Rumya ss- Casanova in love -part 6

Soumya ran out of her house and literally ran to take an auto to college as she was already late.

Soumya(thought)-Hey bhagwan.. mai aj pakka se late ho jaungi… aur ab auto bhi nai mil raha…

She reached college almost 15 minutes late and now she was sure that she won’t be allowed to enter the class. She literally ran through the campus and reached her class and took all the courage and peeped inside the class. The first sight she saw was Rudra flirting with a girl. She fumed in anger.

Teacher-Yes.. Why are you late?

Suddenly Soumya’s attention was towards the teacher.

“Umm.. Mam.. Actually.. Auto..” she replied breathing heavily.

Teacher-Okay.. Relax.. Go and take your seat.. And please drink some water..

Soumya just nodded. She went and sat beside Om and tried to calm down herself by drinking water.

Om-Soumya.. Are you ok??

Soumya nodded and smiled at him.

Soumya(hesitating)-Umm.. Om..woh ladki kaun hai jiska haath Rudra pakadke betha hai?

Om first looked at Soumya and then at Rudra

Om-oh.. woh.. Thats Romi.. I think Rudra’s new girlfriend..” ( then started laughing)

Soumya (irritated)-Isko aur kaam nai hai kya? Hamesha ladkiyon ke peeche pada rehta hai..

Om (controlling laughter)-Rudra ka toh aur koi kaam hai hi nai..

Bell rang.

Om-Chalo.. bell baj gaya..

Soumya smiled on hearing his comment. Om-Rudra.. tu aayega ya hum chale jaye?”

Rudra-Umm.. Om tu Somu ko leke ja.. mai aa jaunga..” (smiling both at Om and Soumya)

Romi-Somu? Eeww.. What a tacky name? Rudra.. Is she your friend?” asked Romi.

Soumya was shocked to hear what she said right now. She just turned and walked away.

“Somu.. listen..” Rudra prompted but she did not turn back or listen to him.

Rudra (angrily but smiling)-Umm.. Romi.. You have no rights to say anything about my friend.. You will not reach anywhere near her.. So better..

Romi-Oh baby.. I was just joking dear.. What can I do if she is so sensitive?

Rudra just looked at her in disgust and walked away.

Rudra-Om.. Somu kaha hai?

Om (angrily)-Pata nai yaar.. Mai bhi usiko dhoond raha hun.. What is wrong with that girl? Why do you talk to such people Rudra?

Rudra (worriedly)-Areh mujhe kya pata tha.. woh aisi hai.. umm.. you go that way.. I’ll go this way..

Om nodded and walked away. Rudra was literally running through the corridors but still couldn’t find her. He then called Om and asked, “Om tujhe Somu mili?

Om-Nai.. Now I am really worried..

Rudra-Rukh Om.. mujhe shayad Somu dikh gai..

Om-What? Then go and talk to her Duffer.. (he shouted over the phone and then disconnected the call.)

“What the hell does she think about herself? Mai usko zinda gaad dungi.. blo*dy b*t*h” Soumya was murmuring to herself in anger.

“Itna gali mat do.. bechari mar jayegi..” Rudra said from the back putting his arms around her waist.

Soumya felt her heart skip a beat when she felt his arms around her waist. Soumya turned around with a jerk , now facing towards him. Rudra was smiling to see her sudden reaction.

Soumya(angrily)-Bechari? Haan.. tumhe woh bechari lagti hai??

She then started hitting him.

Rudra-Areh Somu.. maarna band karo..

Soumya was continuosly hitting him and when Rudra could not bear himself, he held her arms and pulled her towards an empty classroom.

Soumya-Rudra, tum yeh mujhe kaha le ja rahe hon?

Rudra pulled her inside the classroom and then closed the door. Soumya was shocked to see his instant action

Soumya-Tum darwaza band kyun kar rahe hon?

“Kya hua Somu? darr lag raha hai?” asked Rudra coming closer to her.

Soumya consiously walked backward until she banged against the wall. He came more closer

Rudra (softly)-Somu.. mujhe nai pata tha Romi aise kuch bolegi.. you know na I can never ever hurt you.. I am really very sorry..

Soumya (smiled)-Isme tumhari kya galti hai? Bas tumhari galti yeh hai ki tum aise logo se baat karte hon..

Rudra smiled on hearing that

Rudra-Umm.. Somu.. tum zyaada gusa kis baat ke liye thi? Romi ne tumhe aisa bola ya isliye ki mai Romi ke saath tha..

Soumya was shocked to hear this and just asked to shut up. She tried to free herself from him but he wasn’t allowing her. He came more closer

Rudra-I want an answer from you..

Soumya-Rudra please let me go..

He went more closer to her

Rudra-I know it’s the second reason.. Somu mujhe pata hai that now I have started affecting you a lot…(he smiled)And I also love it..

Now they were so close that their bodies were touching. His warm breath were tickling Soumya.

Rudra (smiling)-And I know that you love my presence..

Rudra then gave a soft kiss on her cheeks. Soumya closed her eyes in fear.

Rudra-Open your eyes Somu.. I want you to feel each and every moment ,you are with me..

Rudra (smiling)-Somu.. If three weeks in college have brought so many changes in our lives, then I would love to know what would happen further..

It was now when Soumya came back to reality and pushed him away from her. She had tears in her eyes.

Soumya-Rudra.. mujhe nai pata tha ki tum mujhe bhi apne cheap girlfriends ke list mein add karoge.. I thought I am your friend..” (Soumya said between her sobs)

Rudra-Somu, tum yeh kya..

Soumya(sobbing)-Rudra, I know very well that you change your girlfriends the way we change clothes but you dare to include me in your list..

Rudra-Somu, at least listen to me..

Soumya-No Rudra.. I don’t want to talk to you ever..

She then ran out of the classroom. Rudra was dumbstruck on seeing what just happened.

Soumya came and sat on a bench near the play-ground. She was crying.

Om(worriedly)-Soumya kya hua? Tum ro kyun rai hon?

She quickly wiped her tears

Soumya-Umm.. kuch nai Om..

Om- Tum abhi bhi us Romi ke baat se ro rai hon.. Rudra ne usko bahut jhaada tha.. Now I am sure that she will never repeat this mistake again..

On hearing Om’s words, she thought whether she was wrong in judging Rudra. She also did have feelings for him though she didn’t know what it was.

Om-Soumya kaha kho gai?

Soumya-Kuch nai Om..

Om put his arms around her and said, Om-Soumya tumhe itna sensitive nai hona chahiye.. mai aur Rudra hamesha tumhare saath rahenge..

Soumya smiled on hearing that.

Rudra stood there silently hearing their conversation. A sudden jealousy creeped inside his mind when he saw Om and Soumya together. It was the first time he felt hurt when someone spoke rudely to him. He used to never care of what anyone told or thought about him. He just turned and walked as far as possible from them.

“By the way.. Soumya tumhe hamara fresher’s night ke bareme pata hai?” asked Om trying to change the topic.

Soumya (curiously)-Nai tho.. When is it?”

Om-Next week..

“What? Next week? I don’t have any dresses.. I have to go for shopping..” said Soumya non-stop without taking a break in between.

Om laughed on hearing her comment.

Soumya-Why are you laughing?

Om-Tum sab ladkiya ek jaisi ho.. kuch function ka naam lo tho sabse pehle shopping..

Soumya hit him hard on his hand and then she herself started laughing.

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