Rumya SS- Casanova in Love Part 9

Om (smiling)-Areh Soumya tum yaha?

Soumya smiled and hugged him.

Om was shocked to see Soumya’s reaction. Soumya-Hiii oommm.. tum yaha?

Soumya asked literally drooling over him.

Om-Areh Soumya.. Are you ok?

Disha-Umm.. Actually Soumya ko chadd gai hai..

Om-What? Did Soumya drink?

Disha-Yaa.. Pata nai kyun Rudra ko dekhte hi iska dimag ghum gaya.. She started to drink..

Soumya-Om let’s dance na..

Soumya said moving closer to him.

Om felt weird and moved backwards. Soumya kept her arms around his shoulders

Soumya-Let’s dance na..

Om nodded not knowing her intentions and took her to the dance floor.

Rudra was feeling irritated seeing Soumya in Om’s arms. He himself didn’t know why he was feeling so jealous. He wanted to pull Soumya towards him. When he couldn’t control himself, he walked towards the dance floor. Seeing Rudra coming towards them, Om felt a bit relaxed and asked him to handle Soumya. Rudra came closer and asked Om to leave the dance floor. As soon as Om left her, she drooled and fell into Rudra’s arms. Rudra slowly made her stand properly as she was not in her senses. Rudra(softly) – Somu chalo.. Mai tumhe ghar le jata hun..

Soumya (pouting like kid)-Ghar kyun? Mujhe ghar nai jana..

Rudra-Phir aapko kaha jana hai madam?

Soumya-Mujhe kai nai jana.. Mai yaha bahut khush hun..

Soumya moved a bit more closer to Rudra

Soumya- Rudra chalo na.. Let’s dance.. Pleasee..

Now the word please was more than enough to melt Rudra. He held her waist and pulled her towards him. This made Soumya giggle.

Soumya-You know what.. You are very cute..

Rudra smiled

Rudra-Acha? You think I am cute?

Soumya-Hmmm.. But I hate you..

“Why?” Rudra asked with a questioning face.

Soumya (complaining)-Coz you flirt with so many girls.. Tumhe toh mai kabhi nazar aati hi nai.. You don’t even say that I am beautiful..

This made Rudra laugh

Rudra-Soumya don’t tell me that you have fallen for me..

Soumya-No way.. Why will I fall for you?

This made Rudra sad but his sadness turned to happiness when Soumya said

Soumya-But I like you a lot.. Mujhe acha nai lagta jab tum kisi aur ladki se baat karte hon..

Rudra was now dancing in happiness. Soumya (sad)- Rudra tum mujhe pasand nai karte na? Isliye hi toh tum us chudail ke peeche pade rehte hon..


Soumya-Saloni aur kaun?

Rudra – Somu mere life mein bahut sari ladkiya aayi hai.. but no one has been so close the way you are.. You are special Somi..

This brought tears in Soumya’s eyes. He wiped away her tears

Rudra-I like you too Somu..”

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    Superb episode ?

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    How cute!! I loved the update ?

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    Wow that was so cute epi di/bhaiyaa…Idk so only I’m really sry if I have hurt u ..

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thanks haridhra and it is ok u dont need to say sry and ya i am a girl

      1. Haridhra

        Ohh k di that’s the confusion ..


  6. Fabulous

  7. Superb update..

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