The Runaway Bride (Prologue)


Hey guys! Azu here! This is my another ff- The Runaway Bride’. This is a raglak one. Hope you guys like it.
And I’ll be posting the next part of ‘A Night To Remember’ soon. Love you all! ?


“Where’s the bride?”
“Papaji, no idea! She just said she wants to go to the washroom. But..”
“Rubbish!! I told you to keep an eye over that girl!”
“I was doing exactly what you had told me to do..”
“Still she ran away!”
“I’m sorry Papaji. I don’t know how..”
“Enough! What should we tell him now? Hm? You know he’s very powerful. He’ll destroy us!”
“Papaji! Please calm down!”
“That girl has destroyed us! She didn’t just run away! She ran away with my respect! She ran away with our peace, our prosperity, our everything!”
“He’ll finish us!”
“Papaji please..”


“Veerji, she has indeed run away. Confirmed!”
“Hm. How far will she go! I’ll find her anyhow! I think she doesn’t know who I am!”

A man of about 27, dressed in beige-colored sherwani, took out his phone and dialled some number.
“Hello? I’ll forward you the picture. Yes. Alive. Good! Find her now!”
“Now she can’t run anywhere. She’ll be here very soon!”


“Ariba bi! Where’s my breakfast?”
“Just 2 minutes baba!”

A man of about 26, whistled as he pulled his white tee down his well-chiselled body. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he adjusted his wet, dark brown hair well and grabbed his wrist watch and wallet from the table.

“Baba, here’s your breakfast!”
“Thank you Ariba bi! I love you so much!”
“Now finish it soon and..”
Their conversation was stopped midway when they heard a shuffling sound.
“Arey Laksh beta! Here you are! I was..”
“Sshhh!” Laksh signalled him to be quiet.
Three pairs of eyes were now fixed on a big fruit carton. The carton was addressed to ‘Mr. Maheshwari and family’. It moved a little. A little more. More. Until it opened all of a sudden and..
“Good god! What the f**k is this!” Laksh exclaimed in surprise and shock.

Guys! Please let me know whether you like this idea of mine or not, and should I continue this ff or not. PLEASE DO COMMENT! The number of comments shall help me decide whether to go for this one or not! Anyway, love you guys! ?

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