Ruthless love (Ishveer) Episode 2


Hi guys. Thanks for your support. I’m glad that you guys like it. Again I’m telling you, this ff is full of twists and turns. Quite sad too. But I’ll try to make you enjoy with some ishveer moments also. Until now, ranveer is engaged to ritika, his family friend. Two days back, he came from U.S for his marriage . So going on to this episode.

Ranveer’s POV :
As I said, for my marriage, my whole family joined here. Again something starts to trigger me. As something going to happen today or something which is important going to seek me today. My heart unreasonably starts to panic. In fact, I search for a reason to console myself, I couldn’t. Even a cool breeze caused by the rain couldn’t make my thoughts out of it. I still close my eyes seeking for the reason. I heard a group of children voices quite far from me. It contains mixed happiness, enjoyment and enthusiasm with their innocent nature. Among them I heard a giggle of a girl who is different from other children. I wanted to hear it keenly leaving all other sounds of showering rain, chimneys of birds, etc. Now, I’m quite sure, she is not the same of others whom she is now playing with. I can listen to her lovely, innocent and quite naughty voice. Her voice made all my other thoughts to vanish. It rushes my eyelids to open. I followed it by opening by eyelids, which was closed by lots of unusual thoughts. I turned my gaze to the direction where those giggles came from. I noticed a group of children of both s*xes playing and dancing in the rain without even noticing the mud where they were enjoying. I could hear their sound devoid of all other worries which I having these many years. Suddenly, my gaze fall on a girl who is taller than others standing there. I can still see her back only. By seeing her skeletal framework, I’m sure she crossed atleast 20. My heart wants her to turn around to show her look. I moved my head here and there to see her face. All ends in vain. I couldn’t stand there. My legs starts to shake. One of my thoughts want me to leave all behind and run to her to see her face. I never interested in such things these years, eventhough I studied in U.S. surrounded by girls with short dress and bikinis.

Atlast, she heard my thoughts. Now, I could see her ears with few strands of drenched hair behind it. She didn’t tie her hair making it fall till her hip. She turned quite more making my heart to panic more. (Why I’m being like this? She is just a girl. Omg!) I touched my chest still breathing heavily. She atlast turned her full body to show her front. I lost myself. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Her ink blue with black colour Kurta matched her milky white skin. Now, I could see her aligned teeth in her pink lips with few drops of water in it while she smiling and dancing in the rain. Her lips quite tempted me. I moved my gaze over her dark smoky eyes with dark lashes. I lost completely now. Something in her eyes looks more powerful making me to hypnotized to her. I can’t move my gaze from her eyes. It keep on attracting me(Oh no! What are you? Oh god! Help me). My heart flutters very faster than before. I opened my mouth to breath as air supply is not enough now. She is fully drenched. Each and every part of her make me to fall for her. By seeing her, I’m sure she would be my shoulder height, a perfect height for a couple. (Oh sh**, I’m engaged now. My fiancee is waiting in my house for my return. But I’m keep on staring at a strange girl. I made a wrong decision. Oh god!!). A part of me was raged at god for showing her too late in my life. I never feel like this when I see ritika, one of my relations stayed with my grandparents and the only girl who helped me to talk to them through videocall etc., Though we met each other only once in my life during her visit to U.S, We become friends like no other. I thought it as love when they asked for my decision for our marriage. I accepted(First ever mistake). She too love me. I should be loyal to her.

