rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 7)

Hi i am here with another update.Ishqbaaz is getting new tracks without completing the old ones. If you want to read the previous ones the link is here: click here for all episodes

That same Afternoon @ Oberoi mansion
Priyanka’s Room
Anika,Ishana,and Priyanka were planning on what they are going to do together.
Anika:We are going to discuss about what happened in all this years.
Priyanka:Did anything happen somewhere?
Ishana:In oberoi house
Near Swimming pool
Shivaay,Omkara,and Rudra
Rudra:Are you sure she is coming?

Shivaay:100 percent
Omkara:By the way Rudra how many times did you met before this thing happened?
Rudra:3 times i think.
Shivaay started laughing and then rudra realized it was a joke.
Shivaay and Omkara clapped their hands.
Omkara:You proved it that you are an true oberoi and our brother.
Rudra:Thank … what? Was that a compliment or insult?
Shivaay:Insu…I meant compliment.
Omkara:I am going to tell her all my new shyris because she is the only one who listen and understand them and not make fun of them.
Shivaay:I am going to ask for more advice.

Omkara:What are you going to do with her today?
Rudra:Do you think i will even have time to talk with her? Right now everyone will be planning on What will they be doing this evening?
While Dadi,Jaanvi,and Pinky were in Dadi’s room were also thinking what to cook.
Dadi:What can we cook that she may like.
Dadi:What else?

Jaanvi:She likes everything except protein shake.
After few minutes they gather in the hall.

While Soumya was leaving office.When Abhay comes to her.
Abhay:When are you going to go to your house?
Soumya:I don’t know yet but before 8:00 PM.
Abhay:Okay but after you reach Oberoi mansion call me.
She leaves from there.She was waiting for auto.Just then she gets a call.She picks up the phone.
Dadi:Hi Soumya I am sending Rudra to pick you up.
Soumya:No it is okay i will manage.
Dadi:I am not asking you.I am telling you this.Where are you?
Soumya:I am outside of the office.
Dadi:Stand over there.Rudra is coming.
Soumya disconnect the phone.She was waiting for Rudra.

After 30 minutes
Rudra reached outside Soumya’s office.Soumya sat in the car.The car ride started.
Rudra:Hi (in a sad tone)
Soumya:What happened to you?You look so sad.
Rudra didn’t answered but after few minutes Soumya gets a call from Abhay.
Abhay:Hello Soumya
Soumya:Oh hi Abhay
Rudra gritted his teeth for few seconds.

Abhay:I will pick you up in evening just call me.
Abhay:Ok bye i am going to call you later.
Soumya disconnect the call.
Rudra: Congratulation
Soumya:Can we not talk about this?
The whole ride was silent.
In few minutes they reached to Oberoi mansion.
Soumya was standing outside waiting for Rudra to park his car.
They were walking inside and they saw no one in the hall.
Rudra:Why is there no one here?he whispered.
Soumya looked around the house.
Soumya:Whose house is this?
Rudra:Of course mine

Soumya:Then who should know?
Rudra(thinking):Today is Soumya’s birthday.
Soumya(thinking):Today is Rudra’s birthday.
Rudra:Happy birthday Soumya.He forwarded his hand for hand shake.
Soumya:It is not my birthday.
Rudra:What is a surprise.
Dadi:Soumya came here after so long.
Soumya takes blessing from elders.
Anika:Let’s go i want to tell you something.
Shivaay:Oh hello!!! She is coming with me.I need her advice.
Omkara:I need to tell her my new shayaris.
Jaanvi:I want to tell her something very important.

Pinky:She is going to eat something first.
Purvi:I want to talk to her.
Ishana:Listen Purvi we are elders we will first you can talk to her.
Omkara:Then i should talk to her.
Rudra was seeing this scenario amusingly and Soumya was totally confused.
Dadi:Can you let her speak.
Soumya:Why can’t we all talk together in the hall.
Ishana:I am okay with it.
They all sat down

Dadi:I am going to ask you only one thing.
Dadi:Are you sure that you are going to be happy Abhay?
Dadi:Tell me the truth.It is matter of your whole life.
Soumya thought about it and decided to tell her the truth.
Soumya:I agreed for this marriage because i saw mom happy after so many years.I don’t want to do this marriage.
Omkara:No,you can’t do this marriage.
Dadi:Think about your happiness after all you are going to live with him.Do you think he is a nice person?
Jaanvi:He is a really nice boy.
Shivaay:How do you know?

Jaanvi:He used to study with Soumya and Rudra.He was Soumya’s friend.Ask Soumya she knows him better.
Soumya:I don’t know who are you talking about? I met him like 3 years ago in a meeting.
Jaanvi:He saved you once when you got into accident.He was the one who donated blood for you.
Soumya:How can you be so sure?
Jaanvi:Because he called me in the hospital.
Rudra:I am feeling out of place.When did this happen?

Jaanvi:When you went to exhibition.
Soumya:But i never saw him because he already left from hospital when i woke up.
Omkara:The point is are you going to marry him?
Soumya:I went through lot of hard times to convince myself for this.Please don’t make me change my decision.It is for my mom.
Dadi:I am going to convince your mom.
Soumya:It is okay.
Omkara:I want to tell you my new shayari.
Soumya:Irshad Irshad

Omkara:Aankhon main aansu…
Chehre par hasi hai…
Saanso mein aahein…
Dil main bebasi hain…
Par woh baatein se darti hain.
Soumya:It was fantastic.
Rudra:Samjhane Ki taflik karenge.
Omkara:You won’t understand.Anyway who liked it.
Soumya:I liked it.
Ishana:We understood nothing.
Shivaay:When are you going to start your show.

Soumya:My contract ended so i am not hosting that show.
Shivaay:But i don’t need the show.I can just call you and ask for your advice.
Anika:Rudra you don’t want to say anything.
Rudra(thinking):I want to ask her and tell her so many things but i can’t.
Ishana snapped in front of his face and he came out of his thoughts.
Anika:Don’t you want to say anything.

Rudra left from there and Soumya was looking hurt and sad.
Ishana:Let’s go eat something.He will eat later.
After finish eating they went and they were talking.
Then she gets a call.She picks up the call.
Abhay:Hello,i am outside Oberoi Mansion.
Soumya:Yes,i am coming.
She disconnected the phone.
Soumya:Ok bye
Omkara:This is also your house.So come more often.

Soumya:I will definitely come back.
Yug:Come this weekend.
She hugs everyone one by one and then leave from there.
She sits in Abhay’s car.
Soumya:Thank you

Abhay:For what
Soumya:For donating blood when i got into accident.
Abhay:Who told you that it was me.
Soumya:Jaanvi aunty
Abhay:So you found out.
Soumya:Why didn’t you tell me before that we studied in same college.
Abhay:Because i didn’t wanted past to follow our friendship.

I want to end this FF in 10 parts but i also want to do leap but then this FF would last longer so should i do leap or not.If u guys don’t tell me i would most likely do a leap.Because that would be a huge learning experience for me.


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