The Runaway Bride (Epi 6)


Heyo! How’re you all? I’m sorry again for this late update. I’m occupied with some work, so I might not post regularly. But yes, I’ll post once or twice a week. Also, a big sorry for not replying to your comments. My phone’s gone bonkers! Doesn’t allow me to reply. ☹
But yes, I’ve posted a long epi (I think it’s long. ??). Hope you like it.
Lastly, as per your votes, I’ll be starting ‘Possessed’, my next ff soon. I think you guys don’t like Swara much (just kidding ??), for none voted for her. Anyway, ONE MORE VOTING PLEASE. This one’s BETWEEN RAGLAK AND RAGSAN. Please vote. The one with the highest votes shall be the leading pairs of ‘Possessed’. Thank you for patiently reading my ff. I love you all! ?❤
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So, here you go for today-


“Laksh baba! Laksh baba get up please!”
“What happened Ariba bi?” he asked sleepily.
“Ragini.. Ragini..”
“What about her?”
“She’s missing!”
“Whhaat?? Are you.. No.. I mean.. Duh!” Laksh immediately got up and rushed towards her room, only to find it empty. He then rushed towards the terrace. Vain. Garden. No success. Kitchen, guest rooms, living area, backyard. Empty.

“f**k!! Where the hell is she?!” Laksh mumbled, worry and fear were visible in his eyes. Worry, for her safety. Fear, to lose her. Wait, what? To lose her? You must be kidding! Why should I be afraid to lose her? She doesn’t belong to me! She’s just..
“Where must she be? She doesn’t know anyone here! Also, the places are unknown to her. And.. And those posters..”
Laksh looked at Ariba bi in shock when he heard “posters”. Damn! Those posters, indeed! They are a death warrant for that stupid runaway!
“N.. No! Sh.. She.. How? W.. When? God, no!!” Laksh mumbled.
“Ariba bi, when did you see her last time and where? What was she doing?”
“Laksh baba, I saw her last in the afternoon. We were talking. Then you came back. And.. I was in the garden when you stormed out once again. Then..”
“Yes Ariba bi, then?”

“Then last I saw her in her room. She was crying, i think. I tried to console her but she said she wanted to be left alone for sometime. I didn’t see her after that. Right now I thought to just check whether she’s okay or not.. But.. She.. Missing..” Ariba bi broke into tears.
Crying. Damn! At once, Laksh recalled everything that happened in the afternoon. He had been much rude to her. Much much rude. He had seen her tears back then as well. But his anger made him ignore all that. Of course he never meant whatever he spoke, but, how could he make her understand now? He took out all his frustration at her. He had a really bad day. And now he realised how bad his day really was! He felt guilty. He made her run away. Yes. His words made her run. Tears welled up in his eyes. Of only she could have waited till the morning! He would have apologised to her. For every harsh word he spat back then. He cursed himself. Where must she be and how? Safe or? Hell no! Nothing can happen to her! She’s brave! But naïve too! If Chaddha’e men caught her? Then? No! No no no!
“Please save that poor kid, baba! Please bring her back!” Ariba bi pleaded.
“Hm. She’ll be back!” Laksh grabbed his car keys and rushed towards his car.


“Everybody, please get down. Have some food, or relax. We’ll start on the journey after 15-20 minutes!” The conductor shouted.
While other passengers rushed out, a girl, her face covered with a scarf, in a way that only her eyes were exposed, looked out of the window, emotionless.
“Madam, please get down. We need to clean the bus.” The conductor requested.
The girl nodded and stepped down the bus. The dhaba was a very lively one. Chittering and chatterings. Children playing around. The girl slowly walked towards the counter.
“Yes madam ji, what do you want?”
“Uhmm.. I.. I want.. Uhmm.. A cup of tea, please?”
“Chotuuu!! A cup of tea for madam ji!” The man behind the counter shouted. “Anything else madam ji?”
“Uhmm.. I haven’t yet.. Decided. A minute?”
“Ok ji!”
The girl began to contemplate what to eat. Her stomach had been growling wildly since last night. She badly needed to eat something.

“Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari, one of the leading businessman of India, has announced his only son, Laksh Maheshwari’s engagement with Mr. Raj Shekhawat’s only daughter, Kavita Shekhawat. Let’s have a word with Mr. D. P. Maheshwari. Sir, have you arranged this marriage for your son?” “No, these kids have been friends since childhood. They know each other very well and, they love each other. We never realised when their friendship blossomed into love, but since this is the truth, we elders thought it’s the best thing for them.” “So sir, this marriage will be fruitful for you business as well?” “Ah, honestly, I didn’t think about it at all!” “Sir, where is your son, Mr. Laksh Maheshwari?” “He had an important work, so he couldn’t be here.” “Sir, we would like…”

“L.. Laksh! Oh no! Ragini! How can you be so stupid? This was it! Damn! He.. Oh god! He must be so tormented right now! Shit!” The girl stared at the television set which flashed the news of the engagement of the ‘Future of Maheshwaris’. Her eyes were filled with guilt of not understanding her only friend, and anger for her brainless action!
“You’re so so so stupid Ragini! You just.. Ranaway! Again! Urgghhhh! When will you grow up? I need to go back asap! He might be worried for me! Raginiii!! You added to his worries by running away! He’s named you perfectly! Ms. Runaway! Without thinking for even a second, I.. I just.. Ran away! Wow! Idiot! I.. I should go back!” Ragini mumbled to herself.
“Madam ji, your tea. Anything else?”
“Huh? Thank you. Bhaiyya ji.. Uhmm.. Which.. Place is.. Uhmm.. This?”
“Ji, this is Daulatabad.”
“Daulatabad? Wh.. Where is.. This?”
“Arey madam ji, have you heard of Aurangabad?”
“Yes yes.”

“Daluatabad is near Aurangabad. Around 11-12 kms.”
“Oh.. Ohkay! Thank you.” Ragini paid and walked to a table and settled down with her cup of tea, contemplating what should be done next.
Suddenly, a boy of age 6 fell and bled profusely.
“Oh my god!” Ragini shrieked. She immediately ran towards the kid and took out her scarf to tie his wound. The kid’s parents rushed to him and thanked Ragini.

“Bhaiyya ji, uhmm.. Any buses for Mumbai?”
“Madam ji, buses for Mumbai? After an hour.”
“Oh.. Ohkay.” Ragini replied sadly.

“Hey, if I’m not wrong, she’s that missing poster girl. Isn’t she?”
“Yes yes. She’s that girl!”
“If we take her to the police, then.. What was the prize money?”
“10 lakhs, if I’m not wrong.”
“Yes yes. 10 lakhs!” The guy smirked at his friend evilly while they looked at Ragini.


“God god god! Please! Please keep her safe! Nothing should happen to her! Ragini! I.. I just hope you’re safe! Damn it! Where do I find her? And how?” Laksh muttered as he drove, frantically searching her, and also looking at the ‘missing poster’.


Ragini looked at the bus, which drove away, leaving her behind at the dhaba, waiting for one that’ll lead her back to Mumbai. But she was still trying to figure out how would she reach him. She didn’t know his number, nor his address. Damn. Running away was indeed the stupidest idea, she thought. She took the last bite of the bhature with chole. Hiccups. Laksh. He would be very worried. Hiccups. Why would he worry for me? Hiccups. I’m his friend. Why won’t he worry for me? Hiccups. But I’m not such a great friend that he’ll go crazy remembering her. Hiccups. Darn it! She grabbed the glass of water and drank it to the full. Now it’s better. No.. Hiccups. Not again! Hiccups. Grrrr. Hiccups.
Irritated, Ragini got up and walked towards the counter, still ‘hiccupping’. As she stood waiting for her bottle of water, she felt 2 pairs of eyes continuously staring at her. Uncomfortable, she called out for her bottle urgently. Grabbing the bottle, she rushed towards her table, to find it occupied. Damn. Not a single table vacant. Great. She slowly turned around. Thankfully, those pairs of eyes were now nowhere. Breathing in relief, she started speculating the place. She felt some disturbance in the nearby bushes. Should she go and check? No. Can be dangerous. But, if somebody needs help or something? Hesitating, she walked towards it slowly. And that’s when a pair of hands grabbed her within.

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