The Runaway Bride (Epi 9)


Hello guys! I hope you all are in good health! I know it has been really long since I’ve posted anything! Hope you all still remember me! Thank you guys for your best wishes! I’m way much better now! The fracture’s alright, just some nerve ailment near my wrist area. But even that’s better than before! I could have posted one or two episodes, but I didn’t feel like. As I’ve mentioned before, your comments motivate me to write. I’d really like to thank those who commented on my last one! This episode is only for and because of you and your comments. My last epi had a fall in comments. Honestly, I was more than disappointed, because I wrote the last one in much pain. I had just recovered from the accident. Laying on my hospital bed, I wrote that epi for you all. THE ONES WHO DIDN’T COMMENT IN MY LAST ONE, guys IF YOU FEEL THE EPIs AREN’T UPTO YOUR EXPECTATIONS, THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW MY FLAWS, DON’T I? I was so disappointed with this behaviour of yours that I had decided to just dump this whole thing for ever! But then, the ones who commented! I can’t do injustice to them, right? SO, NEXT EPI WILL 100% DEPEND ON YOUR COMMENTS. LESS COMMENTS WILL MEAN CLOSURE OF THIS FF WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE. I’M REALLY SORRY, BUT THE WRITER IN ME IS VERY HURT. IT’S UPTO YOU ALL WHETHER YOU WANT THIS FF TO CONTINUE AT ALL OR NOT! Thank you.
Here’s the epi:- ~~

“Swara” “Luckyyyy!” A girl of about 25 immediately ran towards Laksh and hugged him tightly. “So you’re in full plan to kill me, eh?” Laksh growled. “Lucky bro! Actually, I do have many plans to kill you!” The girl winked. “Huh?” “Now don’t act so innocent! I know everything! I never knew you’ve become such a great liar! You cheat!” “Me? Cheat?” He asked baffled. “Who else! It’s you who’s been keeping secrets! From me! Oh god! Nobody else but me! You’re a liar, Lucky!” Swara sobbed dramatically. “S-s-sec..rets? Wh.. What are y-you talking about?” “Oh! You have guts enough to lie on my face, ha? You never told me about her! And all the while, you lied to Kav! I mean, how could you?” Oh god! Did Kavita tell her about Ragini? Hell no! It means, Swara might have told her that she doesn’t know any Ragini! f**k! But, how come Swara’s here? Did Kavita call her? No, I don’t think so! She’s not like that! But.. Now they know about Ragini! How will I explain them? They won’t believe me ever! Why.. “Lucky! Where are you lost?” “Huh? I.. Oh.. Well.. I.. I.. Uh.. I can explain!” “Oh! Explanation’s ready!” “See, it’s like.. I.. I know you won’t believe me.. Infact I myself don’t believe myself when I.. I.. Think of it all! It’s.. It’s like a storm! I.. I didn’t understand when.. When it all happened.. Trust me.. I..” “Hahahahaha! Oh my god, Lucky! Just look at your face! Christ! It’s all red! Kav! Are you sure you wanna marry this tomato? Hahahahaha!” Swara burst out laughing while Laksh looked at her confused. Why the hell she’s laughing like that? I didn’t crack any joke, I’m sure! “Why are you laughing like a fool, Swara?” “I.. Oh god! Lucky my bwoy! I was teasing you on your love for Kav! I knew you’ll blush, but I never knew you’ll turn into a tomato! Hahahahahaha!” “You.. You were talking about this?” “What else?” Laksh sighed. Thank god it’s not about Ragini! Now, all he has to do was to keep Ragini away from Swara and Kavita. And never let SwaKav alone. Never. He smiled at his cousin, mentally thinking about how things were and could be under his control forever. “Mr. Future! Can I have your phone, please?” Why? Why, why, why? Why did she come here? What for? Oh god! Right now he was enjoying his victory for his control over everything, and just a second after his mental-victory-dance, she had to come down. Before everyone and ruin his victory moment. f**k man! Worst, neither Swara, nor Ragini knew about his lie!

