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This chapter is purely written for Shubhangi’s emotional blackmailing of posting her ff after i post this one Sadia di’s inspiration n Noor di’s arab classes.

Guys i dont know if u know or not bt “Zephyr and Tempest” this story is one of the best stories u can ever read. This story has inspired me to write n i definately can say u its awesome.

This story is posted under Sadia di wattpad username – @sdyuti. N this is being posted in Fb in Page FF/ OS on our beloved swasan.

So now lets start the episode….

“You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won’t mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever…. connections are made with the heart, not the tongue.”

That was what he was feeling ryt now the very first time.

The ominous silence broke in wee lite of laughters…
Still it was the driving him dotty.

Her laughter was a diffident one.
He chucked.


“My Shabnam Aapi lives with me u know she is also married to Ahil Jiju”, she said innocently.

After switching on the hurricane in his heart and mind.

“But if you marry me you have to come to my palace na, you know its more beautiful” Sanskar’s voice tactful the very moment.

“But how can I leave my Bhaijaan n bhais n Bhabijaan n Bhabi n Aami Zakira n my Rose garden too…”
She pouted sadly.

“U know there you can have a big garden sooo big you want the war to be cancelled right, if you do so then your Bhaijaan will not be wounded”
Sanskar diplomatically manipulated her timid mind..

He exactly knew how to trap her how to make her agree if not by her will then let be by his.


(Guys the next part contains “Arab” which had been translated to english. If any of the Arab readers find any mistake please ignore it as this context is not meant to hurt any..)


“Enta betamel keda leh ya rehan”
(y r u doing this rehan),Afreen asked her husband desperately..

“Ente msh lazem terafi haga.. di an okhty”
( U dont need to know anything n its abt my sister), Rehan answered her back not knowing what to say.

“Rehan enta bettkalm kaienaha wala khaga lya.. bos ala mama”
( Rehan u r saying as if she is none to me just look at mother), Afreen’s desperation was clearly noticeable.

“Bas abady an elmaodoo.. da maekhosekesh.. amale zay ma oltelek .. fahma”
(just stay out of it, its none of ur concern do as u r said to u get it), Rehan saying this walked out not paying any allowance to her.

He knew his sister was now in the tents of his enemy.

Maharaja Sanskar Rajput

He didn’t just loathed hima but he prayed for his demolition n wanted him to annihilate.

But the moment he was grateful to his and it was his secret which he was gonna to protect n obscure.


Sanskar’s loyal cheif in command (minister) Kanteerava Narasimha Wadiyar and his brother Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar the Senapramuk (chief of the army) were not only his loyals they were his friends, though they never knew abt his eyes on Rajkumari Swara but they were always melancholic past.

Rajmata of Jaipur, she was born as Princess Gayatri Devi of Cooch Behar. She became the 1st Maharani of Jaipur when she married Maharaja Indravardhan Rajput. All through her life she was admired for her charm and beauty. But she died early leaving Yuvraaj Sanskar in the hand of her beloved sister Rani Vargavi.

Yuvraaj Sanskar wasnt the only prince of “Rajuputana” Dynasty bt he was the very much skilled n authenticative inborn ruler.

And both of them were now standing in front of the Rajya Sabha (hall where the kings discuss important stuff related to the state) holding the kumati lala(a note for the king written by another king and sent by a messenger).

“Maharaj Rehan ko Maharaj Sanskar ka koti koti Pranam.
(king sanskar greets king re han with uttermost respect)
“this letter is to convey you that ur sister Rajkumari Swara is with me safe and sound. I wish this war to stop and all agree to my offer of marrying the Rajkumari of Ranighat
With regards Maharaj of Rajasthan ”

Reading in his sanity he approached and handed over the kumati lala to the dewan of the hall.

“We agree for this alliance”, Rehan’s announcement was a thunderstorm not only for the 10 brothers seated in there places but for the entire hall.

“Have you lost it Bhaijaan”Lakshya’S anger was no bound.

The choler of the 10 brothers had passed the boundaries of despair. The abashment and the warth Ayaz Asad Virat were far more noticed.

Rajmata Shabina stood numb..

During the Dusk…
{Nearly 6 hrs to the incident}

Rajkumari Swara stood with her Royal family in front of the Sindhu River.

Maharaja Sanskar stood beside the ethereal beauty just adoring her…

“Bacha start the aarti” Rehan sounded rigid but still calm.
(Child start the prayer)

It was there Royal ethics to pray Sindhu Ma(mother).

