Rumya SS- Casanova in Love Part 10

Now lets start with story:-

Rudra-Somu mere life mein bahut sari ladkiya aayi hai.. but no one has been so close the way you are.. You are special Somu..

This brought tears in Soumya’s eyes. He wiped away her tears

Rudra-I like you too Somu..

Soumya went more closer to Rudra and hugged him so tight in a way that she would never leave him at least in this century. Rudra gently carressed her hair

Rudra-Somu sab dekh rahe hai..

Soumya-Lo ji.. yeh toh mere dialogue hona chahiye tha..

Soumya replied with a giggle. Rudra smiled

Rudra-Chalo mai tumhe ghar drop kar deta hun.. tum hosh mein nai hon.. pata nai kya-kya keh dogi..

Soumya-Kyun Rudra? Tumhe darr lag raha hai?

Rudra-Oh shut up Somu.. chalo..

Rudra then held her hand and walked out of the disc informing Disha that they were leaving.

Rudra made Soumya comfortably sit in the car and then he drove the car towards her house.

Rudra-Umm.. Somu tumhara ghar aa gaya..

Soumya-So what?

Rudra-Somu utar jao.. you should have a tight sleep and then you will be fine by tomorrow..

Soumya-Mai nai jaungi.. mujhe ghar nai jana.. Rudra mujhe tumhare saath rehna hai..

Soumya said like a three year old kid. Now she was getting on his nerves. He tried to be as cool as possible and just glared at her.

Soumya-Thik hai.. I’ll go in one condition.. Soumya said giving a naughty smile.

Rudra-What condition?

Soumya smiled

Soumya-Tum mujhe apne bahon mein uthake mere room tak leke jao..

Rudra glared at her in shock.

Rudra-Somu tum hosh mein nai hon.. you should go and rest..

He was drinking water to calm himself

Soumya-Let’s go and rest together..

Rudra spits out water and looked at her with wide eyes.Now this was another bomb for Rudra. He didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Soumya’s Father- S.F

S.F- Soumya beta.. tujhe kya hua?

Rudra-Aap jante hai isko?

S.F-Yeh meri beti hai.. kya hua isko?

Rudra-Oh uncle.. Somu.. I mean Soumya ko kuch nai hua hai.. She is a bit drunk.. I mean galti se thoda vodka pi li.. isliye mai socha ki mai usko ghar drop karu par woh upar jane ke liye tayyar hi nai ho rai thi.. Thank god.. uncle aap aa gaye..

Rudra tried to make up a story.

S.F- She is drunk? Mujhe viswaas nai ho raha..

Rudra-Uncle galti se pani ke place mein vodka pi li.. She just needs to rest..

S.F-Thik hai beta.. mai isko le jata hun..

Her Father takes her and then turned towards their house but then stopped

S.F- Beta aapka naam kya hai?

Rudra-Uncle my name is Rudra..

Both smiled to each other. Rudra stood there for a while looking at Soumya going away from him. He didn’t know whether she’ll be like this the next day but now he knew one thing that he really liked his Somu.


Soumya’s house at 8 a.m

Soumya woke up slowly streching her arms.

Soumya (mind)-What a lovely day?

Disha-Hey Soumya..

Soumya(surprised)-Areh Disha.. tu itni subhah ko yaha kya kar rai hai?

Disha-Kyunki mai janna chahti hun.. tune kal jo bhi bola woh sach hai kya?

Soumya-Maine kya bola?

Disha’Don’t tell me you don’t remember that you confessed to Rudra in front of everyone..

Soumya (shocked)-Confessed what??

Disha now sat beside her

Disha-Soumya you said you like Rudra in front of everyone..

Soumya was now shocked and tried to remember the incidents of the previous day. She had just thought that everything was a dream but now she realized that it was’nt a dream. She proposed Rudra in front of everyone.

Disha-Soumya are you ok?

Soumya-How can I be ok? Maine sabke samne usko I like you bola.. Now how will I face him?……By the way.. maine toh usko sirf I like you bola tha.. usme kaunsi badi baat ho gai..?

