Rumya ss- teddy bear with love part 2

The next morning:

Rudra was the first one to wake up…Soumya wakes up after him and she saw him getting ready wearing his tie…

She smiled and rubbed her eyes…she’s looking like a real little child

Soumya-good morning, Ru…(she yawned cutely) Rudra…

For how much more time she will keep behaving all cutely like this? Because she goanna make him crazy and he won’t be crazy!

Rudra-you should wake up! And get ready soon!

He knew that they will tease them, so, he decided to that they should wake up early and be all dressed and ready before everyone!


She looked at him innocently

Rudra-for the breakfast!

She smiled happily to him and then gets up from bed and went to the washroom to shower and wear her new yellow saree…

They get down together to see that all members was already up, Anika was preparing for a pooja…

Rumya took the blessing of Dadi and all elders

Dadi kept looking at them for like minutes only to see how much they are forming a matching cute couple

She offered to Soumya a ladoo…Soumya took it and wanted to feed Rudra when his hand stopped her

She felt upset immediately, she forgot! He doesn’t have any right to eat sweets!

he looked away…he’s always uncomfortable with this matter…

He doesn’t know that something so sweet entered his life from now on…

He looked away

He never let his heart judge people but the moment his eyes fall on Soumya…he couldn’t use with her his mind and business tricks…but only his emotions! And that’s dangerous…

Again, her pout…

She’s thinking hard now…

Soumya-Dadi! I’m happy to have you…happy to live with you, here…

Dadi-and we are more happy than you! We are your second family!

Soumya smiled

Soumya-I will prepare breakfast!

She said excited and went to the kitchen

Dadi nodding, smiling

Rudra looks amused at how Soumya is making people around her crazy but also happy…

She’s a baby!

That’s why!

He smirked


Soumya puts over pistachios pieces in Rudra’s sugar free bowl of kheer…

And runs with it to the dining table, everyone has already his breakfast that she made

But she asked Rudra to wait

Everyone was looking smirking, smiling towards Rudra

Not a single smile when she puts the kheer before him in the table

Innocent Soumya has one thing in her mind; she wants to satisfy everyone…

She looked at them smiling and then reserved to Dadi her juice

Winked to her Anika bhabhi when this one smiled to her

Looked at pinky with suspected eyes and smiled , she knew that pinky and tej will judge her severely

Shakti, jhanvi , anika, gauri, Om and also Shivaay Praised her so, Pinky and tej couldn’t say anything , they ate silently and it’s then when Soumya sat down next to her husband

Dadi kept smiling

Dadi-I have the impression that a joyful butterfly entered this home!

Soumya blushed smiling

Anika-the smell of this kheer is just fooling the home…yummyyy

Gauri- bilkul sahi keh rahi aap bhabhi.kheer sach mein bhut tasty hai

Om-this kheer is really delicious, Soumya

Shivaay- it is good Soumya

Soumya-and there is more, if you want to have again!

Soumya answered smiling and then her eyes went to Rudra’s face…he was eating slowly, enjoying every bit

Soumya-oh! you like it too!

She whispered and he was the only one to hear this

He chooses not to answer


he’s a discrete man… Mr Rudra singh Oberoi

getting strong arms…knowing he’s most handsome man ever in this world…

getting mysterious gaze…getting married to me…

Soumya thought and gasped…

he’s my husband!

Her mother kissed her cheek, suddenly

Soumya’s mother- SM

Soumya’s father- SF

SM-I’m proud of you! Dadi told me about how delicious you cooked in the morning!

Soumya forgets totally that she’s now a real wife, coming now just to visit her family for short time and then get back to OM as her place is now with her husband…the one who ate all the kheer she made…yeah!

SF-great job!

Without so much waiting, Soumya runs to god’s statue, joined her hands, closed her eyes

Prayed from her heart…

To God to protect her husband’s life, his well being, his smirk and smile…his eyes, lips, nose, arms, strong arms…

Wait! She’s losing her mind!

Her mum and papa looking at her all amused…getting used to her craziness…her innocence…she’s their Soumya…and today she’s only coming to visit them…and it’s her first day in a long married life…SM asked God to make it eternal and happy…

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