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The above photo is Ranighat Palace.

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*The chapter have been split into two parts “Past” and “Present”.

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A Peek the Past:-

The haggling business, which had mainly depended on the horse, became disorganized forthwith. Distress, if not penury, loomed in the distance. Trivedi was what was “locally” called a slack-twisted fellow; he had good strength to work at times; but the times could not be relied on to coincide with the hours of requirement; and, having been unaccustomed to the regular toil of the day-labourer, he was not particularly persistent when they did so coincide.

“Trivedi or “The Rajkumar of Ranighat”

“Rajkumar Bharmal”

“Behind you Trivedi!” Aadil’s shout.
He saw them then. Silent as beetles , two men scuttled toward him .
More followed , slipping from doorways and corners . Under cover of the rain and fog, the pack had stalked in ,unseen , converging from three directions. They were Afgani, from the Afgani Land they tossed back and forth . They carried knives and clubs and chains. These were vermin from the dockside, deadly and cold as ice.

“They’d sent the girl as a honey pot to hold him while the gang closed in”he thought.

“She’d smiled at him while she was planning to watch him die.” he thoughts lingered on her sweet smile..

“Run from me” He let her loose.

“Run fast”

But she backed away ,wide eyed, breathing hard.

“How? Nobody knows I’ m here.”

That was shock in her voice and fear. She turned in a circle , looking for a hole in the net closing round them. And he knew she was no part of this . No decoy .

“More of them down that way . A baker’s dozen . ” Aadil dropped out of the fog ,into his usual place, taking the left. They were two against that many.

Long odds.

He picked a target-one in front, where his friends would see him die and threw. The bravo collapsed with a sucking, bubbling neck wound. The familiar stink of death rose in the alley. He pulled his second knife.
The thugs hesitated, sending glances back and forth , fingering blade and cudgel. Attack or retreat. It could go either way .
Then one man broke ranks and lunged for the girl.

She was fast as a little cat. He’d give her that. Cat quick, writhing, she bit the filthy arm that held her and knocked a knife aside and wrenched loose. She skipped back, clutching a long shallow cut on her forearm.

“Not hurt. I’m not hurt.”

No tears , no screams.

Pluck to the backbone. She was also damnably in his way. He shoved her behind him , between him and Aadil.

Protected as she could be.
If this lasts long, she ‘ll get killed. “Mine on the right. ” He threw and his blade hit badly and glanced off a collar bone.

One man down.

One wounded.

That would have been two dead if he’d had the sense to stay sober.

“Waste of a knife. Damn!!”

His last knife was in his boot . Not for throwing. This one was for killing up close.

He forced his mind to the pattern the attackers wove , trying to spot the leader. Kill the leader and the others might scatter. Aadil danced a path through the bullyboys, breaking bones with that lead weighted cane of his.

No way to get the woman to safety . She stayed in his shadow using him as a shield, white-faced. She’s been in street fights before, he had seen her.
Then he didn’t think about her at all.
Chain whistled past. He grabbed it and jerked the man off balance and drove his knife through a gap in the leather waistcoat, up under the br*astbone, to the heart.

For an instant he stood locked, face to face, with the man he’d just killed “a thickest red” head with pale skin and vicious, gleeful, mad green eyes. Outrage and disbelief pulsed out at him…..and drained away. The eyes went blank .

Then the dead bastard thrashed, rolled with the knife, and took it down with him as he fell.
No time to get it back. A crowbar cracked down on his shoulder with a bright ,sour, copper pain.

He fell dodged a boot , and rolled away as Aadil took down his attacker.

The girl screamed.

Up. He had to get up . He was on his feet, shaking his head, trying to see through a black haze. The girl was stretched between two men, being dragged away. He staggered through madness and confusion , fog and pain. Aadil was swearing a blue streak .
Under the chaos , he heard a monstrous racket of wheels on cobblestone. A goods wagon rounded the corner.
The girl tore loose, leaving her cloak behind. She reeled straight into the path of the horses and slipped on wet cobbles. She had a split second to look up and see hooves . Her face was a mask of raw terror .
He launched himself toward her. Too late. He knew he’d be too late .

The chariot rider wrenched on the reins. Horses reared and squealed.
Frantic, she jack-knifed away from the striking hooves . She was so close to scrambling to safety…
She slipped on the rain -slick cobbles . The wagon skidded.

Iron rims shrieked on the stone . The wheel hit the side of her head with a soft, horrible thud . She whipped around , and wavered upright for an instant, and slumped to the dirty stones of the street .
Trivedi broke out.

