The Runaway Bride (Epi 7)


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Here we go:-

“I just hope Ragini is fine. God! Why do I feel like she’s in some deep trouble? Please god, keep her safe!” Laksh prayed to god as he drove. His prayers were disturbed by a call. ‘Kavita’, it flashed. He ignored the call. Not important. Ragini is my priority right now. Nothing else.

It was already night and he still couldn’t find her. He was afraid what if Chaddha’s men caught her? Or some common man took her to the police and then to Chaddha? 10 lakhs is not a small amount. God! Raginiiiiii! Why did you have to run away like this? You could have fought with me! Beaten me like shit! Yelled at me! But why did you run away? How can you be so so stupid? Didn’t you know of the situation outside? What if..

*Beep Beep*
His phone flashed again. A Whatsapp message this time. An image, to be more precise. From Kavita. Why doesn’t she let me stay alone? The phone rang again. Again. Again.

“Kavi, I’m.. Not free right now! I.. I’m busy.. Please if you..”
“Check that image now! It’s very very urgent, Laksh.”
“Just do it. I’ll call you in a while.”
Kavita disconnected the call before he could utter even an alphabet. Laksh, with nil amount of interest, grabbed his phone and waited for the image to get downloaded. As soon as he looked at it, he was baffled. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was so shocked that not a single sound came from his throat. How could this..

“Hello? Kavi?”


As Ragini opened her eyes, all she could see was blurred visions. Her head felt dizzy. She tried to hold her head, but her hand wouldn’t reach it. Why? She looked down at her hands and was shocked at her state. Her hands were tied with a rope. Infact, she as a whole was tied to a wooden chair! f**k, I’m kidnapped, she thought. She tried to release herself, shook herself as hard and vigorously as she could, but in vain. Why would anyone kidnap me? Chadd.. Oh no! Has that moron? Urgghhhh! Using all her strength and might, she shouted,
“Who the hell has got me kidnapped over here? Morons! Idiots! Rascals! I dare you! Release me once and I’ll show you who I am! blo*dy idiots! What do you think of yourself? I’m professionally trained in taekwondo! Release me once and you’ll see the last day of your life! You morons!”
A guy, rustic in appearance rushed towards her.
“What are you looking at? You kidnapped me by making me unconscious? Coward! How dare you?” Ragini roared.
The guy closed his ears due to Ragini’s incessant shouting. He looked here and there and grabbed a piece of cloth to tie her mouth. As soon as it was done, he wiped the sweat off his forehead as he sighed in relief, while Ragini continued her attempts to speak and shout.

“Hello? Where are you bhai? Come fast na! This girl! I won’t handle her! She shouts a lot! No no. She gained consciousness just now! Yes. No no! You come fast! I’m afraid! She’s a wild cat! No no! A wild lioness! You just come fast! Okay.”

After about 15-20 minutes, another guy came in and shut the door tightly. As soon as he entered, the first guy ran to him and hugged him tightly.
“Thank god you came Salim bhai! She is not a girl. She’s a wild animal! In a few minutes, she made my life hell!” cried the first guy.
“You’re such a coward Raju! Nevermind. I’m here, why fear?”
“But bhai.. You don’t know her! She..”
“You girl! You’re awake now?”

Ragini glared at the men. The first one gulped in fear while the second one seemed unfazed.
“What? Arey! We’re not going to harm you! We’ll take you to your family. We’re good people! And after this good work, we’ll be rewarded with 10 lakhs! So don’t worry! We won’t harm you! You’re safe here!” the second guy smiled widely as he spoke.
Ragini’s eyes widened as she heard him. She calmed down for a moment. Family. Chaddha. Nooooo. She was so shocked that she failed to react at all.
“Dekha Raju? She has calmed down! She now knows we aren’t kidnappers and we won’t harm her. Now open her mouth. She won’t shout anymore!”

“B.. But bh.. Bhai! Are.. You s-s-su-re? I.. I mean.. Bhai.. She’s very.. Dangerous! I’m warning you! Please don’t untie her mouth.”
“Raju! Go!”
“B.. But bhai..”
The first guy hesitantly went forward. With shaky hands, he untied the cloth and as soon as he did that.. BOOM!
“You motherf**ker! What do you think of yourself? How dare you tie me? How dare you? And you? The second joker! You won’t harm me? Well, you cannot harm me! You don’t have enough guts to even touch me! Just a single slap from me will be enough for both of you! And who are you to take me to my family? Are you my grandfather? Are you my governess?” The first one nodded in a quick no.

“Then who are you? Did I tell you to take me? No na? And am I a kid that I can’t go back myself? Why will you two take me there? Who are you? Worms are better than you both! Idiots! You’ll get 10 lakhs? 10 crores chappals! That’s what you will get! I’m challenging you! Release me for once and I’ll show you what I am! What do you think of yourself? I’m not any other girl who would cry and plead you to release me! Infact, I’ll make you both plead me to leave you! Trust me, you’ve committed the worst mistake of your life! You bastards! Maa ka doodh piya hai to khol mujhe! I’m warning you..”

“R-r-r-raju!! T.. Tie her! Her m-mouth should not be left opened! N.. No! Tie her mouth at once! Allah! You were right Raju! She’s not a girl! She’s a w-wild lioness! Don’t open her mouth for even a second! To make her eat, make a hole in that cloth and feed her through a straw! But no! In no case should her mouth be untied!” the second guy spoke, wiping the sweat off his forehead.
Ragini glared at him and both gulped in fear. Leaving her alone, both left to dial the number given on the poster, to get rid of this trouble as soon as possible.


