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Let’s start the episode:

Ranighat :

The Royal Palki (a wooden box shaped large acquit used for Royal Princess or Queen’s transport) were set for the Rajkumari Swara, Maharani Afreen, Rani Nivedita, and Rajmata Shabina.

The itinerary for roaming Hindoo Bazaar (a market set up in the time of spring in Ranighat) was high on each and everyone.

The time wasn’t good, hawking eyes of the enemy, piercing gaze of the foeman bore on them still it was decided.

He stood in the midst of the Bazaar (market) adorned with moustache and bread with the khalsi pagdi(big traditional head wear).

It suited him so well to the extent he liked it.

Coming from the far lands his only conation, desire to will to watch her. It wasn’t new for Ranighat’s land to witness foreign faces for trade.
Trade apart people came to watch her and he was among one of them….

The Hindoo Bazaar was at its peak and it was the time of Holika Dahan (the day before holi a festival of colours in Hindu culture, where people celebrate the end of misery and cheers for happiness) and Dola Purnima (a festival in Hindu culture comes before Holi), and the Royal Ladies all set up for the itinerary.

Walking around the sweet shop his eyes searching for the consummate flower, rob of its first bloom, the primal beauty “Rajkumari Swara”.
His cornea hit the sight of the beautiful ravishing elegant, refinement and precipitous sword made by the worker down the lane of Sindhu River.
Captivating the scene he approached to worker chuckling in his mind of the very skillfulness of the worker.


Swara was so ecstatic and blithe to roam around and study the works of different places that she couldn’t even control the ticklish feeling inside her body and the thoughts of getting to know so many people.

She was so bounded in the Palace of Kandelwal that rarely she did visit the whole city but today was her day.

Little did she knew how her life was gonna write one of the important pages of history.

” Rajkumari ji Palki me padhariye ” (Princess please sit inside the Palki) the horseman asked Rajkumari Swara.

“Afreen, Nivedita aap dono ishme baith jaiye” ( Afreen, Nivedita both of you sit inside this) Rajmata Shabina ordered politely yet with authenticity.

“Ji Ami” (Yes Mother) both said in the most respectful manner.


He stood silently observing every moment of the worker minutely.

“Are ohh bhaya kya dekh rahe ho, kharidna bhi haibya nahi aase hi mu uthake chale aaye” (ohh brother what are you watching, do you want to buy it or not don’t know now a day people are coming just to show up the faces) the worker blunted out not witnessing the rage and the smirk on his face.

Grabbing the sword in a swift movement he spun around the classy pieces of other ornament made of iron and slitted the person’s neck in seconds.

It wasn’t cruel for him, the blood droplets sprinkled on his face, his masculine body hiding the petit frame of the worker down.
He arched his eyebrows frustrated of sword handle been so small.
It didn’t fit his hands it took only three of his fingers inside it, pushing the body down he centralized and massed up fire towards the sword just to notice the Royal Tag of Ranighat drawn on the handle and Swara carved underneath it.

Surprised, shocked, saturnian, all these feelings masked up his face the curve touched his lips to be tilted to a gentle smile.

There was a sudden rise in the atmosphere the chaos rose in minutes, each and every persons cheers juggling in the crowd of thousands.

“Hosiyar Khabardar Rajmata Shabina padhar rahi hai” (Be careful and on your places Rajmata Shabina is coming) the announcer proclaimed, trumpeting.

He bounced on his feet around causing the cadaver, to fall on the stony ground on its face.
Gripping his attention submissively obsequious towards the worker’s corpse agonistic idea hit him hard.

“Maharani Afreen aur Rani Nivedita padhar rahe hai” (Maharani Afreen and Rani Nivedita both are coming) the announcer proclaimed, trumpeting again.

The crowd rejoiced the moment of the Royal family amongst the civilians. It was new for them, the Royal ladies making their way without the Royal Men of Ranighat.

“Rajkumari Swara padhar rahe hai” (Princess Swara is coming) the announcer proclaimed, trumpeting again and this time with the voice of sheer ecstatic.

The Royal Palki passed the sight of the onlookers giving a least view of the Royal Family Ladies yet he stood beside heart-robbing,stealing the heart, winsomely site just to catch her glimpse, thousand diyas(lamps or small clay tensils made to enlighten by pouring oil and cloth like candles) enlightened the atmosphere welcoming the dusk as well as the ravishing site of the beauty crushing each ones thought, rapturous, enrapturing every person.

The curtains flung wide open just to give him the site of the mourning cloak butterfly, the “Nymphalis antiopa” .

How he wished to steal her from the eyes if the civilians and capture her worship her day and night.

I want to be your companion
and walk hand in hand,
your strength enveloping mine.
Spring blooming falling,
scuffing feet and laughter,
sharing nights, not finished by the dark.

The prosperousness and run of his luck his palmy days, those halcyon days were just because she was his smiles of fortune.
He wanted to endure her, appropriate to one’s own use , purloin her, come unlawfully by his Safari (name of his horse) and purloin her.

I want to be your confidant
as you pen your deepest
thoughts, as your heartaches
bleed and finally break free.
Your dreams, I keep as if my own.
I want to smile as you smile
and giggle with you
at nothing at all.

Watching her giggling behind the curtains, the diya enlightening the Palki inside only, he smiled ear to ear.
“It will be fun having you Rajkumari all by myself, just me” his mind worked as a lunatic for her charms.

I want to be your lover
and find the passions
that move you to action.
I want to be the softness
that induces you to trust.
I want to be the naughty
that makes you come back for more.
I want to please you.