Damn! He could feel sweatbeads forming over his forehead. “Who’s that?” Swara asked, amused at a female voice. “And WTF are we doin’ outside bro? Let us in!” “No!” “Huh?” “You can’t! You can’t get in! No no no!” “Huh? Lucky! Why you being so weird, huh? Let me in! I’m tired! Moreover, what was that! I heard a female!” “Ariba bi! She.. She’s busy cleaning! Lots of dust in here! God! You’ll fall sick, my girls!” “Don’t act weirdo! And f**k off! Leave the door!” “No Swara! Kavita, explain her, please?” “Laksh, let us in! Swara, just push him in or pull him out! I’m tired standing as well!” “What the hell! Try to understand guys!” “What?” “Mr. Future? What are you doing at the door like that?” “”Mr. Future? Wha was that, bro? I’ll see it myself!” Swara pushed him in and entered the living room, carrying her luggage. “Hey Ragini! How’re you now?” Kavita walked towards Ragini and asked her politely. “Hi. Do I know you?” “No, you don’t perhaps. Well, if you don’t, then Swara, you’re dead!” “Huh? How..” “Swara, you should rest. You must be tired! Right?” “Wrong!” Swara walked towards Ragini, analyzing her thoroughly throughout. “Hello Ms. Ragini! Nice to meet you!” “Hi. Good to meet you too. You are?” “What’s wrong with you guys? Why’re you both behaving like you don’t know each other? And that you’re meeting for the first time?” Kavita interrupted. “I don’t know who she is!” Swara and Ragini replied in unison. Facepalm! Great! It couldn’t be worse, Laksh! Now what? Do something asap! Before anybody could utter a single syllable, Laksh spoke up. “Come on you two! It’s okay! What had to happen, happened! You can’t change it! Forgive each other! Come on!” “Wha??” Swara exclaimed and so did Ragini, but in her typical ‘Hain?’ style. “Yes! You know Kavi, Ragini is miffed with Swara because Swara didn’t receive her here as she promised! And Swara is miffed with Ragini because she left the airport on her own, thereby causing herself trouble! Kids! Aren’t they?” “Lucky, I seriously don’t..” “Swaraaaa! My dearest Shonu! It’s okay! She’s fine now!” Laksh hugged Swara tightly before she could spoil his efforts. “Shonu please! Play along! Just say agree to what I say. I’ll explain everything to you later! SwaLa promise!” Laksh whispered in her ear. “What’s happening?” asked a puzzled Ragini. When Ragini woke up in the morning, she was greeted by her sweet and cute Ariba bi. After freshening up, she sat down to have her soup. It tasted delicious. She used to hate soups since she was a kid. But the aroma itself was amazing. And taste was just yum! A happy morning, indeed! After having her breakfast, she decided to meet Laksh. Also, follow her daily routine- call Sanskar. His unreachability made her tensed. Is he alright? What’s wrong with him? She sighed and walked downstairs. But since then, whatever took place was nothing but a puzzle. Her mind was screaming constantly- What the hell is going on? “Come on Ragu! Forgive me na! I’m also letting everything go! How can I stay angry at you anyway?” Swara hugged Ragini tightly. “Hain? Ragu? Who are you? And why are you trying to choke me to death? What is..” “Darling! I said sorry na! Please don’t stay annoyed anymore!” While Ragini struggled to get away from the tight bear hug, Swara whispered, “Play along for Lucky! Please!” Ragini stopped struggling and hugged Swara back, with a little hesitation.

