Rumya_FF by Khushi (Part 10)

Hii everyone i am so pumped to complete 10 updates today or when it is published.I didn’t expect to get this much love by all means i was just doing what i like to do which is writing.But i am overwhelmed by the love i got here and i would never forget the people who commented and praised my work but thanks to all silent readers as well.Sorry for not updating for so long.Actually i was lost.But not like the show writer who can write so much for Shivika and Gaura but not for Rumya.This update is really close to my heart for many reason.This intro is really long but #sorrynotsorry.

Actually that first they didn’t hate each other.They just had normal love story.Where they met and fell in love and just got married.It was happy ending.No it was happy starting.But then it went downhill.

Abhay:I am very sorry for doing that.
Then he started crying.
Rudra:Everyone is right at their own place.No one was wrong.Just the situations were wrong.Sometimes you just have to move on from some things.You can’t be stuck on person or things for a whole time.
After explaining Abhay about what he did was wrong.He went outside and there was tears in his eyes.
Rudra(thinking):Soumya,please come back.I want you back in my life.She is gone from my life.Rudra,start living your life normally the way you used to.
Just then Oberoi Family saw him sitting at a table crying.All of them were shocked to see Rudra there but Rudra knew that they were here.So Rudra got up and wiped his tears away and started acting like nothing happened.
Rudra:What bring you here?Why are you here?
Omkara:We should be asking you that.
Rudra:I…was going by here so thought to stop here.
Shivaay:You are really…bad liar.
Ishana:I know why he is here.
Ishana:Because you wanted to support soumya.Right?
Rudra:Yes but she ran away.
All youngsters look at them.

Then Rudra tell them what happened.
Dadi:Now i am sure that she is the right one as my third granddaughter-in-law and the perfect life partner of Rudra.
Rudra:Leave it dadi she anyway ran away.Now let’s go back to normal life.
With that Rudra returned to job with Shivaay and Tej.While Omkara went to an exhibition.While all the ladies and Shakti went to Oberoi Mansion.After reaching to their office.Rudra straight went to office and he started sobbing.
Rudra(herself):I have to live on my own.This is your punishment Rudra.Get back to your normal life.I have to stop thinking about Soumya.God please keep her always happy.Keep her thousands of miles away from me.
He got back to work.It was almost evening.Rudra was so engrossed in work he didn’t realized the time.Shivaay came in his cabin.
Shivaay:Rudra,let’s go
Shivaay:Where can i take you? Of course Oberoi Mansion.
Rudra:I need to finish this presentation for the meeting with Pune client.So you can go home.I am going to come later.
Shivaay:When are you going to Pune?
Rudra:Actually Pune clients are going to come here tomorrow.So i am going to come to house at night.You can leave.
Shivaay:It is ok.I am going to wait for you.
Rudra:It is ok.I am going to come by myself.I am not a kid.You can go.Bhabhi must be waiting for you.
Sivaay:Ok bye

Shivaay left from there.Rudra again engrossed himself in work.
At Oberoi Mansion everyone were in Hall talking to each other.Just then Shivaay came home.His daughter hugged him and then Om’s son hugged him.Then shivaay gave them chocolates and they went back to playing their games.
Omkara:Where is Rudra?
Shivaay:He is in office completing his presentation since there is meeting with client from Pune.
Omkara:Let’s go and get him.
Dadi:No,omkara don’t get him.He must be upset so that is the reason for him staying in office.Once he get over what happened today.He is himself going to start staying happy.
Omkara:That is what you said last time.But it didn’t happened.
Dadi:I am just saying give him time to recover.Time heals everything.
Shivaay:Leave it omkara.Let’s have dinner.Even i think dadi is right.
Omkara:Ok let’s just have dinner.
After having dinner they all went to their own room.
At midnight Rudra returned from his office and didn’t had dinner and just made coffee and went to his office.He sat in his balcony and started having coffee.
Rudra(himself):I have to go back into my normal life.How it used to be like 1 month ago.The old Rudra who used to be strict,quiet.The old Rudra Singh Oberoi is back.After having coffee he was sitting in the balcony and he was so tired that he slept just there.I can just hope that the sun will bring new beginning in my life.

6 months later

In a beautiful house a woman was praying in front of the god and an old lady called her.She went to the old lady and took blessing from her.It was Soumya.The old lady was her mom.
Soumya:I am going to office.
Soumya’s mom:Be safe and come soon!
Soumya:I will try.
Soumya went to her office.

Rudra after getting ready went downstairs to have breakfast with his family.The whole family was there.
Shivaay:Rudra you have to go to Pune.
Shivaay:The Pune client’s company is in loss.So you have to go to that company for so you can bring that company back on track and you might have to stay there for 3 to 4 months.
Rudra:I am fine with it.But where am i going to stay?
Shiaay:You can stay in our shilpa aunt’s house.She even has a beautiful daughter.Your plan is set.
Rudra:Should i tell Bhabhi that you met your EX yesterday.She would be really happy.
Shivaay:I was just kidding.
Rudra:Even i was just joking.
Omkara:How am i not part of the Obro moment.
Rudra:You are most welcome.
They have a cute obro moment.
Rudra:When should i leave?
Shivaay:In 2 hours,I booked your ticket.So you should probably start packing and go to airport.I am going to miss you so much.
After the packing was done and when Rudra was about to leave.They have 10 minutes of farewell.
Rudra left from there and in few hours he was in Pune.He went to his aunt’s house.His aunt welcome him.Shilpa aunt has a small family which includes her husband,her daughter,and her son.They all welcomed him.Shilpa introduced Rudra to her family.
Shilpa pointed toward her husband.
Shilpa:This is your uncle and my husband Anil.
Rudra took blessing from anil.
Then Shilpa introduced Rudra to his son whose name is Harsh.
Harsh:What’s up bro.
Rudra:Good dude looks like we are going to be great friends.
Shilpa:He is in college currently in his 4th year and he will graduate next month.
Then she pointed toward her daughter Alisha.
He did a handshake with Alisha.
Alisha:I work in the company you are here to fix it.
Rudra:You work in Tiffany & co.?
Alisha:Yes i work there as a employee.
Rudra:How do you know all this.
Alisha:Actually Shivaay bhaiyya gave me all the details.
Rudra:Oh ok
Shilpa:Now you can go and fresh up and i am going to arrange Lunch.
Rudra:No i don’t want to eat right now.I am just going to freshen up and go to Tiffany’s.
Alisha:I am going to wait for you and then we can go together.
Rudra:I am fine with it.
Rudra gets freshened up and then he goes to Tiffany’s with alisha.

