The Runaway Bride (Epi 5)

“Who is Kavita?”
“I think it’s late. We should.. Go and..”
“So you don’t trust me?”
Laksh looked at Ragini, unable to answer to her question. Trust? He doesn’t know her properly. She’s a stranger. And she is here, questioning him that he doesn’t trust her! Like, seriously? How could she expect him to trust her just like that? How could she..
“We aren’t completely strangers, dude!” Ragini interrupted his thoughts. Whoa! Is she a mind-reader? How did she know what he was thinking? Moreover, what’s that with we aren’t completely strangers? What does she..
“Mr. Future, I think you have a weak memory!” She again interrupted.
“What do you mean?”

“If you remember, I just now narrated to you my life history! Back then, we were strangers. But not anymore! When I can trust you at a time when we seriously knew nothing about each other, well, I still don’t know anything about you, but the point is, I trusted you, though you were a stranger to me. So, why can’t you trust me? You atleast know who I am!”
Laksh was beyond any words. Dude, she spoke truth! She told you everything when she didn’t know anything about you apart from your name. But right now, you know everything about her! She’s not a stranger. No! She’s definitely not! Instead you are a stranger to her. Hm. She talked sense.
“Huh? Oh.. Ye-ah! Cool! I.. Can trust you..”
“You’re still asking?”
“N.. No! Okay! I can trust you!”
“So, what’s with this Kavita?”
“Well.. Kavita! Kavita Shekhawat. She’s my childhood friend.” Laksh smiled sadly.
“You had a fight?”
“No, not like that! Actually, the problem is that I’m a Maheshwari. My family’s name and reputation is the problem.”
“I didn’t get you?”

“You see, my family has a big name worldwide! My dad’s a very successful businessman. Unfortunately, I’m his only son. Hence, the heir or as the world calls me, I’m the Future of Maheshwaris! Duhh! Only I know how much I hate this tagline! Because I’m ‘Laksh Maheshwari’, I have to do everything according to the world’s expectations! There’s no Laksh! And I want to be just Laksh! My dreams, my aspirations, everything has no value! My dad wants me to join his business! But can’t he see I’m not interested in that! My parents can see nothing beyond their business, their name, their reputation! f**k ’em all! I have my own dreams! But no! Laksh Maheshwari doesn’t have the right to dream!”
“Did you.. Talk to your parents about your..”
“Yes. A thousand times! But instead, I was reminded about my tagline!”
“What is your dream?”
“I earlier wanted to be a cricketer, though. But now I want to start my own academy. But..”
“You are a Maheshwari! Hm. I see! So, you’ve fought with him and now you stay here separately?”
“No! I live here because of some business stuff!”
“Hain? I didn’t..”

“Let me explain. Actually, I tried a lot to convince my parents that this business is not my cup of tea, in vain! I knew that fighting with dad won’t be of any help. Also, staying at that house would suppress my dreams further. So, I had to think of a peaceful third option. Therefore, I thought it’s.. It’s better to agree to him. I told him I’ll learn the basics and also complete my M.B.A., and since the college was near to this place, I’m here. Dad and mom were quite sceptical about me living separate, but Ariba bi and Dinesh mamu convinced them of my well-being. Though my MBA is done, but.. I still stay separate. I have joined the business of course! But I seldom go there. I.. I’m trying to.. That’s it!”
“Wow! You’re worse than me! You’re bluffing yourself?”
“Yes, but there’s no other option left for me!”
“Till when are you going to live with this lie? And till when are you going to live like this?”
“Live like what?”
“I’m not afraid! It’s.. It’s just that.. I know my situation! You have no idea about my life!”
“Well, leave it. But how is Kavita related to all this?”
“Kavita Shekhawat is the sole daughter of Mr. Raj Shekhawat, our family friend and a great businessman. Me and Kavita are childhood friends. Not really close ones, but friends kinda! My parents want me to marry her.”
“And you don’t love her?”

