Saadi Love Story (Our Love Story) Devga Chapter 2


Saadi Love Story Devga Chapter 2

Hi!! guys hope u guys are doing well.

Dugra, Ria and Abhi had a group hug.
Suddenly Dugra screamed Oh teri! maar gai
Abhi and Ria: both at same time what happened?
Durga: Today is my first day at job and last day also.
Abhi: Why r u saying like that. Don’t say negative things.
Durga: Bhai today is my first day and I am not sure what should I wear?
Ria: oh! so that’s the problem. U can wear anything u like. Because looks cute in everything u wear.
Abhi: No ria u r saying wrong. The dress durga wears become special.
Durga: Aww! u r best bhai and I love u!!
Ria: And me!!
Durga and Abhi: u r very special and we both love u too!
After some time Durga came out from her room. She was wearing white churidar with red border on it. She was so beautiful that anyone can fall in love with her. A music was playing in background.
Durga: how am I looking?
Abhi: Very pretty!!
Ria: now come have breakfast. Otherwise we will get late.
Three of them sat for breakfast. After breakfast. Durga took blessing from her parents pics.
Ria: Durga r u ready. Let’s go!!
Durga: yeah bhabhi I am coming.
She hugged Abhi and abhi said I Think now my princess grown up. Mom and dad must feeling proud on u. Both got emotional.
Ria: What’s that? Don’t be senti.
Abhi: I will drop u both to hospital then I will leave for office.
Ria: Okay!!

After half an hour they reached hospital.
Abhi: Durga all the best!! Don’t be scared and I am sure u will won everyone’s heart.
Durga: Bhai I have your and Bhabhi’s support and love so why I should scared?
Ria: exactly she my my nanad and friend. She is very strong and can face any problem.’
Durga: absolutely right!!
Abhi: now both of u stop making fun of me. Take care both of u and bye.
Abhi left for his office.

A hospital is shown and a lovely background music was playing on background when Durga was going inside.
Ria: Dugra r u nervous?
Durgra: Hmm Little!
Ria: don’t worry. Come first we will meet Dr. Sharma. He is one who manages this hospital.
They went to Dr. Sharma’s cabin.
Ria knocked the door. Sir can we come in?
Dr. Sharma: Come Dr. Ria.
Ria: Sir she is Durga. Our my intern and my friend and nanad.
Dr. Sharma: so she is durga. I heard many things about u from Dr. Ria.
Durga: I hope whatever u heard it must be good.
Dr. Sharma: laughs!! yes I heard good things about u. Well, jokes apart. Welcome to sanjivani!!
Durga: Thank u sir. Even I am glad to being part of this hospital. I will try my best and I will never disappoint u.
Dr.Sharma: Durga u will work under Dr.Abhimanyu. Dr. Ria make sure Durga meet everyone in her team and show her wards and other stuff which is important for her to know. And Durga all the very best.
Durga: Thanks sir!!
Ria and Durga left from there.

Scene shift to dev. He was sitting somewhere with his friends.
Baldev (from veera) Ishaan (from Doli armaano ki) Karan (from Dream girl)
They were talking and laughing.
Baldev: Yaar let’s go somewhere and eat something. I am so hungry.
Karan: Bhukad kahin ka. Everyone starts laughing!
Baldev: Give him angry look>
Karan: why r u looking at me like that.
Dev: Okay stop it guys. Let’s go to somewhere to eat something. Even I am hungry.
Ishaan: Bhai didn’t have breakfast.
Dev: Breakfast!! I had special breakfast today. My dad’s scolding and his parvachan.
Karan: Yaar!! what’s new in this? It happens every third day. But u never missed your breakfast. So what happened today..
Dev: Today he was about to hit me with Plate and I just ran away from their to save my life he said with a cute smile.
All of them start laughing!!
Dev: Now let’s go guys!!

Durga: Ria who is this Dr. Abhimanyu. Is he strict?
Ria: Don’t take stress. U will know him. Now stop talking and let’s go.
Ria and Durga went upstairs.
Ria: Hey guys!! What’s Up!!
A group of people turned their face towards them and screamed in excitement Dr. Ria. And they have a group hug.
Ria: How r u guys!!
All at same time started asking questions. Ria: guys stop I am not able to understand anything. Ask one by one.
Durga was smiling looking at them.
Ria: shouted stop guys!! And all of them stopped.
Ria: Guys I want u to meet someone she is Durga a new intern and she is in your team. Durga is my nand and best friend so better not make her cry.
Crowd at same time: Okay doctor we will take care and all start laughing.

Durga: Hi guys!!
Crowd Hi Durga
Ria: so I will introduce everyone one by one.
A handsome and charming young man with a cute smile on his face. He is doctor Armaan. He is a flirty. So better stay away from him. (Funny tone plays)
Armaan: Hi Durga g!!
Durga: Hi! but don’t can me g. It looks so odd.
A handsome boy who was looking at somewhere. He is doctor Atul. (Atul was looking somewhere when Ria said Dr.Atul he came back to his senses)
Atul:What happened? Everyone started laughing!!
Durga: Nothing ria was telling me about u. Nice to meet u Atul.
Atul: same here.
A dashing and good looking man he is doctor Rahul.
(Rahul my foot. He is good for nothing) some whisper!!
Rahul: who said that with angry expressions. By the way Durga I am Rahul.
Durga: Hello Dr. rahul
Now It’s girls turn.
A beautiful girl in red anarkali she is Dr.Riddhima. She is very sweet and good hearted.
Riddhima: Hey Dugra!! If u have any question or any problem u can come to me anytime u want.
Durga: Aww!! that’s so sweet of u
A tall girl in jeans with yellow sleeveless top she is Dr. Anjali.
Atul Interpreted: isn’t she is hot??
Armaan hit him on his stomach. (Funny tone plays)
Atul: yaar kya hua? why did u hit me?
Armaan: Kya hua haan!! U r teasing my hone wali saali (Would be sister-in-law) in front of me. Everyone laughs!! Atul made a sad face.
Durga: Saali…

Ria: oh sorry.. I forget to mention that Armaan and Riddhima are love birds of this hospital. and they r getting married very soon.
Durga: oh I see… My bad luck she said in sad voice..
Anjali: kyon
Durga: Dr. Armaan already booked with Dr. riddhima.
Everyone laughs!! Ria: Nautanki and hit Durga on her head with love.
A girl in blue legging and red top. She is Doctor Nikita but we call her Nikki with love. she is very cute and sweet.
Nikita: Hi Durga..
Durga; Hi nikki!! Can I can u Nikki if u don’t mind??
Nikita: why not.. Now u r also part of our team.
A bubbly and cute girl in jeans and blue kurti. She is Dr. Muskaan. She is very sweet and caring.
Durga: Hi muskaan!! Your muskaan (Smile) is very cute just like u.
Muskaan: Hey Durga and thanks for your compliment. even u r very sweet.

Rahul: iska sirf naam hi muskaan hai. But her name doesn’t match with her personality. In real she is a Musibat (problem).
Muskaan: What did u said? can u repeat it.
Rahul: haan kio nahi I said musibat.
Muskaan: u r a biggest fool!!
Rahul: did u called me phool!!
Muskaan: maine phool (Flower) nahi fool kaha hai!!
Rahul: u r a fool not me …
Muskaan: U
Rahul: U
Durga was smiling and everyone else was trying to stop them.
Suddenly someone said in angry voice stop it!!

Hope u guys enjoyed It. I know it’s lengthy one. Sorry for that. So what u guys think that who came from back and yelled at them. Tomorrow I will introduce more characters. So stay tuned and please guys do comments!!!

Credit to: Muskaan

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