The Runaway Bride (Epi 11)

TUeeples! How’re you all? First of all, a very happy, cheerful and fun-filled New Year to you all! 2016 was indeed a very special year for me, since I found you all. You all are one of the most beautiful blessings I’ve received. Thank you all for being a part of my life. I love you all! ?❤

I know you guys are upset that I post an epi and disappear in thin air, only to return after long intervals. I’m really sorry for that! But, I can’t help it too. Guys, my episodes aren’t predecided. Honestly, I don’t know what my next epi will have. That’s the reason I don’t post regularly, because until and unless I think of the next development, how can I write? I’m only sure of the ending of this ff. Rest depends on what comes to my mind while typing. But yes, I’m extremely apologetic for letting you all down on this aspect. I cannot assure you of posting regularly or often, but yes, I’ll try to speed up! Till then, please keep loving and supporting me and my ff!

P.S. I’m neither angry, nor upset that you guys complained. My above explanation was necessary, because you all deserve it. Being my loyal readers, you have the right to know why this ff gets delayed updates. I’m happy that you voiced your complains. ?
Also, if you guys think that the storyline’s going all bore or not upto the mark, please do let me know via your comments, so that I can work on it! Love you all! ?❤


“God! Ragini! Where are you off to? At such a speed?”
“Huh? I.. Me.. Actually.. I.. That.. I..”
“Wait a sec, man! Dude! Why’re you looking like a tomato? Are you blushing? And, god! You’re sweating like hell! Are you fine?”
“Yaahh! I’m f-fine Swara! It’s.. Uhmm.. Quite hot? Right! It’s humid!”
“Something’s defo wrong! It’s such a pleasant weather today, and you find it humid? Ha?”
“Huh? Uhmm.. Swara, I need to go. I had some work with Ariba bi.”
“Yah sure! But, you sure you’re okay?”
“Hmm!” Ragini nodded as she rushed downstairs.
“No Ragini. Something is not right!” Swara mumbled as she watched Ragini rush down.

Ragini ran towards the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen door. Yes, she certainly was sweating like hell. She shut her eyes tightly and as she did, her recent encounter danced before her eyes. Her breath increased at reminiscing the kiss on his jaw. His touch. His bare, sweaty, well-toned chest. His fast-as-light heartbeats. His rough, muscular hands on her soft, delicate waist. His rough breath on her nape. And finally, his kiss. Her neck burnt at the touch of his lips. But what made her shudder was the thing she had felt. The erection. She had always thought that Laksh was too handsome to be real. Though she used to fight with him, taunt him, but she couldn’t deny the fact that he was the most good-looking guy she had come across ever. Comparatively, she found herself as the ‘plain-Jane’ type. And now, the thought that he was aroused by her stopped her breath. She remembered one more such incident, that time too Laksh had been exercising. That time too they had been close. But then, there wasn’t any kiss. There wasn’t any arousal. She hadn’t felt breathless like she did now. Ragini shivered recalling everything once again. A part of her craved for his touch, but she knew that was wrong. Perhaps, she had a crush on his good looks. Any girl would have it. It’s not..

“Who’s there? Baba? Babyji? Ragini? Please open the door!”
Ragini was brought back to reality by continuous knocking of Ariba bi. She realised that she had actually closed the kitchen door to lean on. Immediately, she opened the door and the sight made Ariba bi shriek.

“Ragini beta! Are you okay? Why are you sweating so much?”
“Huh? No. I.. I’m good.” Ragini replied faintly.
“You don’t look so! Allah! You’re so hot! Are you down with fever? Certainly you are! You’re burning like food!”
“Ariba bi! I’m fine. There is..”
“Come with me! You need rest! You’re not okay!”
“Baba! Babyji!”
“No no no no! Please bi! Please don’t call out Laksh! No! Fine! I’m going to my room. I’ll rest. But please don’t tell anybody!”
“Okay. But you have to rest! Take medicines as well! If the fever goes up, I’ll inform baba! Okay?”
“Yah! Okay!”
Ragini rushed towards her room and jumped into her bed. Maybe sleep would help her get rid of this early-morning erotic adventure.


