Hi all its not an epi analysis but about serial analysis.

Shows that on air and off air all ended or ending without any meaning to the startup of story, all serials have twists and dragging . In dragging and twist two production house is very good . The two are Balaji telefilms and Rashmi Sharma telefilms.

Look into Balaji production YHM, KB, Kalash are running with twist and dragging.Mainly villians wins in KB and Kalash. There is only one fact lead female actors become more beautiful at end of story. Aparna , Sriti, Divyanka etc.

Now Rashmi productions both SNS and SSK have lost their charm and storyline, both have to an end. serial aired more than 5 yrs.Swaragini is also going in same track but hope nt get into this.

Both production have a connection with their names in serial names, Balaji follow K as their starting letter for most serials as Ekta Kapoor is owning. In case of Rashmi production its S as Rashmi Sharma. Its only my opinion.

If you look former production list of them mostly u can found. Current production like Kalash, Kavach, Kasam, Kumkum bhagya of Balaji telefilms start with K. And Rashmi telefilms Swaragini, SSK, SNS, Shakti .Am right na..

Only one suggestion and request avoid story dragging it lost the charm of serial and popularity.

Sorry if any Fan hurted its an opinion and take it as positive review.

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  1. 100% truth….

  2. ya i also thing the same

  3. what is SNS?

    1. Sruthi

      sath nibana sathiya

  4. it’s TRUE all r dragging serials getting bore now a day plz change it

  5. true. it’started dragy

  6. Sruthi

    thank u all for the comments….

  7. SERIAL KASAM TERE PEYAR Kiseason is rubbish.

  8. serial kasam sason is rubbish.

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