“Does she love you?”
“No. That’s why everybody isbehind me to make her fall for me. And then marry her. Whatever! I don’t want to marry anyone right now!”
“How is Kavita like?”
“She’s.. Good. I mean.. I don’t know her much. Since the day this whole marriage thing came up, I do not meet her much. I try to avoid her as much as possible.”
“But don’t you think she’s not at fault?”
“I know. But I’m just avoiding her.”
“I understand. But avoiding her isn’t the solution?”
“Then what is? And, I told you before! It’s my situation and I know it better than you! Life’s.. It’s.. It’s like this only! All f**ked-up!”
“No. I disagree!”

“Really? Then tell me what life is?”
“Life is life! Nothing else! It’s not a burden as you assume it to be! Life is to live. And that is what we don’t do! We take it as a burden. Keep thinking about what will happen next. And in all that, we fail to live our present! We just keep thinking about consequences. Life is not about consequences. It’s more to that!”
“Look who’s talking!” Laksh replied sarcastically.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re teaching me about life? You yourself have run away from your marriage!”
“You know what? Our situation is so similar yet so different! My elopement is something you won’t understand. Not now at least! Anyway, if you need my help or anything, do tell me! So.. It’s late, isn’t it? Good night!” Ragini smiled as she headed towards her room.
“Solution? To my problem? Impossible!” Laksh sighed. He looked at the sky. He was amazed because he felt light. He never felt this way ever. Like, every burden has been taken off his shoulders by someone. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Ms. Runaway, you are way too clever than I thought!” He smiled thinking about how cleverly she made him share everything with her. How she made his heart lighter by first telling him about her life, her problems, and then finally tricking him to tell her about his. He opened his eyes and gazed at the stars, still smiling. “G’night Ms. Runaway!”


“Laksh beta! Laksh beta!”
Laksh was deep in sleep when mamu’s voice disturbed him. His voice was loud and panicky. And that’s what disturbed him.
“Laksh betaa! Please come fast!” mamu yelled worriedly.
“What’s wrong with mamu! Gosh!” Laksh thought sleepily. “Coming!!” he shouted back.

“What happened mamu jaan?” Ragini asked, confused at his bafflement.
“Laksh! Laksh beta!!”
“I’m here! What happened? Why are you shouting like this?” Laksh exclaimed as he entered the living area, where Ragini, Ariba bi and mamu were already present.
“Beta! We’re in a big problem! Look at this.” Mamu walked towards Laksh and handed him a ‘what-appeared-to-be-poster’.
“What the f**k?! Wh.. No.. This.. Damn! Where did you find this mamu?” Lakeh asked as he stared at the paper shockingly.
“It has been posted everywhere! I found this near the signal. Laksh beta. Now what?”
“I.. I don’t know!” Laksh replied worriedly.
“Guys! We are here as well! What happened? Why are you both so worried? And what’s that?” Ragini asked.
“N.. Nothing! You.. You go and.. Do whatever you want!” Laksh replied.
“Mr. Future! I know what I should do! What’s that paper?”
“Have a look yourself!” Laksh handed her the paper.
As soon as Ragini saw the contents of the paper, she became pale in shock. She absent-mindedly handed the paper to Ariba bi, who was equally shocked.
“blo*dy Chaddha!” Ragini shouted in frustration.
“Chaddha? Why him?”

“I told you. He’s a politician! This is his work!”
“But, he knows you’ve run away! This makes no sense!”
“I already told you he’s a big nonsense! God! Why did his parents give birth to such a moron?”
“Ragini! Talk some sense yaar! He has distributed your missing poster everywhere! Can you see the seriousness of all this?”
“Laksh! Nobody knows what this means more than me! I know that Chaddha! He’s very powerful. He has his men all over India! Moreover, he’s standing for elections this year from Chandigarh! His party supports him like anything! And this poster is one specimen of his power! Sitting in Punjab and shitting countrywide”
“f**k man! Now what?”
“No idea!”
For the first time, Laksh saw Ragini worried like this. More than worry, fear was what he saw in her eyes.
“Ragini will stay indoors!” He exclaimed after a prolonged silence.
“Yes. You’ll stay indoors till we contact Sanskar. That’s the only safe option we have!”
“And after contacting him, how.. We.. I mean..”
“We’ll see that afterwards. Right now, you won’t step out!”
“Hm. Okay.”


