The Runaway Bride (Epi 10)


TUeeples!! How’re you all? Cool? Well, may you all always stay happy and cool! Missed me? My ff? Well, I did miss you all a lot! So here I am!
I’m sorry for this late post, but I was off to two weddings! My two cousins got hitched! In two different places! One in Jamshedpur, Jharkand and the other in Nepal! The best part? I forgot my phone here in Delhi! Great no? Anyway, now I’m back! My health’s pretty good as well, all thanks to your best wishes!

Guys! My friend Kiaraa has started her ff on swaragini recently. She was so hesitant on posting her already written story! And let me assure you, her story is really good! Please do read! She couldn’t change the cover pic and also forgot to mention swaragini’s name as well in her ff’s title, so you guys maybe won’t find it in the swaragini page, but please do read it! You’ll love it! The name of the ff is ‘Unloved’. Here’s the link of the first chapter of her ff:-

Guys, please support her like you’ve supported me! Thank you!

Now, here’s the 10th epi of ‘The Runaway Bride’.


“Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like it’s deep within me
Doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run
It seems like we’re meant to be…”

Laksh stood by his room’s window, staring at the clouded moon. Humming to his favorite Backstreet Boys’ song, as it played along, he seemed a bit lost. A lot had happened in the past two weeks- precisely, Ragini’s arrival. Ragini alone had turned his otherwise-monotonous mundane life into something very unpredictable. Earlier, he had a control over his life, or that was what he had made his life to be like. But now, he was completely unsure of what would happen the next moment. All because of her! He smiled. Ragini. A girl who changed his life ever since she came.

“I don’t care who you are
Where you’re from
What you did
As long as you love me…”

“Luckyyy! Duh! Where you my buoy?”
“Swaraa! Window!”
“I should’ve guessed it! Anyway, what’s up?”
“At this time?”
“Lucky! You’ll never change! Anyway, you still listen to this?”
“Wha? Oh! BB! You know I’ve always loved their songs!”
“Hmm yes! And this song! This wasn’t so dear to you though?”
“No.. I mean.. Nothing like that.. It’s.. Good! It’s.. Yeah.. It’s good!”
“Yeah.. It reminds you of..”
“You know who!”
“No! It doesn’t remind me of her! Not at all!”
“Ofcourse it does! I know you better than anybody! By the way, she was pretty!”
“I know. She’s very beautiful. Her eyes.. Big and pretty. Her cheeks.. Cherry-like. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful, so innocent, so cute. But she’s a devil too! But even then, she’s an angel! Actually, she is both devil and angel! She’s.. Uhmm.. Dengel? Yaahhh! Dengel! Devil and angel! Dengel!”

Swara stood silently watching her cousin, amused.
“Oh! I never noticed so much about her! But perhaps, you seem to notice nobody but her, so yes, you might be correct! But, if she gets to know that you think of her as a devil, then..”
“Uhmm.. Then what? Nothing will happen! I.. I’m not afraid of her! Yes! I’m not!”
“Really? You’re not?”
“Yeah! I’m not a kid to be afraid of that runaway bride! Never!”
“Oh yass! You’re not a kid to be afraid of that runaway bri.. Whaa?? Runaway bride?”
“Yeah! That.. Ragini!”
“Ahaan! Ragini? You were talking about Ragini?”
“Ye-es.. I mean.. Why?”
“Err.. Bro, I was talking about Aakriti, your college crush!”
“Uhmm.. Aakriti Chugh? Hmm.. Uhmm.. I.. Wo.. I.. Actually.. Where’s Ariba bi? My blue shirt’s missing and I need that for.. Tomorrow. Yeah! I.. I’ll just go and ask her!”

Laksh runs out of the room as fast as he could to avoid any questions. Swara watched him go, bemused.
“Hmm.. I guess I’ve got a lot to catch on!” Swara mumbled as she walked to her room.

“Ariba bi! Bi! Ariba bii! Ugh! Arib.. Ouch! What the..”
“Hell damn! Can’t you watch your steps?”
“What huh?? Idiot! You hurt me!”
“Huh again?”
“Ah no! I mean.. I’m sorry! Did it hurt bad? And where?”
Ragini smiled at Laksh. She didn’t know why, but she loved this caring side of Laksh. She stared into his eyes, deep brown and so warm. His eyes expressed more than him. She loved his eyes for sure. They were..

“Ragini!! I’m asking you where you’re hurt, and you’re smiling like a fool! Are you okay?”
Ragini smiled wider at this and pulled his cheeks lovingly.
“Ah! Raginiii! Ow!”
Ragini giggled and ran to her room, while Laksh stood there, rubbing his cheeks confusedly.


“Ariba bi, where’s Mr. Future?”
“Ragini beta, what’s the time?”
“Almost 8.”
“Then baba must be in his room, excercising!”
“Oh! Okay then!”

Ragini ran towards Laksh’s room only to find him missing.
“Ariba bi told that he must be in his room excercising! I can see everything, but him! Where is he?”
Ragini surveyed the entire room when she heard some noise from the balcony.
“What’s there?”
She walked slowly towards the balcony, when she saw him.
“Ah! Mr. Future! Here you are! I was searchi.. Ow!”

As soon as Ragini saw Laksh, she rushed towards him, and since she was busy speaking, she failed to see the dumbbell that lay there on the ground. As a result, she fell on top of a bewildered Laksh. As she fell on him, her lips hit Laksh at his jaw, very near his lips. Ragini’s eyes widened in shock, while Laksh looked straight into her copper eyes. Parting her head a little, she lowered her gaze as her cheeks flushed into hues of red. She then closed her eyes tightly when Laksh’s fingers touched her bare waist. Laksh too gripped tightly as his hands got in touch with her skin beneath the hot pink crop top she wore. Her delicate fingers tightened their grip on Laksh’s sweaty shoulders, while she dug her face into his bare chest. Heartbeats and breath were completely out of control. Ragini wondered, whether she was even alive. His masculine touch made her loose all of her senses. She shivered, while Laksh tightened his hold on her. He could feel her hot breath on his chest. Digging his face, he kissed her neck slightly, which made her gasp. Both stayed together in the same position till what felt like forever, until Laksh’s phone rang.

Startled by this sudden disturbance, Laksh immediately withdrew his hands and face from where they were. Ragini slowly moved back, all the while keeping her head low. Her cheeks were complete red. Her whole body shivered at this sudden adventure. Laksh looked at her with an intense gaze. Ragini raised her eyes, only to meet his intense ones. She felt captured. Locked. How much did she try, but she couldn’t break that eyelock. The phone rang again, making Ragini lower her eyes once again. As Laksh stepped forward towards her, she moved back and ran outside.


Geezo! I hope you like this epi as well! It took me two days for writing this one! (wasn’t getting the right words!) Please do comment your views on this part! I’ll try to post next one soon! I love you all! ?

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