The Palki was stand by at the lanes of Sindhu Ghat, the soilders shattered all around preventing the civilians to not go near the Royal Family.
He approached towards the Royal Family specially towards Swara capturing the attention of the crowd, heads turned out towards the unknown yet familiar stranger, the soilders approached towards him just to be stopped at their tracks.
Swara lifted her hand giving signal to the stranger to walk in.

I want to share your breakfast
and your dinner,
I want you in the shower
and in your bed and
with soft steps to bring you in
Your soft arms, the legs
that can warp around me
your lips of pleasure,
these are the fuel to my desire
no it is no secret, my love,
and to put it very simply,
I want you.

The pleasure to ravish her from so near yet the chastisement of not touching her made him sick in his stomach yet mirthfully, blithely and jubilantly feeling mixed up in his body.

“Aapko kuch chahiye” (Do you need something) she voiced him in the most delightful and polite manner with her breathtaking smile.

“Nahi Rajkumari ji baas aapke liye ek tofa nazarana cahate hai” (No no Princess I just want to give you gift), he only knew how he muttered up his courage to speak in front of her, a small girl of 17.

She was his Lamb.
His bonne-bouche, she was a titbit, delicacy, a delicate morsel, his delicious mouthful “Lamb”.

She was a Doll Face,

His Babochka

His Lamb

No wonder why he always forgets himself seeing her.
He lifted the ” Talwar with its Kaman” (Sword with its Cover) and bend on his knees to present her the gift.

Swara was so overwhelmed and joyous seeing the sight of the Sword, didn’t waited for a minute before lifting it up.
Where she was lost in the beauty of the sword’s craft work, he admired her to the fullest.

Author’s Note :

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Afreen approached towards Swara who was holding the Sword, advancing steps towards her she noticed the Royal Tag craved on the swords end.
“It can be only carved by the Royal Sword maker of Ranighat, how can it be on this” she scanned the strangers face attributly searching any sign of strangeness.

He didn’t knew what went into him, his gut feeling or his sixth sense it triggered him to escape the very spot as soon as possible.

“Rajkumari badhya lete hai” (Princess I will take your leave) and before Afreen utter a word he flew away in seconds as in disappeared.

“Shona bacha chalo” (Shona baby lets go) Afreen indicated Swara to move, she handed her sword to Charumitra and lead behind Afreen.

Sindhu Ghat :

“Ami what are we going to do now” Swara asked Rajmata Shabina being utterly clueless of what to do.

“Baccha you need to pray to god and wish whatever you want and Sindhu Ma is going to grant you so” Rajmata Shabina said Swara who looked confused at that point.

Enlightening the diyas in the plate full of ghawar (a food) she kept the kanchan (a flower which has the most aromatic, odoriferous and ambrosial smell yet its not used to give on deties only used once in a year in this puja), rice , sindoor (holy red colour powder used by married women in Hindu culture as a sign off marriage) and thread and handed the leaf plate to each oner of them.

“Now worship Sindhu Ma float the diya in the river with the kanchan then wash the thread by water of the river, and then put rice and sindoor on it and wear it and remember don’t open your eyes until and unless you wish whatever you want okay” Rajmata Shabina smiled and passed each one their plate after instructing them.

Performing the ritual each one wished their heart out.

The clouds thundered and the sky blackened.
Horror-struck, appalled, and panic-stricken by the sudden change in atmosphere Swara opened the eyes just to be amazed, astounded, astonished and thunderstruck by the horrid view of Ranighat’s climate.

“Hee ma Sindhu ye kesa absagun hai baisakhi me mahine me tufan ” (ohh Goddess Sindhu what badwill is this thunderstorm in the season of spring) Rajmata Shabina didn’t wait a while before dragging Swara Afreen and Nivedita with her towards the Palki.

Running towards the Palki, Swara twisted her leg just to shout in pain and land on Afreen’s shoulders.

“Shona are you alright” Afreen asked worriedly yet dragging her towards the Palki.

“Rajmahal chaliye jaldi” Afreen ordered the horseman horrified of was will be the 11 brothers reaction on this incident.


He overture towards the Sindhu Ghat in that Ruthless thunderstorm just to witness her Kamarbandh (a ornament used to by women to adore their waist) lieing on the pavement of the lanes.
Caressing it he kissed it and assigned it inside his kurti.

He was no longer in his big moustache and bread, no longer wearing those filthy and shabby ranments he wore few mins ago.
He was wearing one of the most expensive silk kurti around him with the opulent head wear.

“Maharaja we should leave the place or we will be caught, the person you killed was the Royal Sword maker they might doubt on you as you presented Rajkumari that sword” Wajimaan Shah said his Lord.

“You are right Dhiba (person given the place of father) we should leave, the work is already done” he said planely.

“Taxila barakhne ke tayare kijiye dhiba” (Do the necessary arrangements for leaving to Taxila) he spoke and Wajimaan Shah left.

To feel your love upon my wanting skin,
Most delicate touch, just once, I crave; To have your breath, warm, against my chin,
Awaken me from this forgotten grave.

In hope, I wait beneath this night’s illuminated sky,
With the moon our only light and silent witness;
Your whispers will break my every lethargic sigh,
Before enchantment envelops me with that first kiss.
You’ve intoxicated me with your cryptic words,
Now inebriate me with your mysterious scent;
Submerge me in dance until dawn’s call of birds,
Or stay for a day in gloriousness spent. Bathe me in the fountain of your sweltering passion,
Just one night, I ask, of indulgent obsession.

“Lamb just some days more the you will be Maharani of Taxila and its the promise of Maharaja Ibrahim Alam Shah”

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