“Luckyy! Where art thou? My buoy! Luckyy! God! LuBro! Where the hell are you, man? Ow! Here you are! Whatcha doin’ over here? What’re you lookin at bro?”
“Huh? Swa.. Swara! Nothing.” Laksh came out of his chain of thoughts as Swara called him.
“Wha? Lucky! What’s up?”
“Nothing.” Laksh replied, all the time staring outside with a serious face, leaning over the railings of his balcony.
“Bro! You’re okay? Hey! What’s going on! Ragini was also blushing like a tomato and so are you!”
“Lucky, look at yourself! You’re completely red!”
“I.. I over-exercised. That.. That’s it!”
“But you never do!”
“I did. Now. I.. I need to bath. Hm?”
“Yah! Go! You stinky sweatpants!”
Laksh smiled a little at her remark and headed towards the bathroom.
“Before I forget, let me inform you that tonight we’ll have a small get-together!”
“Because I’m here after so f**kin long! So, Kav will be here by evening. And, we’ll have a full night out kinda thing! At the terrace! It’ll be so much fun! We’ll be partying after so long! I missed you badly back there, LuBro!”
“Me too SwaSis!”
“You don’t seem excited for tonight. What’s the issue? Anything bothering you?”
“Uhmm no! Just a bit tired. Over-exercised, you see? I’ll freshen up! I’ll be alright then!”
“Gear up for the party tho!”
“Ah sure!”

Laksh closed his eyes as he felt cold water run through his shoulders. Ragini. Her eyes. Her nose, which went red whenever she got angry. Her lips. Oh how he wished to grab them by his own lips. To own them. Her skin. Soft.
Laksh ran his fingers through his wet hair. The morning thing was something that he tried hard to erase from his mind, but could not. He couldn’t forget her touch. Feathery-soft. Her curves. Her skin. Her fragrance. He had felt her lips, but just near his lips. Ever since that kiss, he wanted her more and more. But he knew this was wrong. Very wrong. She was Sanskar’s. This was wrong. Since morning he was trying to make himself understand that whatever he was feeling was nothing but wrong. She can never be his. She loves someone else. And this thought had been disturbing him a lot. It pained him. A lot. Frustrated, he banged his hand at the wall. He opened his eyes, which were red. He wanted her, but he could never have her. And this was the truth. The reality. A reality which could never be changed. He sighed. He now knew what was best for him. He also knew what he had to do now.

Precap: Party. Rag-Kav conversation.


Guys! I guess this one’s a bit small, but I can’t make it more big. It’s essential for the next epi. Anyway, I hope you liked the epi. I’ll try to post real soon, but can’t promise for the same. Also, I honestly don’t know what’s in the next epi. Rag-Kav convo is a must. About RagLak moments, let’s see!
Till then, keep reading and KEEP COMMENTING! ✌

P.S. I’ve been trying to upload this one since two weeks, but my moody phone won’t let me do so! It’s not pasting my thing in the article section man! Gotta change this damn phone soon! (Give me some money, good lord! ?)

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      Thank you so much Jazzy! As of now, yes. Laksh and Kavita’s engagement has been announced by their parents in front of the media. But let’s see what happens later. Keep reading to know! 🙂

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      I love reading your comments Fats! They’re like an analysis to my ff! I’m always amazed to see how you always manage to read between the lines! Thank you so much! Keep reading and keep commenting! ☺

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      Hey Komal! Welcome to my ff! And thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m glad you liked it! As for the link, here it is:-

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    1. Azu

      Thanks for letting me know that someone is shamelessly copying my work on a different site. If you have some spare time left, please check out the dates of publishing of that story as well as mine. You’ll get to know who’s the culprit. And dear, I’m extremely shameless! Why would I shy upon posting my own hard work? But yes, ask that shameless writer of India Forums whether she has this ‘shame’ of yours left in her or not! Lastly, please do me one more favor by posting the link of that ff! I’d highly obliged by your help! Thank You! 🙂

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