Rumya SS- Casanova in Love Part 8

Rumya os-Jealousy with passion

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Soumya(frustrated)-Hey bhagwan.. Isn’t this irritating Disha? Hum us din jab ghumne aaye the.. we saw so many lovely dresses and now when we want to buy something ,we are not getting anything good..

Disha-Areh Soumya have patience.. You’ll surely get something good..

Soumya was roaming about here and there and getting irritated seeing the collections.

Disha (thought)-Mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe hi kuch dhundna padega.. Soumya itne gusse mein kuch dhund nai payegi..

Then disha started looking for something.

Disha-Soumya idhar aao na.. Yeh dress dekh na..

Soumya came running and saw the dress and went on seeing it. It was a simple sleeveless black dress which would fall upto the knees.

Disha-Acha laga na?

Soumya- I want to try this.. This is simply gorgeous..

Disha-Oh great.. finally.. Jaldi jake try kar.. uske baad disc bhi jana hai…

Soumya walked towards the trial room and then wore the dress. She came out and stood in front of Disha.

Disha -Wow Soumya.. you are looking gorgeous.. Rudra toh tujhe dekhkar flat ho jayega..

Soumya (angrily)-Oh shut up Disha.. I just hate him..

Disha-Itna nafrat mat karo.. Pyaar ho jayega..

Soumya-Pyaar aur usse? No way..

Disha-Soumya why does he affect you so much?

Disha’s question reminded Soumya the incident in the empty classroom. She started thinking about Rudra’s closeness and more importantly how he kissed her cheeks. She softly touched her cheeks and thought about how it felt when Rudra’s lips touched her cheeks.

Disha-Soumya?? kaha kho gai??

Disha was literally shaking her to come back to reality.

Soumya-Umm.. kuch nai.. let me go and change my dress.. I am buying this.. Soumya said giving a fake smile.

She then paid for the dress and then left the shop.


Ishaana-Hey Om.. Whom are you looking for sweetheart?

Om freezed on hearing the word sweetheart.

Om-Umm.. woh.. Rudra..

Om was literally stammering.

Ishaana-Oh.. Rudra is coming? Umm.. But I wanted to spend some time with you.. Anyways it’s totally fine that he is also coming..

Om (thought)-What did she mean by that? She wants to spend some time with me?

Rudra-Hey Om.. Hey Ishaana..

Rudra joined in.

Rudra-Umm.. Kuch personal batein ho rai thi kya?

Ishaana-Nothing like that yaar.. we were just chatting..

Rudra-Oh I thought so.. Both of you’ll became quiet when I came in..

Om-Pagal ho gaya hai kya? Nothing like that..

Rudra felt like he was a kabab in the haddi. He looked around to see if anyone known was around there. Soon his eyes got fixed on a girl whom he really liked at least from the back. She was wearing a black off-shoulder top and a blue skinny jeans with her hair loosely tied. Rudra moved a bit forward so that he could see her face.

“Somu?? How can that be possible? Mai shayad sapna dekh raha honga ” Rudra said to himself in shock.

He moved closer and by now he was dead sure that Soumya was standing in front of him.

Soumya (irritated)- OMG Disha.. This is so boring.. How can someone like dancing so much?

Rudra laughed on hearing her comment and then went closer to her. Suddenly Soumya felt someone’s hand on her bare shoulder and instantly turned back.

Soumya was shocked to see Rudra in front of him. She could just admire him by his handsome looks. Both Soumya and Rudra could not take off their eyes from each other. Everything froze around them.

Disha-Umm.. Soumya yeh kaun hai?

It was now when both Rudra and Soumya came back to their senses.

Soumya-Umm.. Disha.. Yeh Rudra hai..”

Disha-So he is Rudra.. Hi Rudra.. I am Disha..

Disha said waving at him. Rudra smiled

Rudra-Hi Disha..

Disha-Umm.. Maine tumhare bareme bahut suna hai.. Soumya hamesha tumhare bareme bolti rehti hai..

Rudra looked at Soumya

Rudra (winking)-Really Pushpa? mai tumhe itna pasand hun kya?

Soumya gave a disgusted look to Rudra and then turned towards Disha

Soumya-Disha .. tum mujhe vodka pilane wali thi na?

Disha (in disbelief)-What? you are ready to drink?

Rudra-One sec.. Are you gonna drink? Jitna mujhe pata hai, tumne aj tak drink nai kiya hain..

Soumya(angrily)-So what? Koi rule hai kya that I can’t drink? I want to drink.. So I’ll surely drink..

She then turned towards Disha

Soumya-Disha lets go..

Rudra got hold of Soumya’s wrist

Rudra-Are you mad Somu? You won’t be able to take in..

Soumya-It’s none of your business.. Soumya then walked towards the bar.

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