Disha smiled

Disha-koi badi baat nai hai..?

Soumya (angrily)-Are you teasing me Disha??

Disha laughed then nodded. ?

Soumya-Acha ji?

Soumya ran after her.

Disha-Soumya tu yeh soch Rudra se kya baat karegi? mujhe marke koi fayda nai hai..

Soumya suddenly stopped

Soumya- Hey bhagwan.. mai ab kya karu?

Disha-Dekh kal k baad yeh toh pata chal hi gaya.. ki tum dono jo kuch bhi ho woh mutual hai.. both of you’ll have feelings for each other..

A small smile came across Soumya’s face when Disha said that even Rudra has feelings for her.

Disha-Haye.. Meri pyaari friend blush kar rai hai..

Soumya threw a pillow at her

Soumya-I am not BLUSHING!!!


10:30 am, at college

Soumya entered her class praying that she wouldn’t see Rudra anywhere around her. Om-Hello Soumya.. how was your sleep?

Soumya-Umm.. acha tha..

Om(smiling)-Tum khadi kyun ho? betho na.. ya kisika intezaar kar rai hon?

Soumya-Oh shut up O..

she stopped on seeing Rudra standing beside her.

Rudra-Hey guys..

Rudra said basically looking at Soumya. Om (teasing)-Rudra tu hume hi bol raha hai ya apni Somu ko..

Soumya blushed on hearing his comment.

Rudra-Om.. tu chup karega?…Hum khade kyun hai? lets sit..

Rudra said moving forward to sit beside Om.

Om(smiling)-Rudra tu mere paas kyun beth raha hai? Tujhe toh apni Somu ke saath bethna chahiye.. Right Soumya? Umm.. I mean Soumya bhabhi..

Soumya chocked on hearing the word bhabhi. Rudra was quiet. He didn’t know what to say. Om then forcefully made the love birds sit together. Both Rudra and Soumya stared at each other not knowing what to do.

Om-Haye.. kitni pyaari jodi hai.. kisiki nazar na lage..

Romi was fuming in anger. She simply walked out of the class.

Rudra-Om tu sach mein maar khayega..

Rudra said trying to be angry although he was enjoying.

Soumya simply could not take in more, so she simply ran out of the class.

Rudra- Oh shit.. Somu..(turned towards Om) tu bhi na..

Rudra then ran behind her.


Soumya kept on walking to control her emotions. She didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad. She kept on walking. Suddenly someone held her wrist and pulled her towards an empty classroom. Soumya was shocked to see the door being closed behind her.

Rudra-Kya hua Somu? itni shocked kyun hon?

Soumya-Rudra? tum?

Rudra-Kyun? tum kisi aur ko expect kar rai thi..

Rudra was moving closer to her. Soumya now felt breathless to find Rudra so close to her. This wasn’t the first time he was close to her but now everything seemed to be different.

Soumya-Umm.. Rudra tumne darwaza band kyun kiya?

Rudra (smirking)-Kya hua Somu? darr gai? kal tho bahut kuch bol rai thi.. umm.. mai soch raha tha ki tumhara wishes puri kar doon..??

Soumya gulped on hearing his words.

Soumya-Woh.. mai.. kal….

Soumya tried to say but stopped when Rudra kept his finger on her lips.

Rudra-Sshh.. Somu.. I don’t want to hear any explanations.. I want to live with those words you told me yesterday..

Rudra was moving closer. Now their bodies were touching. Soumya couldn’t breath feeling the warmth of his breath on her face. Rudra then gently cupped her face and pressed his lips with hers.Soumya was taken aback at first but then slowly closed her eyes. He deepened the kiss and she kissed him back.???

The kiss lasted for a few minutes. It was Rudra who broke the kiss and then quickly moved apart. He was now tensed.

He then held her shoulder

Rudra-Somu are you ok?

Soumya slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him and hugged him. Rudra smiled and hugged her back. Now he knew everything was fine and they were actually together as a couple. ??

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