Ruthless love (Ishveer) Episode 1


Hi guys. Hope everyone is good. I want to write a short script in entirely different manner. It won’t be like written episode. But it will be good. Hope so. This story has many sad things and entirely different from actual matsh. So I’ll try to give my best. This has many twists and turnings. For this ff I can write only short update. sorry for that. I hope u guys will support me.


Today the dawn is entirely different from what I saw these many years. I never breath this much fresh air in my life. But might be when I was not that mature to understand what happening around me. I noticed suddenly that I’m surrounded with full of green plants and flowers blossoming with tiny little drops on its leafs. I stopped at one place holding my knees, breath and panting heavily. It’s my daily routine to go for jogging. Something in my mind triggering me since morning. It may be because of the unusual place where I missed for past 21 years. Even I born at this place before 24 years. Lot of things has been changed with time. Being a child of 3 years of age I couldn’t remember all things. But I still remember the day we left our house.
Kailash, my dad spitted out all his emotions that day, “Papa!! I can’t hold in this place anymore. I can’t waste my life like you being caught in here.

I have my own life and family. I should consider my ranveer’s future also. I got that job in U.S. I’ll send you money every month. You are not going to live alone. Your other sons and daughters are with you. So leave me papa. Sorry! I’ve decided to go. Bless me” touching my dadaji’s and dadi’s feet who become petrified by his sudden decision. Though he is not ready, he let us go for his son’s future. Before I left the house, the last sight I saw was my dadaji’s and dadi’s longing eyes. I missed them these many years. I come out of my dream by the little droplets showering from the dark clouds which were bright orange this morning when I came out of my house. I touched the tiny, sparkling drop that fell on my cheeks. I run to the shelter where I can enjoy watching this beautiful rain preventing myself from being drenched. Again some bad past of my family came to my mind.

Closing my eyelids, I recall all the past, how we left, how my all chachu , buwa familes left following us with different reasons. Only few of my relations stayed there after our departure. Our home was an example for how to maintain relations. It was formed by my dadaji Pratap Vaghela and his 2 friends, Raheja Zaveri, Umar Mehra. They are like brothers born in different house and connected to each other by fate(I don’t trust this fate and all). Our 3 families lived there with great pride and courage. Everything changed when our families got dispersed. But something wants us to be united by tying a relation between me and my dadaji’s friend’s granddaughter or my friend or my fiancee Ritika Zaveri before 3 months which made our families to come here to celebrate it.

No precap.

I’m very scared how u guys welcome this ff. I will continue by seeing the comments. so tell me your views through it and whether I’ve to continue or not. I’m keenly waiting for ur views. I will stop this if you guys dont like it. Just tell me whether ive to continue or not. I’ll tell about the cast in next episode.

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  1. It’s nice…..

  2. Hey loved the epi one and I have doubt is ranveer married to ritika plz give me answer and plz continue how r u

  3. Hi starting was good I think it was a little dramatic but u showed it very gracefully overall it was toooo good pls continue it?

  4. Nandana

    Nice starting dear i really liked it and u should continue writing dear and all the best for ur comming episodes dear 🙂 🙂 😉

  5. Maya-Shelly

    Superb epi dr…
    Just continue it…
    Gud start
    Keep smiling
    Take care

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