And the Choti Rajkumari of Ranighat was the one who always prayed and sang the aarti.

“Tu hai Sindhu maa
Yunhi behti rehna
Dukh jo ho humko toh
Tujhse hi toh kehna hai sun maa”

(You are Sindhu mother
Keep flowing like this
If we are facing sorrow
We have to tell only you, listen mother
Here Sindhu is the river)

Swara’s voice charmed the beauty of the river flowing beneath her.
The river joint by the cascades of Ranighat joined in the valley just to purify the land of dirt.

“Sunle ye pukaar tu bhi sunle
Tere mann ke nagar mein baja hai
Ankokha da na nan… da na nan… danka”

(Listen this call you also listen
Unique da na nan… da na nan. dnnka
Is playing in the city of your heart)

Rehan continued the song joining his small little fragile sister.

“Tu tere liye me hai
Mere liye tu haan
Sang rahe hum dono”

(For me you yeah
We both stay together)

He knew life was going to be harsh on her but he also knew that it was going to be one of the test for his doll and he will make sure she wins it.

“Sangini mera tan bhi
Mann bhi, dhan bhi, jeevan bhi
Tere liye bas tere liye
Meri dharti mera gagan tere liye hai o…”

(My body is also Sangini
Also heart, also wealth, also life
For you, only for you
Sangini means female companion or hardness)

Virat sang indicating his soul mate standing a few metres away from him.

“Tu hai mera ye sansaar saara
Main aur mera pyar saara
Tere hi liye hai”

(You are this whole world of mine
Me and my all love
Is only for you)

Not singing the lines still Sanskar’s heart screeched inside his ribcage..

“Tu hai, hai jag mein hai rang jaise
Rut mein hai tarang jaise
Tu hai toh, tu hai toh…”

(If you exists, like colours exist in the world
Like waves exist in the weather
If you exist, if you exist…)

“Gagan gagan lehar lehar
bahe ye chandni
O.. dhara pe jaagi jyoti hai teri
Ho nayan nayan ghuli hui hai kaamna koi
Nahi nahi koi tujhsa hai hi nahi”

(This moonlight flows like this
To the sky
O.. radiance glows on the flow
Ho Any desire is dissolved in eyes
No no there is no one like you)

“Tu hai mera ye sansaar saara
Main aur mera pyar saara
Tere hi liye hai ”

(You are this whole world of mine
Me and my all the love
Is only for you)

Virat n Ayaz voiced their angst feeling to there beloved sister..

“Chalte chalte kisi dagar mein
Jaise achanak modh aata hai
Yun hi koi ek hi pal mein
Sab kuch piche chhod aata hai”

(Walking on the path
Like a turn appears suddenly
Like this even in a moment
Someone loses her/his everything behind)

Afreen n Nivedita come forward to tribute confederation walking to their husbands..

“Chan kanjkara mera mann banjara tu mere
Prem bhari dhun mere mann ki jo sun
jhoome re”

Rehan n Virat resumed to admire their wives as well were singing..

“Paas aake bhi kyun moun hai tu
Ye toh keh de meri kaun hai tu”

(Why are you silent even after getting close
Tell me who you are mine)

Afreen n Nivedita:

“Bolte hai nayan moun hoon main
Apne naino se sun kaun hoon main”

(Eyes talk, I am silent
Listen with your eyes who I am)

N atlast Swara’s voice echoed the hills n valley where the eternal n extravagant Sindhu Ma followed..her voice held escalate n astounding magic..

N the whole Ranighat followed there Choti Rajkumari’s exquisite n eminent voice…

“Tu hai mera ye sansaar sara
Main aur mera pyar sara
Tere hi liye hai”

(You are my whole world
Me and my all love
Is only for you)


{The three Sanskrit shlok which are taken from “Shiv Tandav Stotram” actually written by Ravana for Lord}

(Sanskrit is the original and the most oldest form of language it is difficult to understand as it was my 2nd language so the translation is provided.)

The bramhin (priest) sitting near the Lord Shiva scripture motioned the Royal family to make there way to middle of the river through

“Maharajan ekam Prabhu Shiva tenu judhayoh mudakam bardhate”
{Maharaja somebody need to pour milk on Lord Shiva},the Brahmin declared.

