rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 4)

Hii i am back.I am updating this part after so long.Who watches DBO.I currently hate it but once rumya’s entry happen i will start watching.
Soumya and Abhay were going to Soumya’s house in Abhay’s car.
Abhay:are you going to tell me just what happened,how and why.
Soumya:i am going to tell you tomorrow in office since i don’t want my mom knowing anything about today.You are not going to tell anything to mom.
Abhay:your mom or my mom.

After dropping off soumya.abhay left and soumya went inside her house and found her mom sleeping in her bedroom.she was tired but she couldn’t fall asleep.
Soumya(thinking):Even after everything,i am in love with you.I still love you every second of everyday and miss you beyond words.But the thing is no matter how much i love you.I have to get over you and let you go no matter how hard it is.

you alot and miss you so much.Even though i keep it to myself.Everyday i miss you.I feel so alone without you in this house.Everyday i come late even i want someone to wait for me and scold me if i come late.Eat with me when i come late.On weekends go somewhere with my own family.
He was on verge of crying.

Soumya:I have to be strong.He will never change.I have to stay strong i have no one except her in my life.

Rudra:She will never return to my life.But i have to figure out about alimony thing.I will go to her office tomorrow.

Then both of them falls asleep.

The next morning

Oberoi mansion
Everyone were present at the breakfast table.
Tej:Can anyone give me clarity about yesterday night.
Omkara:Let’s sit down we are in the go to your room.your chachu’s case is going on.
Everyone started laughing but tej gave them seriously look.
Tej:If you’re done with joke can anyone tell me who were they and why were they here.
Everyone looked up at rudra for answer.
Rudra told them how they met.
(i am not going to write about what happened in last 3 part because you will be bored reading it).

Pinky:isn’t it strange that you both did not meet since 4 years and all of sudden you met.
daadi:Nothing happens suddenly it is already planned.
Tej:I don’t believe this.Rudra,i think you should get married to Sonia.i am going to talk to her father if you agree.
Jaanvi:Even i agree with your papa this has been lot of should think of your future.
Rudra:I am going to think about it.
He left to go to soumya’s office.

Good morning
Abhay:I think you forgot to tell me something.
Soumya:How can i forget that i have to tell you about rudra.i will tell you once we reach is a very long story.
Abhay:i am waiting.
Once they reached to office canteen Abhay ordered coffee.
They sat at a table.
Abhay:Now start your story.
soumya:Rudra and i were married.
Abhay who was drinking his coffee spit the coffee out.
Soumya:What are you doing??
Abhay:Am i going to get more shocks like this.

Abhay:Let me put my coffee away.You continue the story.
Soumya:Actually we actually first got married when we were drunk.But then we realized our love and everybody accepted our marriage.But 1 year down the line it started becoming more complicated.
To the Flashback

In morning @Dining room
Everybody were present over there.
Anika:I want to say something.
Dadi:go ahead say it

Anika:I am pregnant.
Ishana:you too,Anika bhabhi
Everybody started clapping and then they looked at Soumya.
Soumya:Why are you all staring at me like that??
Omkara:You want to say something also??
Soumya:Yes actually…
Before She could finish her sentence
Omkara:Congratulation Rudra and Soumya
Shivaay:Soumya is pregnant
Rudra:No,This cannot happen.
Soumya:I wanted to say that i am starting my podcast again.
Shivaay:I have been waiting for that show so that someone can give me advices and help me.
Soumya:Of course bhaiya.
Rumya’s room.Soumya was in her 7th month of pregnancy.
She woke up and she was going downstairs.
Maid:Be careful soumya didi,the floor is very slippery.
Soumya:It is okay nothing will happen.
Just then she slips and she faints.

Servant takes her to Rumya’s room and then doctor comes.
Everyone were standing at the side and Rudra was sitting next to her.
Rudra:can you please say is she okay?
Doctor:She is ok but she lost her child.The child didn’t survive.I’m sorry.
Everybody were shocked.
Dadi:You should not tell this to her right now.
Jaanvi:I think she deserves to know about it.Afterall it was her child.
After a while everyone left.
Soumya woke up
Rudra:You finally woke up.

Soumya:yes,did anything happen?I am feeling dizzy.
Rudra:You only care about yourself right?
Soumya:Why are you saying this?
Rudra:You just lost your child and asking me what am i saying.
Soumya was stunned.She started to cry.

Evening @ oberoi mansion
Soumya:I want to tell you all something.
Tej:Yes,say it
Soumya:Rudra and i are taking divorce.
Everyone were staring at Rudra and Soumya back and forth.
Rudra:No,the decision
Evening @ oberoi mansion
Soumya:I want to tell you all something.
Tej:Yes,say it
Soumya:Rudra and i are taking divorce.
Everyone were staring at Rudra and Soumya back and forth.
n has been made.Try to at least support us.
Rudra was passing from over there and then he heard soumya.

Abhay:Do you still love rudra??
Soumya:No i don’t have that much power that i can love him.
Abhay hugged soumya.
Rudra was hurt and angry.

Precap:Rumya intense scene & Abhay proposes Soumya

Did you like it.This will be my first like official intense scene.So gear up for it.I loved thix part.Now i have a question and if you have time then plz let me know in the comment section.
Do you want me to bring old rudra back or you want him more hurt,angry,and revengeful?

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  7. Hi khushi…your ff on raumya is really nice n im loving it try to show both rudra and please can you let me know when are you uploading the next ff

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