rumya_ff by Khushi (Part 3)

Hi everyone i am back with another part and can i just say that amount of time i tried to write this and failed is a lot of times.but let’s move on to the story.Also i forgot to tell you guys that shivaay and anika have a daughter and her name is purvi.omkara and ishana have a son and his name is yug.this part will always be special and if you want to know why?them DM me because i already don’t know if you read this whole thing.

After the lunch rumi went to her house.
Rudra went to oberoi mansion in his car.
Soumya and Abhay went to K&J Company.

After rudra parked his car.he went inside.he saw everyone sitting in the hall.
Dadi:rudra,sit here look after so many days we all have gathered here without any tension.
Rudra:dadi i am not in mood.i have some work.
After he went

Jaanvi:he is not the family oriented,funny,childish,and fun loving rudra we knew.
Dadi:i really think you should get him married because how long he will stay alone.i mean we are with him.but he needs to think about sharing his life and about his own family.
Tej:i don’t think he will get married after all this things happen in past years.
Ishana: he lost his faith from marriage.
Anika:okay ishana & i will try to convince him but for now we are getting late for cooking.
Anika,ishana,jaanvi,pinky,and dadi went to kitchen.
Tej:shakti,let’s go we can go and watch tv.

Omkara went to complete his sculpture.
Shivaay goes to finish his work.
Prinku and kids went to study room.

Around 7:30 PM
Rudra was going to meet his friends at a restaurant

Abhay was dropping soumya to her house in his car
Soumya:thank you sir
Abhay:okay first of all outside the office you need to stop calling me sir.we are friends and if we are friends then in friendship no sorry and no thank you.
After they reached in front of soumya’s house.
Abhay:it is okay if you wanna stay in my car.
Soumya:no but if you want to have dinner my house you are more than welcome.
Abhay:who is cooking??
Soumya:my mom
Abhay:wow even she know you and kitchen hate each other and don’t get along very well.
Soumya hit him lightly
Abhay:okay let me park my car and come
Soumya opened the door.

At some restaurant

Rohan:wow look who showed up.i thought you forgot about us.
Rudra:i was just busy.
Sam:okay whatever order him a drink.
Rudra:no i don’t drink
Rohan:no you have to drink
After them forcing he drank two glass of alcohol
Rudra:ok guys i am going home.
Rohan:ok let me drop you.
Rudra:no it is okay i am going to meet someone.
Rohan:ok take care and be careful.

While at soumya’s house:
When soumya’s mother opened the door soumya hugged her and then abhay.
Soumya:mom who told you to cook.i could’ve done that.
Soumya’s mom:thank god i cooked or i would have to eat burnt food or sleep without eating.
When soumya’s mom and abhay were watching television.someone knocked on the door and soumya went to open the door.
When she opened the door she was shocked and scared
She closed the door from the outside.
Soumya:what are u doing here?

Rudra: can’t i come to meet you.
Soumya’s mother screamed who is at the door??
Soumya whispered phas gayi soumya
Soumya yelled koi delivery boy hai wrong address aa gaya he
Rudra pinned soumya to wall
Soumya:can you leave me
Rudra:i left you years ago
Soumya:who left who??
Rudra:ok you left me but tell me the whole reason.
Then he fainted
This day is getting worst

Then soumya called Abhay outside.
Abhay:you better have a reasonable answer for this.
Soumya:yes i am going to tell you the whole thing but tomorrow.
Soumya goes inside to bring keys.
Soumya:i am going somewhere i will return in 1 hour.
Soumya’s mom:be careful ok bye
Soumya goes outside and help rudra put in the car.
When they reach at the door of oberoi mansion they try to wake him up but he did not woke up.
Soumya took out the door key from rudra’s jean pocket and opened the keys.
Abhay and soumya managed to drop him in his room.while going outside of the house.Abhay by mistake pressed the security alarm.
Soumya:oh my god.

Shivaay turned on the lights.
Security pointed guns at them.
Omkara:you can leave.
Security left.
Shivaay:what are you doing here abhay…
Anika:that too with soumya.
Ishana:while yawning at this is 1:30 AM
Abhay:it is 10:30 AM
Ishana:but still what are you doing here.
Abhay:enough of your questions people and ask that to your rudra let’s go soumya.
Abhay and Soumya left.

The whole oberoi family went to rudra’s room
Shivaay:he woke up the whole family and he is sleeping here like a prince.
Omkara:ishana get a bucket of water.
Ishana got the bucket of water and poured all over him.
Rudra:what happened.
Kids started laughing.
Anika:take kids with you and make them sleep.
Prinku:ok bhabhi
Shivaay was staring at rudra.
Rudra:don’t murder me with your kanji eyes.
Tej:i need clarity and the whole family tomorrow at breakfast table at exactly @8:00 go to sleep.

precap:Flashback starts

To be continued

did you liked it.i tried making it long.i hope i did justice to my thoughts and at the same same what might the readers likes to read.Tell me your thoughts and opinion in the comment section.

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