“Etat mama Prabhu Shivayoh uparam judhayoh mundakam asti”
{I will pour milk on Lord Shiva},Sanskar stood there mentioning the Brahmin to give him the fitting occasion to do the honours..

The people of Ranighat stood seeing the queer n singular sight in front of them..

“Jattaa kattaaha sambhrama
bhraman nilimpa nirjharii
Vilola viici vallarii viraajamaana muurdhani
Dhagad dhagad dhagaj jvalal lalaatta patttta paavake
Kishora candra shekhare ratih pratikssannam mama”

{I have a very deep interest in Lord Shiva, whose head is glorified by the rows of moving waves of the celestial river Ganga, agitating in the deep well of his hair-locks, and who has the brilliant fire flaming on the surface of his forehead, and who has the crescent moon as a jewel on his head.}

Sanskar stood in the middle of the Sindhu river where the grand Lord Shiva scripture stood admist the belligerently n combative Sindhu River.

[Guys there is a platform and way moving to the middle of the river in River Sindhu.]

“Dhara dharendra nandni vilaasa bandhu bandhuras
Phuradru gandh ta santatip parmodamana maana..sey
Kripa kataksha dhorni niruddha duddha dharapari
Kuachithi jambharey manohvinod mai tu vastuni”

{May my mind seek happiness in the Lord Shiva, in whose mind all the living beings of the glorious universe exist, who is the sportive companion of Parvati (daughter of the mountain king n lord Shiv’s wife), who controls invincible hardships with the flow of his compassionate look, who is all-persuasive.}

The spectaculat speculative sight captured the volitional audience of Ranighat.
The impassivness n lumpish aura of Maharaj Sanskar Ibdravardhan Rajput was agapely seen.

Holding the large hefty kalash (round big pot made of gold) full if milk.
One could barely lift that heavy container.
His face had had no mystified feelings like his face radiated the pellucid n lucent glow for his beloved.

The milk philanthropically made his way through Lord Shiva’s malevolent scripture n flowed down to the Sindhu River.

“Jatta bhujanga pingaras
Bhurat badamanipravah
Gadham kumkummadhrava
Parili gadhi vadhupukey
Madaandsindhu raspurat
Vaguptari amidhurey
Manovinod manbhutam
Vibbhatt bhutho vardari”

{May I seek wonderful pleasure in Lord Shiva, who is supporter of all life, who with his creeping snake with reddish brown hood and with the luster of his gem on it spreading out variegated colors on the beautiful faces of the maidens of directions, who is covered with a glittering upper garment made of the skin of a huge intoxicated elephant.}

The spark within the people to see their Rajkumari Swara’s future husband with this charm didnt stop them to talk abt him.

“Chaaro Dishaayon Mein
Tez Sa Woh Chhaaya
Uski Bhujhayein Badlein Kathaein
Bhagirathi Teri Taraf Shiv Ji Chalein
Dekh Zara Yeh Vichitra Maya”

{His aura have reflection to the corners of the dark ally like a light flickering as a tyndall.
His virile arms have the power to change the mythes.
Bhagirathi (a mythological personality known in Hindu mythology for giving peace to his forefather’s soul which was crushed bt a saint by praying to Lord Shiva.) Lord Shiva is himself walking towards you.
Just look at this unsound magic.}

The people of Ranighat volitionally shouted out loud..

Omm Namo Shivaay…
Omm Namo Shivaay…

(A chant by hindus to whorship Lord Shiva)


N the kalash in the hands of Maharaj Sanskar touched to ground when a undependable arrow stuck his back with its speed n intensity..

“Veerrr” Rajkumari Swara shouted on her top of the voice…

Hello fellas that was indeed a big big chappie.

And the conversation between will be shown as flashback…

So your question remains who unfaithfully tried harming Sanskar?? Is it Swara’s brothers or his subordinates??

Guys sry as some of u wanted me to translate some previous Hindi phases bt i m really lack of time.

Its indeed hilarious to be in Rank #6 in Wattpad i was just thrilled by the response n its surely ur all interest towards this book.

Recently a Raglak Fan wanted me to write a historical book on Raglak at 1st i denied bt later the thought made me think n i m thinking to write a Raglak historical book on Raglak


Raglak fans buck u seats from the upcoming sumners to read the THE SILENT PRINCESS’S SAVIOUR.
For better idea of the characters of Lakshya Singh N Rajkumari Ragini u can read THE RUTHLESS KING’S LOVE LADY..

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