2-3 days too passed just like that. Ragini and Laksh now argued less. Both were more like friends now. Ragini used to spend her days with Ariba bi, and the evenings were lively with the additional presence of Laksh and mamu. Ragini and Laksh still used to chat at the terrace late nights, and got to know each other better.

“Ariba bi! Tell na! Was it a love or arranged?”
“Allah!” Ariba bi tried to ignore her, while she was visibly blushing and this made Ragini laugh really hard.
“Oh Ariba bi! You’re so cute!” Ragini hugged her and kissed her cheeks.
“Pagli!” Ariba bi slapped her cheeks lightly and hugged her back.

They laughed and joked until they heard the doorbell ring.
“I’ll go and check.” Ariba bi rushed to open the door.
“Laksh baba!”
Laksh didn’t reply anything. He simply rushed to his room. Ariba bi also didn’t say anything, owing to his bad mood.
“Laksh’s back?”
“Yes.. I think he’s not in a good mood.”

Ragini took a glass of milkshake and hurried to his room.
“Ahem. Ahem.” Ragini signalled him her presence.
“Not now Ragini!”
“Mr. Future, do you really think I’ll obey you?” Ragini giggled.
“Ragini please!”
“Drink this and every problem will vanish!”
“Leave me alone!”
“No way! You drink this and..”
“Can’t you just understand in one go? Are you a kid? I said get out!” Laksh shouted.
“I was just..”
“Shut up! Just shut up! Why can’t you just keep your blo*dy mouth shut? What’s your problem? No no! You yourself are a big problem! The day you entered my life! It.. Life is hell! You think life is very easy! No ma’am! It’s not! It’s f**king not! You are a bad luck! That’s why you don’t have either of your real parents with you! And right now, you don’t have Sanskar with you as well! You are a blo*dy bad luck! I’m tired! Tired of you!”
Ragini listened all in shock and tears started to fall down her cheeks.
“Wh.. What have I..”
“No no! You haven’t done anything! It’s me! I should have thrown you out of my house that very day! God! It would have been the best decision! I would have been trouble free then! God! Why don’t you just leave me? You know what? I’ll be the happiest person when you leave! I don’t want to look at your face! It so very irritates me! You.. f**k off!” Laksh stormed out of the house, while Ragini sat on the floor crying bitterly.


It was late at night when Laksh returned. He directly headed towards his room. He certainly didn’t want to see Ragini. He knew he had been very harzh on her. But he was yet to realize the depth of his words. And he didn’t want to do that right now. He already had a very bqd day. Not anymore. He would talk to Ms. Runaway in the morning. Yup. That sounds better. As soon as he entered his room, he laid down on his bed to sleep.

“Laksh baba! Laksh baba get up please!”
“What happened Ariba bi?” he asked sleepily.
“Ragini.. Ragini..”
“What about her?”
“She’s missing!”

Hey ho! Remember me guys? Me? Azu!! I’m sorryyyyyyy! Big sorryyyyyyyyyy! I know
I’m very late! Actually my phone got formatted and therefore, I lost all the episodes that I had written. ☹
Anyway, I’m back now! Hope you like this epi.
Guys, I’m abandoning ‘A Night To Remember’ for now. Losing out all their chapters is very heartbreaking for me. I’ll continue it as soon as I think of some plot for it. Meanwhile, I’m planning to write another ff. I need you help In that.
Please choose which one you want first and which pairs:
•The Widow
•The Fake Girlfriend
The ones with highest vote shall be choosen. So do vote.


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