rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 5)

Hi, people, i am back and hopefully, this will be posted on time.For a change, I have nothing to say.Enjoy

Rudra left from there.
While in Oberoi mansion there was no one.Dadi went to temple with all the Oberoi ladies.Tej, Shakti, and Shivaay were in office.Omkara was busy with his sculpture.

While, Abhay was in his office doing work when his phone rang.It was his mother.
Abhay: Hi mummy
Mom: Hello beta, hasMr, and Mrs.Khurahave sent a proposal for you.
Abhay: Mummy, I don’t want to get married.
Mom: You like someone else.That is fine by me.
Abhay: No…Mummy

Mom: I am your mom.You cannot hide anything from me.Now tell me who is she?
Abhay: Her name is Soumya.She works in my office.She is my friend.But she is a divorced
Mom: I have no problem with her being divorced.I just want to see you happy.I am going to be coming to Mumbai tomorrow.Then I will ask her family.
Abhay: Why so early mom?
Mom: Listen I am just saying that just get engaged then I have no problem.
Abhay: Ok I will pick you up tomorrow.
Mom: Ok bye
Abhay: Bye
Abhay disconnects the call.
The whole day without any problem.

his room doing work when Anika and Ishana entered inside.
Anish: Good evening Rudra
Rudra: Good evening bhabhi what brings you both here.
Ishana: We wanted to tell you something.
Rudra: Ok let’s sit down
They sat at a table
Anika: What is your decision on getting married with Sonia?
Rudra: I don’t want to get married.
Ishana: You have to.
Anika: You can’t stay alone your whole life.
Ishana: As in you need a right life partner.Who will always support you.Who can connect with you and the whole family.Who is also your best friend.Who can understand you when you cannot even understand yourself.

Rudra: But if the life partner is wrong it ruins your whole life.
Anika: Soumya was not wrong.It was no one’s fault.The time was wrong and In the wrong time and in hurry the decision’s that are taken are wrong.
Ishana: I suggest you either bring Soumya back or marry Sonia.
Anika: decision I suggest you bring back Soumya.It decision.But before taking any decision you have to make everything clear so that you don’t hurt her.Ishu let’s go we have a cook.
Ishana and Anika left
Rudra(thinking): I am going to go to her office tomorrow and make everything clear.

The next day
In Early morning Abhay picked her mom up from the train station.Abhay and his mom decided to go to Soumya’s house in the evening.

In Oberoi mansion
Tej: Rudra today you are coming with me to an event.
Rudra: No, I cannot come today.I am busy today.
Tej: iListenI am not asking you I am giving you orders.I have to introduce you to the business world.I also took Shivaay and Omkara.
Shivom: How can we forget.It was so boring.
Rudra(thinking): Looks like I have to her later.
Rudra and Tej leave to go to that event.

Abhay picked up Soumya from her house.
Abhay: mumbaiMy mom caMumbai today.
Soumya: That is so nice.Come to my house for dinner today.
Abhay: Okay
They reached to their office.

The whole day just went like that.
In evening the event ended.
Rudra: Don’t take me anywhere with you.
Tej: Ok but for now let’s go home.
Rudra: Ok
They went to Oberoi mansion.

Soumya went to her house while Abhay went to pick up her mom.
Soumya was in the kitchen when someone rang the doorbell.
Soumya went to open the door.
Soumya: Hi aunty
Abhay’s mom: Hi beta
Soumya seeks blessing from Abhay’s mom.
While Soumya’s mom and Abhay’s mom were talking.Abhay went to help Soumya in the kitchen.

After dropping Tej at Oberoi mansion.Rudra went to Soumya’s house.

Abhay’s mom: I wanted to ask you something.
Soumya’s mom: Yes
Abhay’s mom: Soumya’s I wanted to Soumya’s hand for Abhay.
Soumya heard this and got shocked.
Soumya’s mom was very happy.Soumya noticed that.

Just then the doorbell rang.Soumya went to open the door.
Soumya: What brings you here?
Rudra: I need to talk to you.
Soumya: Can we talk tomorrow?
Rudra: No, It is urgent
Soumya: ok but fast
Before Soumya can start talking he heard Soumya’s mom saying “Yes, Soumya is going to marry Abhay.”
Rudra’s anger reached sky high.

Soumya: What are you thinking.Be quick.
Rudra pinned Soumya to the wall.
Rudra: Are you going to sacrifice your happiness again by marrying Abhay.
Soumya: If I have to then yes I will.
Rudra: Don’t your happiness matter.
Soumya: As long as my mom is happy I am fine with it.But how did you know I am not happy with this marriage.
Rudra: Your face has sadness written all over it.

Rudra was hurt and gave the unbelievable look.
Rudra: I still think you took the wrong decision.But if you change your mind.Tell me I will always support you.
Soumya: Ok but why were you here?
Rudra: I found my answer.Ok bye
Soumya: Ok bye
Rudra left from there and Soumya went inside.
She went to kitchen and Abhay was there.
Abhay: What took you so long?

Soumya: Nothing
Soumya(thinking): Does he still love me so much or he is just showing casual concern.
Soumya came out of her thoughts.
Abhay: Do you agree for marriage?
Soumya: Mmm….I need time to think about it.I will tell you my answer by tomorrow evening.
Abhay: Yes, you get time.But then the answer should be final.There should be no going back.
Soumya: Yes

Did you like it?If you were writing this story would there be any changes?Who is your favorite character currently.I hope you enjoyed reading it.See you in the next one.

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    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you renima.i an happy that you liked rudra in my is progressing a lot better in dbo.i somewhat like gaurika but ishkara is unbeatable.soumya is my fav character in dbo and ishqbaaz.i was trying to do justice to their overall story.i hope you like the next is under editing.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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