While at Tiffany & Co.
Soumya was talking to her friend who was sitting next to her table.
Monica:Hi Soumya
Monica:Did you heard that there is going to be new boss.
Monica:Not technically a boss but he/she will fix our company’s situation since our company is in huge loss.
Soumya:Who is that person?
Monica:Nobody knows who that person is.
Just then Alisha comes with Rudra inside.Soumya didn’t notice Rudra since she was facing another side.
Alisha:Look who came with me.
Everyone looked at him and Soumya was shocked.Soumya just wanted to go to him and hug him.Rudra didn’t see her.Just then Rudra saw Soumya.The world froze for him.But Soumya couldn’t make eye contact with him.He was feeling upset and rejected.
Alisha:He is the one who was coming from Mumbai.
Everyone greeted him.He was confused on what is happening.He thought this is a dream.He pinched himself and confirmed it is not his dream.
Alisha started introducing him to everyone.After everyone it was time for Soumya’s introduction.
Alisha:This is soumya(pointing toward soumya).She is my best friend in this office.She is very nice.
Rudra:Of course,Who doesn’t know her?
Soumya:What do you mean by that? I am going to punch you.
Rudra:Your name should be Sumo wrestler.
Soumya:How rude of you?
Rudra:You are calling me rude.In your weight i think half is your attitude.
Soumya:In your weight i think half no full is just abs and muscles.I know from now on i am going to call you dumbell singh oberoi.
Rudra:Sumo wrestler
Soumya:Listen i don’t want to talk to you.
Rudra:But i want to talk to you and only you.
Alisha:Guys chill out

Monica:Let’s go to canteen Soumya.
Alisha:Rudra let me show you your cabin.
Monica and Soumya went to canteen took coffee and sat at a table.While Rudra and Alisha were talking about office protocols in Rudra’s new cabin.
Then just their two friends came to visit them.
Meet:Good Evening Soumya
Monica shaked her hand in front of Meet.
Monica:Soumya Am i invisible? Or Someone needs an eye doctor.
Meet:You are neither invisible or need an eye doctor.It is just i don’t want to talk to an monkey.
Jay:Soumya,Let’s go let them fight till then we can sit on the side and talk.
Soumya and Jay went on a side to talk to each other.While Monica and Meet were still fighting.
Monica:You called me an monkey.You are an idiot.You couldn’t be compared with any animal.They would feel bad that i compared you to them.
Meet:Excuse me before i go mad.I don’t want to see your face for my whole life.
Monica:You sound like i want to see you my whole life.
Then they noticed that Soumya and Jay were not there.
Monica:I am going to my friend.You can stay here if you want.
Meet:Wait i am coming.
Soumya:Done with your fight?
Meet:Ye i don’t want to see her.I hate her so much.
Monica:So does it look like I love You.Even i hate you.
Soumya:I heard somewhere that Don’t hate someone so much that it turns into love.Love is worst than hate.In love you love more and get hurt more.
Monica:I have never heard so emotional thing from you.
Meet:Me too but let me just clarify it to you that nothing like that is going to happen in my life.
Monica:I would never ever in my like him.He is a monkey.
Soumya:We will see that.But remember my words.
With that saying Soumya left from there smiling.
Meet and Monica(In unison):What is wrong with her?
Jay:Oh wow,Look at that you are saying same thing now.I feel like Soumya’s words are coming true.
Meet:Can you shut up?
With that even Jay went from there smilingly.
Monica and Meet:What’s wrong with people?
Monica:What’s wrong with us?
Meet:We should definitely see a doctor.
With that even they left.
While Rudra was doing his work in office.Just then Alisha came in.
Alisha:Excuse me sir there will be a meeting tomorrow.So you have to attend the meeting.
Rudra:Who is handling the project.
Alisha:I don’t know.I didn’t had any clue about this project.
Rudra:Then send her inside.I am going to ask her about it.
Alisha goes inside and tells soumya that boss wants to see her.Soumya goes inside.
Rudra:Sit yourself down
Soumya:I am fine.
Rudra:When I say something.You have to listen.
Soumya:No i won’t.What are you going to do?
Rudra:We are going to continue this later but right now tell me one thing.Are you doing the project for the patel’s.
Soumya:Yes,I am doing that project with Jay.
Rudra:Ok so there is a presentation we have to make.So Jay,You,& I will have to go Patel Co.& Co.Tell that to your Jay.

Will this trip to Patel’s fun? What about MEmo? Will Meet and Monica Go to Doctors?
Are they going to be friends?

Precap:Someone Jealous.There will be third Wheel with Soumya and Rudra.

Did you like it? Would you like to see Meet and Monica’s love story.Tell me in the comments. I need suggestions.


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