It was night when Ragini’s kidnappers returned. Both entered the room hesitantly, for neither had forgotten the afternoon’s dose.
“Y-y-your family has been c-contacted. They’ll be coming here tomorrow morning. Have.. Have th-this food.” Salim gestured towards the packet that Raju kept near her.
Ragini looked at them. To know that her family has been contacted broke her heart. She knew that not her family, but that moron Chaddha will be coming tomorrow. Hell no! She was yet to contact Sanksar. And Laksh. He might be so damn worried. Tears brimmed.
“Bhai.. Lioness is crying?”
“I think s-so. Her eyes are brimming with tears.”
“Yes. She might be hungry.”
“Listen madam. That food is all yours! No need to cry! We won’t eat it.”
Ragini looked at them and signed towards her cloth-bound mouth.
“N.. No! We won’t untie that! You don’t speak, you roar!” Salim spoke, frightened. Ragini immediately shook her head in a no.
“Bhai.. Sh.. She is saying that she won’t shout.. Wh.. What should we do now?”
“Open it?”
“I’m afraid!”
“Let’s take a chance?”
They together untied her mouth and quickly closed their ears. But to their surprise, they couldn’t hear any shoutings or abuses. They looked towards a silent Ragini.
“Y.. You.. You’re n.. not sho.. Shouting?”
“Hain?? Is it true?”
Salim and Raju looked at each other, equally surprised.
“Brothers, I’m hungry.”
“So eat na! Here’s the food. Have it! Your mouth’s open too!”
“Yes, but my hands..” Ragini replied sadly.
Both looked at each other, confused what to do.
“Listen brothers, I’m sorry. I know I shouted at you both. But you both tell me, what would be your reaction when you find yourself gagged and tied? You’ll be angry no? That’s why I reacted that way. But I’m sorry now! I know you both are doing good to me. You’re making me meet my family. You know? I got separated from them at a fair. Since then, I’m trying to contact them. But in vain. But now, you both are helping me! I can meet my family now! Thank you! We’re not blood related, but you both are more than that!” Ragini smiled at them.
The kidnappers looked at each other and at Ragini, confused. The girl who was roaring during the day, is now smiling and apologising and thanking?

“Raju bhaiyya, please untie my hand. Just the right one, so that I can eat something. I’m very hungry!” Ragini pleaded with puppy eyes.
“Bhai.. What should we do?”
“Untie the right one only.”
“Yes. We both are here. She won’t be able to do anything.”

As soon as Ragini’s right hand was untied, she began eating. She was indeed very hungry. She just had a breakfast. That’s it. And she had a habit of eating something or the other in every 2 hours. “My goodness! You eat so much! Even I don’t eat that much! Ms. Runaway, if you keep eating like this, one day you’ll be fatter than Ariba bi! Infact, you’ll be the fattest woman on the earth!” Laksh had once told her. Laksh. His name brought a small smile on her face. He might be so worried. Or would he not? What if, he was happy at her riddance? Anyway, who was she to him? A friend? She was, perhaps, a nobody. Her presence or absence might never affect him. Why would it? Her smile turned into a frown. Would he be missing her? Would he be finding her like a madman? Maybe. Or maybe not. A tear unknowingly escaped her eyes. She didn’t realise when her eyes were full of tears. Laksh. Please save me. She hoped he rescued her. Why? No idea. She just hoped so.

Ragini came out of her trance and looked at the two jokers. Both were chatting amongst themselves. Idiots, she thought. She slowly untied her left hand. Now, the feet. She dropped her spoon and in the pretense of picking it up, untied her feet as well.

“I’m done.” Ragini replied.
Raju took the packet, tied her right hand and her mouth and went out with Salim.
As soon as both went, Ragini untied her right hand and mouth and slowly walked towards the door. There wasn’t any window in the room except for a tiny one at the corner of the room. Door was the only option. And it was locked from outside. She made a loud noise and hid beside the door. The two jokers rushed towards the room and as soon as the entered, Ragini hit both of them with the iron rod she was holding.
“Idiots! Morons! Stupids! How dare you tie me? Now I’ll show you what I am! How.. Dare you??” Ragini yelled as she beat them.
“S-someone sa.. Aah.. Save me! Didi please! Aah aaoooww! Please.. No..”
“I’ll warned you both! But.. Now take it!”

Ragini kept on beating them. As soon as she saw that none of them would be able to run after her, she threw the rod and ran away, as fast as possible. Since it was dark, she tripped on a stone and fell. Her head struck a stone and it started to bleed. She touched her forehead and as soon as she saw blood, she started to panic.

“B-blood!” She started breathing heavily. Her vision started getting somewhat blurred. Panic struck her. It wasn’t a great wound, but blood. That was the problem. She somehow stood up, only to stumble back with a pain in her right foot. Wow, a sprain too. By now, she could hear footsteps. No, she has to escape anyhow! She limped towards the road, her head was still bleeding. She felt more dizzy, yet she limped further. In the darkness of the night, she didn’t realise she was in the middle of the road. And when she realised, it was too late. A car was coming towards her, speedily. She tried to run, but her head and feet were against her. And then..

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