She still wasn’t clear about what was happening. After a while, they broke their hug and Swara smiled at confused Ragini. The girl’s cute, she thought. “Swara, won’t you introduce me?” “Oh yeah! Ragu, she’s Kavita! My childhood buddy!” “Oh! You are Kavita?” “Ye-es!” “You’re very pretty!” Ragini exclaimed just like a kid which surprised both SwaKav. “Well, thank you!” “I.. I think Swara, you should go. Take rest right? Ariba bi? Where’s she?” “Terrace. I’ll go call her..” “No! You’ll ho back to your room and rest!” “And what makes you think I’ll obey you?” “You..” “Lucky! Leave her na! She’s my friend! I’ll take care of her! You go and call Ari bi! It’s been long I’ve met her! And do not mention I’m here! Okay?” “Whatever!” Laksh rushed towards the terrace, all the while calling out Ariba bi loudly. “Swara, I’ll have to leave. I just came to see whether Ragini’s well or not.” “Not so soon Kav!” “Emergency dear! Don’t worry! I’ll be here in the evening?” “Amazing! A night stay!” “Sounds great! Okay then, bye for now!” “Bye!” “Take care, Ragini!” “Thank you!” ••• Laksh was avoiding both Swara and Ragini since Kavita left. He made some excuse or the other to escape them when he saw either of them approaching. Having had enough of his stupid behaviour, Swara and Ragini both quietly went to his room and hid themselves- both on the either side of the door. As soon as Laksh entered his room, the two ladies shut the door and confronted him. “What?” “Exactly! What? What the hell was that?” Swara demanded. “What are you talking about?” “Are you saying it all straightaway or shall I use my own method?” Ragini warned. Swara was amazed to see Ragini’s audacity to warn Laksh at his own bedroom. She had begun to like this girl. Kudos girl, she thought. “No need! I.. I’ll explain!” “Good! Now speak up!” Ragini demanded. Swara couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. Her cousin, the stubborn Laksh Maheshwari didn’t argue at all and was ready to give in to this girl’s demands? How? Whoa! What an impact this girl has on her brother, man! “Listen.. I’ll tell you all everything, just don’t bark at me or jump into any conclusions! Just hear me out completely, okay?” Both nodded in approval. The trio sat together on his bed and Laksh narrated everything, from how Ragini entered his life till the night before. Swara listened patiently and then turned towards Ragini. “You’re amaze-balls!” “What?” “I mean.. You’re amazing! I like you!”

Swara side-hugged Ragini, smiling all the while. “Oh really? Shonu, you have no idea what a storm she is!” “Mr. Future! You wanna get destroyed by this storm?” “You had already destroyed me, Ms. Runaway!” “Really? You..” “Whoa! You’ve given each other names? Mr. Future! Ms. Runaway! Wow! It looked so cute when you both called each other these names!” “Cute? Seriously?” both Ragini and Laksh replied in unison. “Yes, that’s what I spoke right now!” “Uhmm.. Whatever!” Laksh muttered. “Swara?” “Yes Ragini?” “You’re eyes are very pretty!” Swara looked at Laksh and then at Ragini. “And you’re very beautiful!” “No!” “Yes!” “No!” “Yesso!” “No!” “Yes!” This came from Laksh. He himself wasn’t aware when the word skipped his mouth. He saw both the girls staring at him and immediately tried to cover it up. “Uhmm.. Yes! Ariba bi! I’m coming!” and he left the room as fast as possible. “Where do you stay Swara?” “Paris.” She smiled. “Wow! That’s a beautiful place! Isn’t it?” “Yup!” “Me and Sanskar had planned our honeymoon there! Oh no! Sanskar! I’ve to call him! Laksh?” “Why’re you calling Lucky?” “I need a phone, so..” “Why disturb him? Have mine!” “Really? I mean.. It’s an international call.” “Did you think so much while asking Lucky?” “N-no!” “Then? Why me? I’m not any special! Have it!” “Thank you so much Swara!” “Call me Shona, Ragu! We’re friends, after all!” Swara chuckled, while Ragini smiled. “Sure!” Precap: RagLak sweet and romantic moments. Swara observes their bond and her reaction to it. ~~ So guys! How was the epi? I know, not much of RagLak part, but this was important! I hope you like the part. Soon love will be in the air.


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