Shouts back and forth.
Limping , dragging their wounded with them , the gang retreated.
He stepped over a body and ran to the girl.
She lay huddled on her side , as if sleeping , covered with blood and mud , her pretty dress torn halfway off her. Her hand lay up curled on the cobbles , open to the falling rain.

His eyes stuck on her flawless skin and then it retreated to her fingers which was suited with the Royal Ring of Taxila with the Snake carved stone on her Ring finger.

And their he meet the girl “The Rajkumari of Taxila”

“Rajkumari Suvarna”

A Bopeep to Present:-

Secret Garden , Fountain side Island:-

She stayed where she was on her stomach on the pulpy feathered couch facing the water around the small island present in the garden, holding her upper body up, braced on her elbows. Her br*asts brushed the suede surface under her dupatta, the upholstery soft on her engorged nipples. If only he would take a moment to feel her all by himself..

But soon enough she was falling into that easy pattern of breath and stillness, giving herself over the moment her eyes caught his. Her head hummed, her eyes half-lidded in the fog-clouded light coming through the secret garden, invading her mind like a veil. Time passed, but she’d lost track. It didn’t seem to matter.

“Rajkumari Swara,” Charumitra said finally.


“It’s time.”

“For what ?,” She seem to forget those informations she was being given.

Suddenly his eyes were behind her, his hips pressing against the still-sore buttocks of the sculpture, his arm ticked around his waist, pulling her sole attention to his.


“Would MY DUMPLING mind for a boat ride .”

She had nothing to say, she practically had made a mental note, she couldn’t deny when she knew it was going to be their last days..

The tension had grown in central region of Hindustan, and his presence was utterly needed..

Secret Garden,Pond:-

Swara felt her joints loosen and she relaxed against him accidentally slipping of the path from ground to boat.

“So you’re okay with us being together, just for this time?”

He tucked a curl behind her ear and the feel of Sanskar’s touch made her shiver. It was so quiet, she could hear every breath he took, felt it vibrate through him in the cramped bottom of the boat.

“Let’s enjoy every moment together until it’s our last.”

“But that moment isn’t today,” she said, so grateful that he’d agreed. She wanted to be with him until she couldn’t. It was that simple.

His hand smoothed the length of her hair as he gazed into her eyes, his expression tender and full of longing. “No. It’s not .” The words sounded so reverent they could have been a “prayer”.

His fingers trailed down her cheek to her lips, outlining the shape of her mouth. He bent down, his lips against her cheek, brushing it lightly. Shivers ran through her whole body, making her tremble. He brushed his mouth against the hollow of her temple then traced the line of her jawbone.

The aching anticipation for his kiss was suddenly too much and she reached up and pulled his mouth to hers. He kissed her gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentleness she wanted, not when time was fleeting. She knotted her fists in his pearl embedded jewels, and pulled him closer. He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled her, gathering her against him as the boat rocked beneath them. The small possibility of falling into the water vanished as soon as it occurred to her.

All that existed was “Her Veer” . She could feel his warmth burning through his clothes and hers. She ran her fingers along his arm soft skin over lean muscle, a scar like a thin wire on his biceps. It was an imperfection that made him seem even more perfect. He fumbled as he pushed her heavy hair aside to kiss her ear. She didn’t think she’d ever seen his hands unsteady before.

She trailed her nose across his jaw, inhaling the clean smell of winters countryside, of him. He released a pent-up breath, the sound like music. Her pulse tapped a fast beat and her breath quickened with it. She stroked his cheek and kissed every inch of his neck until he moaned again. Or maybe she’d made the sound; they seemed to share each breath, each heartbeat. It felt as if the universe disappeared and all that remained was the two of them, holding each other close.

“I never knew it was like this,” she said when Sanskar pulled back and looked down at her. It seemed as if the stars hurtled down around her head like a rain of silver tinsel.

“It wasn’t.” He kissed her nose, then traced the line of her cheek with his fingertip, a dreamlike intensity in his gaze. “This is better.”

And she never wanted it to end. She felt feverishly alive, every nerve ending jangling as they watched the sky, enjoying the private moment.

“I agree,” she sighed, nestling against his side. “I wish we could stay like this forever.” When he toyed with her earlobe, she tried, unsuccessfully, to settle her heart back in her body. She watched the stars shimmer above and it also felt as though they were celebrating.

“Me, too,” he said softly in her ear. He captured her lips in a kiss so fierce and full of longing that it felt like a love song.

With this the two bodies hugged each other while the lunula witnessed their passionate night.

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