each other’s soul. Sanskar’s hands were still on Ragini’s waist while Ragini had rested her hands on his shoulders. They both didn’t even realize that music has been stopped long back for they both were too lost in each other. Ragini was already lost in Sanskar but now even Sanskar seems to be lost in her deep hazels. This is probably for the first time he saw some emotions in her eyes other den respect. Same emotions from which he himself was fighting every day and night. Somewhere at the back of his mind he had accepted also that what he saw in Ragini’s eyes was nothing but pure Love. The way she was looking at him all lost while her lips are curved in a sweet smile had said it all which was there in her heart. Yet he doesn’t want to accept the fact because he thinks that it’ll be injustice to both Ragini and swara because according to him no one could take Swara’s place neither in his life nor in his heart. But even after all his rational thoughts and Logics also he just can’t stop himself from not looking into her eyes and getting drown in them. As if for that moment nothing matters to him not even his own mind which was stopping him to listen what his heart was saying.

On the other hand, Ragini was still in daze due the moment transpired between them. She can’t ignore the sense of contentment that she felt when Sanskar was holding her, touching her, looking at her throughout the whole dance. For the first time in these months Ragini had find flicker of emotions in his eyes and that emotion which she was dare to name as was Love. Her heart danced in joy as he saw his eyes reflecting the emotion which was there in her heart. She just wanted that moment to get freeze while she remains close to him like this. This was indeed the best night for her as tonight her hope that someday Sanskar too will reciprocate her feelings gets more strong because she had witnessed the admiration in her eyes, the possessiveness in him, the sense of protectiveness in him and most importantly the way he was holding her throughout the dance so lovingly and passionately, since evening. She was sure that somewhere Sanskar too had started feeling something for her yet she was scared to believe that because she won’t able to bear if this turn out to be just a fragment of her imagination. Still she doesn’t know why she was having this feeling that tonight something big is going to happen, something that with the instinct of it only her heart was beating so loudly in her chest, something on which she was not able to put her finger on.


Grrr… Shaurya again!!! What he’s upto now???

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