rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 6)

Hiiii I am back and You know how everything goes down if I never thought I would say this but shivaay is nice right now and omru needs to get their attitude right. I sympathize with Soumya and someone said that I should link all episodes here is the link.
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After Abhay and his mother left after dinner and Soumya’s mom went to sleep while Soumya was finishing up cleaning up dishes.She was in deep thoughts while cleaning.After cleaning up she went to her room and just sat on the bad.
While at Oberoi mansion Rudra was trying to sleep but couldn’t sleep and then after trying he took a jug and poured water for himself and drank water and then out of closet drawer he took out Soumya’s picture.He was constantly staring at Soumya’s picture.

Soumya(thinking): iI don’t know whyI am sad and it is the worst feeling ever because I cannot even explain myself.
Rudra(thinking): iGod please help SoumyaI know she is going to be sad and questioning herself.Please help her out I cannot go to her.

Soumya(thinking): For once I want to be selfish and just think about my happiness.Like no one else matters for me.I don’t want to marry Abhay.I just want to keep this as a friendship.
Rudra(thinking): Should I call her and tell her to not worry.

While Abhay was sitting on the sofa.He couldn’t fall asleep.
Abhay(thinking): My dream is finally coming true after so many years.I love her so much and she denies it everytime I tell her.I know her since college and till now she rejected my love for Rudra.
Soumya(thinking): iI have to do this for my mom she suffered a lot for me and now when she is happy.Who am I to snatch her happiness.
Rudra: She can do anything but who am I to interfere in her life and because of me this is happening.
Abhay: I just hope she doesn’t change her mind by tomorrow or I will have to force her into the marriage.
All 3 of them fell asleep

All 3 of them fell asleep
The next day @ 10:00 AM at K&J Company
Soumya reached to her cabin and Abhay came in her cabin right up.
Abhay: Good morning Soumya
Soumya: Good Morning sir but what brings you here all of a sudden
Abhay: What is your answer regarding the marriage?
Soumya: I agree for this marriage
She was unhappy and wanted to cry but she learned how to hide her tears with her smile.
Abhay was very happy.He was on cloud nine.
He went outside and called everyone at one place.
Abhay: iListen everyoneI want to tell you that today everybody gets a day off and a bonus.Everyone started asking question.
Employee 1: Why?
Abhay: iBecauseI am getting married.
Soumya came outside after hearing loud noises inside.
Employee 2: With who?
Abhay: Soumya
Everybody looked up at her.Then everyone congratulated her.

Employee: But when are you getting married?
Abhay: The marriage date is not fixed but engagement is tomorrow and all of you are invited.
Soumya was shocked and she went up to him.
Soumya: When did you decide engagement date.Why did you not tell me?
Abhay: Sorry Soumya, back tomorrow but my back tomorrow evening to pune.
Soumya: Okay
Soumya just left from there she needed some fresh air.She went outside.She went outside and she saw Daadi with jaanvi shopping for house function and she went to say hi.
Soumya: Hi dadi and Jaanvi aunty

She touched their feet and took blessing.
Daadi: Wow after so long and why did you not come to Oberoi mansion for so long.
Soumya: I thought it would not be nice and what would others say.
Dadi: Since when do you care about others?
Jaanvi: Don’t call me aunty and call me mom even though you are not my daughter-in-law.You are just like Priyanka.
You Priyanka to me and I hope you think of me as mom.
Soumya: Yes mom and what are you doing here.
Jaanvi: Actually we were just shopping around this area.
Soumya: iIf you want help I can help.
Dadi: Actually we were looking for lehenga as a gift for Ishana, Anika,& Priyanka.
They went to a mall and they were looking for it and they were looking for it and Soumya’s phone was constantly ringing.But she ignored it.
They went in one of the shop and Dadi and Jaanvi were looking through stuff and Soumya was just sitting there and her phone rang and picked it up.
Abhay: Hello
Soumya: Hello

Abhay: Where are you?
Soumya: I am in Newport mall.
Abhay: Why did you go there alone?Wait I am coming.
Soumya: No, it’s okay I am with…
Before Soumya could finish her sentence Abhay disconnected phone.
But Abhay was coming to the mall.
After picking Red and Black lehenga for Ishana, Priyanka, and Anika.After paying they went outside the mall.
Jaanvi: This is for you.
Soumya: What is this?
Dadi: A small gift from Oberoi family.
Soumya: This is not at all needed.
Just then Abhay comes.
Abhay: Hi Soumya
Soumya: Hi
Dadi: Who is he?
Before Soumya can answer

Abhay: Her fiance
Jaanvi: You are getting married?
Abhay: Yes, Didn’t she invited you to our engagement tomorrow?
Soumya: I forgot.
Dadi noticed that Soumya was not happy with this marriage.
Abhay: You both have to come tomorrow.
Jaanvi: We will come.
Abhay: Who are these wonderful ladies?
Soumya: She introduced them.
Abhay: You people still meet her after what happened before?
Dadi: Yes, She is my always welcome to Oberoi mansion.She is part of the oberoi family.
Jaanvi: The Past is past and Soumya can you come to Oberoi mansion today at evening alone I want to tell you something.
Soumya: Ok
Dadi and Jaanvi left.

Abhay: Okay what are we waiting for?
Soumya was not happy with this marriage.It was written on her face but Abhay didn’t understand that.
They left from the mall.

At Oberoi mansion, everyone were there.
Shivaay: Why did you call all of us here urgently.
Dadi: Soumya is getting married.
Rudra: How do you know?

Dadi: How did you know?
Rudra tells them the whole incident.
Dadi: I knew she was not happy with this marriage.
Jaanvi: I have a plan why not remind her of those days when this house used to be so happy with three daughter-in-laws.
Omkara: But what about her mother.Ss
Pinky and Jaanvi: I will handle her.
They look at each other.
They share a high-five.
Anika: I am ready for it.
Priyanka: I am so happy.
Jaanvi(thinking): I am going to tell Soumya about Abhay.

Precap: Big revelation about Abhay

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Sorry if there is any grammer errors.

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