Rumya SS- Casanova in Love epilogue

Guyz before starting it i must tell u that in these 3 years Rudra had forgiven his parents and now they all are living together….and Soumya and her father moved to their new house and S.F likes Rudra


Romi-Rudra yaar listen na

romi matched his speed and came in front of him

Rudra (sighed)-romi I have to go

he said but it was like it fell into deaf’s ear. Romi-rudraaa listen

romi insisted as she tried to link up her arm with his

Romi-i wanted to know that with whom you are going at Prom Night?

They kept on walking in college corridor Rudra-you already know that romi

Romi rolled her eyes

Romi- no I don’t….


before he could reply he heard her calling him, he turned with romi still stuck to him, her mouth fell open as he didn’t shrug her away

She gulped down her anger and without saying anything else walked pass him, he stood clueless until Disha and Om pointed at romi beside him, his eyes widened as he freed himself from romi and ran after soumya

Rudra-somu listen…listen please

he called out but she was angry…

“romi I’ll kill you” he mumbled before following her inside the classroom

He sat beside her , she ignored him and changed her place, sighing he followed her but she kept on ignoring him and finally the professor was inside the class…they were seated in the front but rudra didn’t budge, he held her hand from beneath the chair but she jerked his hand away

Rudra- Sorry

he whispered and she looked away

Rudra-i promise i didn’t ask her to jump on me…

he explained taking her hand in his but she freed herself yet again, their professor was busy giving lecture but they least cared…

Soumya-i just told you…do not disturb me

she said hurt and he again said sorry


Rudra-Somu…listen na please

They were asked to leave the classroom and this angered soumya more…he was following her and she was ignoring him

She sat in canteen and he served her which she pushed away, making a face he brought drink for her but she pushed him away and went from there…he still followed her

She left college and he followed her till home …she was reading novel when he jumped in from her balcony as she did not open the door to him…he was welcome with a pillow on his face making him fell back

He came close to her and held his ears but she rolled her eyes

Soumya-you always do this…and that psycho, I hate her you know still you always response to her foolish leave I don’t want to listen to any of your reasons

she said adamant but he held her pulling her closer

She looked away and tried to free herself but in vain…she glared and he chuckled

Rudra-you know na how crazy I go whenever you get angry on me…It makes me fall in love with you even more

he whispered and winked at her making her blush but she controlled herself and pushing him away left from there and he sighed

She sat on the couch in living room beside her father.He came and smiled at her father before serving her water

She faked a smile and threw that water on his face making Her father laugh as she walked back in her room

Rudra-Acha maaf kardo…for the last time

he apologized again as she closed her room’s door on his face…he tried to get in from balcony but she locked that door too

‘It’s Prom Night tomorrow…I will come to pick you up at 7 ‘ he texted her still standing in her balcony

‘in your dreams’ she texted back from across the door…he sighed before leaving

He paced in the garden outside her house in his three peice suit waiting for her but she did not dare come out…he smirked as a plan popped in his mind


She starred at him from her father’s room window feeling bad
She starred at him from her father’s room window feeling bad… cursing disha and that so called bet she accepted by her of not talking to him and ignoring him too

In no time romi was at saumya’s place…Happily hugging rudra tightly…he eyed saumya as the cat was out of the bag…she now stood in her balcony her hands on her mouth…he smirked as he wrapped his arms around romi

She came rushing downstairs already ready in her Red gown but he ignored her and left with romi…making her cry…she called Om and asked him to pick her up soon


At the venue He was still with romi with his arms around her waist as he along with a few friends were waiting for others
At the venue He was still with romi with his arms around her waist as he along with a few friends were waiting for others…she came and stood beside him but he ignored her making her feel bad

She linked up her arm with his

Soumya- Sry Rudra

making him smile inwardly

His hold around Romi loosened as he turned to saumya and knitted making her look down sheepishly…


she whispered and he chuckled wrapping his arms around his girl…

She hugged him without caring about their surrounding getting some ooohhh’s and ahhh’s from their friends…she hugged him even tight hiding her face in his chest as Disha revealed about their bet

Disha(laughing)- u know what Rudra meri aur Soumya ki bet lagi thi ki woh tumhe ignore karegi but woh bet haar gayi

he laughed even more because she lost the bet

Their love was eternal and they were together since past 3 years…almost all college knew about her…

Romi- Rudra

saumya role her eyes…as she broke the hug and stood in front of romi

Soumya-find someone else romi…he is mine

she said and walked away dragging him with her

He smiled widely at her announcement…they were in love and together since years but she never do this…she was quite shy about it

Rudra- will u dance with me pretty lady

Soumya nods and puts her hand in his

As they danced together with many other couples he knew it’s time to take next step as it’s their last year of college and a perfect time to give their relationship a name because even their family knew everything about them

He excused himself and went to DJ…took hold of the Mike and diverted everyone’s attention towards him and made his way to her who still stood in the middle of dance floor…she kind of felt what was coming and her hands reached at her mouth as her eyes widened when he sat on his knees

Rudra-Somu will you marry me?

He asked as he forwarded his hand towards her …everyone cheered for them as she nodded…he stood up and kissed her at cheek…she blushed hard and hugged him…he hugged her back and from the corner of her eyes she saw romi leaving fuming badly…she giggled on that and tightened her hold around him.

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