Again I come out my thoughts hearing her giggle. It make my heart to flutter more. I noticed myself standing in the middle of the road where there is no traffic(reason for my choice of place for jogging), moving from the shelter where I stood before few minutes, drenched completely(Oh god!! Is this love? ) . It made me to forget everything. Simply, I lost myself there. A little curve aroused in corner of my lip thinking about my stupidity. I noticed her again. She keep on dancing in the rain. Suddenly, a shock passing through my nerves to my sense (Omg! She saw me! She noticed me) . Her gaze turned towards my direction for few milliseconds which is enough to make one die for it. She again looked at me. My heart starts to long for it. She stopped her dance. I think she noticed my stare clearly. I tried to look somewhere. I couldn’t. She rolled her lens at corner of eyes to see in my direction to find whether I’m staring at her still. Unfortunately I’m. Both of us saw each other for few seconds(Oh god!! Is it called eyelock?) Our gazes separated by a horn sound of a car, pressed voluntarily to make me to notice it. I walked towards its direction after knowing it’s our car. I noticed a familiar person of my age, who is my friend, relative, one of my partners in crime, my another dadaji’s grandson, Shikar Mehra. He threw an stern look at me. I looked blank at him.
I asked him blankly, “ Why dude? What happened? Why you bring car even knowing about my morning jogging?”
He again threw an angry look at me.

He atlast replied,” dude! Usually you go for 1 hour. But today it crossed 2 hour. I thought you strucked somewhere in this rain. So I bring the car. But you are standing and enjoying the rain. It’s already late. We should go to airport to pick our friend chirag.”
After hearing the phrase enjoying the rain, I turned back to look at her. But she left already (Oh sh**! Shikar, you are dead. I missed her. I didn’t even asked her name). I tried to find her. But in vain. Hearing the horn sound, again I turned my gaze over shikar who is throwing all angry look at me now.
Frustratingly, I asked, “What now? Why are you pressing that dumb horn?”
He replied blankly, not knowing the reason of my sudden frustration, “Its already late. We have to pick up chirag. I was saying this only. But you keep looking over there not even listening to me. What is there? Why are you like this now ? Anything wrong?”.
I calmed myself understanding the situation and replied, “Nothing like that. Let’s go. But I need to change my dress. It’s all drenched.”
He somewhat satisfied with my answer, “ we’ll change it on the way. Come.”
I opened the door of black Benz which my uncle, shikar’s father bought for us. He turned the car leaving my heart longing for her.

No precap

Hope you guys like it. Next update will take few days. So you guys have to wait for it. I also want to know whether you guys like this type of update or not. At the end of every episode there will be some poll questions. Hope guys like that and vote for it.
1)Which character in matsh you like the most?
My fav character in matsh is shikar. I like ishveer too. But I like shikar character to the most. What about u??

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  1. Harisha39

    Love ishveer character as they both have the feelings for each other. ….

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ranveer one and only my love ranveer , and ur update i just fall for it , super duper ,waiting for the next , pls update it fast yar , plssss…. and ur style of writing is quite different and i love it ….

  3. Varsha1

    good one but plz make ishveer get married

  4. Loved it soooooooooooooooo much keep it up keep rocking…. ishveer as always I love them so much ….how r u

  5. Nandana


  6. Maya-Shelly

    Very niz update dr
    Its seems new and interesting
    My favorite is always ranveer…
    Vl be waiting for ur next
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  7. Hi I like the naughty and innocent character of devarsh because of him the serial was at the top of charm in comedy and cuteness of ishveer and other family members also by the way this episode was more beautiful than the first u explained the dream of Ranveer very gracefully it was just like real matsh just keep it up?

  8. Hi I like the naughty and innocent character of devarsh because of him the serial was at the top of its charm in comedy and cuteness of ishveer and other family members also by the way this episode was more beautiful than the first u explained the dream of Ranveer very gracefully it was just like real matsh just keep it up?

  9. love ishveer 2 the core of my heart

    U have really done a great job. I really loved it, loved the way u explained each and every part, u did it very gracefully and ur writing way is quite different from others while reading it i remembered 1st epi of matsh and ofcourse ranveer. And i liked all characters who were in positive role in matsh but the most whom i love deeply is ishveer they steal my heart each and everytime i see them, i really love their characters bcoz everything they did was only 4r eachothers happiness and ofcourse their unexpressive, unconditional and never ending love and care 4r eachother, no one can never ever replace them. I love their friendship, understanding, trust and everything and the most important they showed us is that true love never dies. They will always remain in our heart. Do youll agree with me?

  10. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ya , i agree with u totally …..

  11. Ishveerfan

    Thanks a lot. I agree with u too 🙂

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