rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 9)

Sorry for being so irregular and late.I was just taking a creative break and also because i was on vacation.

It was the next day.Rudra woke up and after freshening up he went downstairs and he saw everyone sitting downstairs at the table.
Shivaay:Rudra come here where are you going?
Rudra(thinking):I should not tell anyone that i am going to their engagement.
Omkara snapped in front of Rudra.
Rudra:I am going to Pune for a meeting with client.
Shivaay:It was today?
Shivaay:I would’ve came with you but i am going with Anika and kids to the annual function in their school.
Omkara:I am going to Exhibition with Ishana.
Rudra:Ok i am going.I might come late.
Rudra left and others went to their room to get ready.

Omkara’s room
Ishana:You are ready?
Om:Yes,it doesn’t take me 2 hours to get ready.
Ishana was blowdrying her hair.
Ishana:I thought you would understand my pain since you have long hair but leave it.
Omkara:Was the compliment or insult?
Ishana:What do you think?
Omkara:I think it was an insult.
Ishana:Then keep it that way
Omkara:Enough of your jokes and what about Yug?
Ishana:Can you get him ready?
Omkara:He is still not ready?
Ishana:Enough of your screaming and get him ready.
Om went to yug’s room.

Shivaay’s Room
Anika:Are you ready?
Shivaay:Just few more minutes
Anika:I think that we are the only couple which is so opposite.
Shivaay:Why are you saying that?
Anika:Because i wait for you to get ready and also probably this is the only place where men cook.
Shivaay:Is purvi ready?
Anika:She is completely like you and will take more time than you to get ready.What can i do with these two?
Shivaay:Can you get her ready?
Anika:Why not?

She was going to purvi’s room but pinky called her and she went to hall where everyone were standing there except shivaay and ishana.
Pinky:Where is shivaay and ishana?
Omkara:Ishana is getting ready.
Anika:So is Shivaay
Jaanvi:Can you just call them because we are getting late.
Just then ishana came downstairs and shivaay followed up.
Pinky:Are you going to any competition that you took two hours to get ready.
Shivaay:We are already late and i don’t want to get more late.
Tej:Thank god

They took two cars and went to venue.
They reached the venue in 30 minutes and went inside.
While Rudra was sitting at a table and waiting for Soumya and trying to call her but it was unreachable.
Just then he sees his family walking in the venue.
Rudra(Whispering to himself):What are they doing here?I better hide before they come here.
He was hiding under a table.
While Oberoi family sat a table.
Pinky:I only see guests and not even their families are here.
Jaanvi:I feel very weird about today.Something bad is going to happen.
Omkara:It is already happening.
While Abhay went to Women’s dressing room.But he didn’t find her.He tried calling her but it was unreachable.
Abhay:Why is she doing this?If i find her i am going to lock her somewhere.
Abhay’s mom:What do you mean by you are going to lock her.Tell me honestly did you scold her or screamed at her?Was there any fight?
Abhay(Thinking):I have to tell mom about what happened.
Abhay:Are you going to say something?
Abhay tells his mom everything.His mom slaps him.
Abhay’s mom:Everything has limits and you crossed all your limits and boundaries.Thank god that she is not here.
Abhay:You should be supporting me and For god’s sake she is not found.
Abhay’s mom:Try to understand that you don’t control her life.This is just your one sided and obsessive love.It will get you nothing but anger and pain.
Abhay:Why don’t you understand.I have waited for this her for so many years.No one known how it feels to be standing alone on your freaking Engagement.
Abhay’s mom:I know that but if you are wrong no one will support you.I saw Rudra today in morning.Do you have any idea how sad he was.Just see his eyes.He would have cried anytime.Love between two people,comes because both people want to share their love,not because you want it from the other person.Love is meant to be felt,enjoyed and lived,not to be forced on anyone.
Abhay realized how wrong he was.He regretted what he did with Soumya.
Abhay’s mom:He is here because he wants to support his ex-wife.He had tears in his eyes.Do you think he could’ve seen Soumya and you getting married?
Abhay’s mom:But still he came because he cares about her.He wants to be her support system.He just care about his family and Soumya.He doesn’t care about rest of the world.This is the kind of person you should be.
Abhay:Then if he loves Soumya so much then why did they got divorce?

Abhay’s mom:I don’t know.It is their problem.But even i have that question that why did they got divorced when they had such good understanding.
Abhay:I regret what i did.I will find her give her all the happiness that she deserves.Thank you mom.
Abhay’s mom:That is like my good boy.Now first you have to fix this situation.
Abhay left from there.
Abhay(thinking):I will make my place in her heart by my good deeds.
While outside Rudra was trying to hide from his family.While Oberoi Family was sitting at a table.Just then Abhay comes on the stage and gets the mike.Everyone were staring at him.
Abhay:I am sorry to all of you but this engagement is not happening today.So you can have brunch and leave.
Rudra was shocked.He didn’t know if he should be happy or sad.Abhay was going in one of the green rooms.Rudra followed him.
Rudra:Abhay i want to ask you something.
Abhay:I know that you want to ask me about Soumya.
Rudra:If you already know what i am going to ask you then just tell me the answer as well.
Abhay:You won’t be able to handle the truth.
Rudra:on what basis are you saying this.If i couldn’t handle the truth and reality would i come to this marriage?
Abhay:Then hear the truth she is nowhere to be found.
Rudra:What do you mean?
Abhay:She is nowhere to be founded.I checked everywhere.
Rudra(thinking):Did she ran away?
Rudra was happy from inside.
Abhay:Don’t give me lecture on this.My mom already did that and i regret my decision.
Rudra:Well,you are out of luck.You will have to listen to this lecture.
Abhay:Go on what do you have to say?
Rudra:True love is not acquired by forcing someone.It is acquired by winning her heart.She was going to marry you.
Rudra made Abhay sit down.
Rudra:What you did was really wrong.Because of you she ran away.

Precap:Abhay and Rudra tries to find Soumya.

Sorry for being so late.Suggestions are always welcome.Tell me in the comments if you liked it.


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