Rumya_FF by Khushi (Part 11)

Hi Peeps This is not another regular update.I might not do a regular updates.I will try to update 3 times a week which is not at all bad.I have school and community work and other work as well.There won’t be any Oberoi Family scenes for few updates but they will be making appearances sometimes.I did started another Fanfiction be sure to check it out after reading and commenting on this.I will link it below.

My New FF:

Soumya leaves from Rudra’s cabin and goes to tell Jay about the presentation.Rudra goes to his Glass door and sees Soumya and Jay talking so friendly.He was feeling weird.He shrugged it off.Then he sat on his chair.
Rudra(thinking):I should probably not think about them.It should not affect me.
Whenever he gets time he would look out his glass and he would see Soumya and Jay talk.
With that it was almost Night time when Alisha came to tell him that they should go home.Rudra and Alisha were going to their house.When they saw Meet and Soumya asking for life.Alisha asked Rudra to stop the car.Rudra stopped the car.Rudra opened the window.
Meet:Can we get lift.Actually our car broke down.I accidently left my phone in office.
Rudra:What about Sumo wrestler’s phone?
Soumya:Excuse me My phone’s battery is low.Dumbbell Oberoi.
Rudra:I am going to drop Meet but not Sumo.
Meet:Please drop both of us.We are neighbors.You can drop me near her house and then i am going to walk from there.
Alisha:How sweet.
Rudra:No need to i am going to drop both of you.
Meet:Thank you sir
Rudra:No problem

Soumya and Meet sat in the car.
Alisha:Where do you both live?
Meet:We live in Aeru Society(It is a made up name).
Alisha:That is like 10 mins away from where we live.
In few minutes Soumya and Meet’s society arrived.They got off.Then Rudra and Alisha went to Alisha’s house.They had dinner.Everybody went to their own room to sleep.Rudra went to his room and decided to sleep but he couldn’t.He just laid on his bad and started to think about soumya.
Rudra:Why can’t i stop thinking about her? She takes control of my heart and brain.
With thinking about Soumya he fell asleep.
It was morning with that thought.Rudra woke up,took shower,and went downstairs for breakfast.After breakfast they went to their office.
The first two people he had to see was Jay and Soumya talking.They were talking Meet and Monica.
Rudra:Alisha,Can you send Soumya in my cabin?
Alisha:Why not?
Rudra went to his cabin and Alisha went and called her to Alisha’s Cabin.Alisha and Soumya entered in cabin together.
Alisha:Rudra,Listen i am leaving.
Rudra:When Soumya can call me Sir.Then why can’t you call me Sir.This i not your house.Be professional Alisha
Soumya:Then why can’t you be professional.This is not your house.Call me Ms.Soumya and call her Ms.Alisha.
Rudra:Is this how you talk to your boss? Where are your manners?
Soumya:Mister,Don’t even talk about manners.I probably have better and more manners than you.
Rudra:This is probably going to affect your job.
Soumya:That is unfair.

Alisha:Listen,I don’t want to interrupt your fight but like you both are getting late for Mr.Patel’s meeting.By the way,I feel bad for you boss.Kya chop ki hain na Soumya ne teri.
With that Alisha stormed away from there leaving Soumya and Rudra alone.
Soumya:I am sorry sir continue your lecture…I mean What do you wanna say?
Rudra:She was right.We have to leave from here.We have a meeting.Take him also.Whatever his name is.
Soumya:You mean to say Jay.
Rudra(Without any interest):Yup him Tell him to come outside.
Soumya told Jay to meet them outside.While Monica and Meet were still confused on do they actually like each other.
Meet:It can actually not happen.Like we are so different.
Monica:Opposites attract
Meet:Not always and we are poles apart.We cannot and never like each other.
Monica:For the first time in my life i ever agreed with you.
Meet:I think we should just be friends.
Monica:Look at you,I agreed with you for the second time.
Meet:I never thought we would be friends.But i think always fighting was more fun.
Monica:Correct,I think we should never stop fighting.
Meet:Give me a hug on that.
Monica(thinking):I would definately feel weird just like other times.I don’t know why i feel that way.
Meet snapped in front of her.She came out of thoughts.
Meet:What is wrong with you? You don’t want a hug from the hottest boy in this world?
Monica:No and No
Meet:Your wish but watch out you might fall in love with me.
Monica:You watch out.You might fall in love with me.
Meet:You won’t leave a chance to praise yourself?
Monica:Never,I love myself way too much so why leave a chance to praise myself.It also boosts your self esteem.Try it some day.
Meet:You are actually very nice and cute person.
Monica:Woh toh main hoon
Meet:You know,Anyone can fall in love with you.Even me,But i don’t deserve such good girl.
Monica:You just saying that proves how nice gentleman you are.You know i feel no girl in this world deserve you.You saying this gets all my respect.I don’t know why you feel that way but i think all boys should be like you.
Alisha:You are done with your emotional talk because we should get back to work.
Meet and Monica came back to reality and fixed position.
Employee:Since when are you hugging?
Monica:Since when are you watching us?
Alisha:From past 15 minute exact.
Meet:I think we should get back to work.

Here in the car the Rudra was driving the car and Jay was sitting with him in front while Soumya was sitting in the back.
Rudra(Whispering to Himself):I thought jay would be the third wheel but here I feel like i am the third wheel.
Rudra:Can you two shut up?
Rudra:Jay,You want to go in the back?
Jay:Yes can you stop the car.
Rudra:Shut up!!! You both are talking so much since the past 10 minutes.What would i do with you two?
Soumya:Chullu Bhar Paani Mein Doob Maro.
Rudra:Jay,Can you tell her to shut up.
Soumya:Kyun?? Apki paas baat karne kay liye mouth nahi hai.Sunn toh sakte hain na.
Rudra:Can you shut up?
With them fighting and talking they finally reached to Mr.Patel’s house.They welcomed the trio with lots of respect.Rudra was turning into lava with passing time when he would see Jay and Soumya talking so much.
Mr.Patel:Welcome Mr.RSO
Rudra:Thank You Mr.Patel
Mr.Patel:To welcome you all we will play a game of UNO.
Soumya:Don’t even try.I will win it today as well.
Jay:I am a champion.
Mr.Patel:We will have two teams.Rudra and Soumya in one team.Jay and i in other team.
Soumya:Not happening!!!
Mr.Patel:You will have to listen to me.
Rudra:I am okay with it.
Mr.Patel:This will show compatibility between two people and their communication skill.
They were playing the game but Rudra was so mesmerized by Saumya and he was lost in her but they won.

Precap:Lots of fun things coming up soon.

Important:I will not be uploading this FF for a while.Since i don’t want to force myself to write this and alo i am reaching the point where i am completely lost.But still i will be writing another FF.Which is Everything Happens For a Reason.You can check that out.It is linked above.Do tell me if you like it.This FF will be updated by


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