rumya ruvya love chapter 25

rumya ruvya love
chapter – 25

“I am not rudra….. its time we both move on , I cant be with u …. I am sorry” I say and turn on my heel leaving behind the man I love most behind in the rain because I cant take any more pain…..

soumya’s pov continueing after conversation with rudra

“soumya” I hear abhi’s voice say as the bedroom door opens.
I was not shocked to see him here at my house
“I am here” I say quietly , but loud enough for him to hear.
“I m sorry,” I say not looking in his eyes with silent tears rolling down my cheeks.
“its okay” he says taking me into his arms , rubbing my back
I shake my head “no. it’s not…” I say crying harder because I m right , its not okay. what I did at venue was uncalled for , but so was rudra showing up to break the marriage apart before its even started.

“I love u and I know u love him , u still love rudra… and don’t try to disagree because I can see it in your eyes” he says walking to sit on the bed with me still in his arms.

“soumya?”he says in question
“hmm?” I mumble into his shoulders, still crying.
“we shouldn’t and cant get married.” he says and I nod
“hmm…” I say sighing
“that doesn’t mean I won’t be there for u because I will be always” he says and I smile , wiping my tears away.
“ you know , what If u continues like this , I will fall in love with u” I say staring at him and he smiles.
“I know but I already love u … and I know that I have to let u go.” he says and a tear fall down my cheek. I go to wipe it away but he beats me to it.
“maybe…. we just weren’t meant to be” he says placing his hand on my shoulder
“maybe,” I say looking at his eyes and giving him a kiss on his hand which was on my shoulder , a first and last kiss.


I couldn’t stay here right now…. I needed to get things off of my mind.

so I asked my daadi maa , if she would be okay I will be leaving for some days , she said yes assuring me everything would be right

I need to move on and say my goodbyes, goodbyes to the men I love ….. they aren’t forever , but they are for now.

goodbye rudra , the man I cant seem to stop loving …. the man who has put me through so much pain

goodbye abhi , the man I could not love , but the man who was there for me always , who had supported me .

I made my way to the airport and booked a flight , it was next flight out of here as I am hoping to get away as soon as possible.

thirty minutes later I boarded the plane ,as I sat down looking out of window , I could only think one thing….

I m truly sorry rudra and abhi…


rudra’s pov

the next day , I went to soumya’s house to apologize for ruining her wedding. if she really doesn’t love me then I ll give her divorce as I am an oberoi , the divorce can be given as soon as possible , in a single day too then she will be free from me forever.

*knock* knock

“rudra?” abhi questions as he opens the door of soumya’s house
“hey abhi” I say quietly
“can I speak to soumya…. I owe her … well both of you an apology for ruining your wedding and…”I could not complete my sentence I said walking inside as he motioned me to come in

“its okay… we cant marry and….” he says but I stop him
“no u can both marry as I ll give divorce to her , it would not take long rather than a single day and u can marry her later” I say looking down not meeting his eyes

“no rudra , after that also we will not marry” he says and it surprises me.

“what??” I ask not believing my ears.

“we aren’t getting married…. we both knew that she will always loves u ….” he says and I shake my head.

“she told me she didn’t love me anymore” I tell him and he shakes his head.
“well she lied..” he says and I feel all hope coming back.

“where is she?” I ask and his face falls.

“at the airport, she’s leaving for a bit..”he says and I am surprised , I recover back from my shock and
“thank you” I say and runs out then I came back and hugged abhi tightly

“run rudra run , get your love back” I look into his eyes last time and run out of the house to my car.

once I get in and turn the engine on I speed past all of the stop signs and red lights. I wont loose her this time.

I m going back to get her back… she does love me..

I ran into the airport and asked the lady at the desk what flight she was on and if it left yet…

seems like luck was on my side because the plane was still here , but they were boarding.

I bought a ticket of shillong to get through the gates and ran all the way to where the terminal was, by the time I made it to the gate number the door was already closed.

“excuse me , I need to get in the plane”, I told the attendant.

“I am sorry sir , but its already leaving”

“I need to stop that plane!” I say loudly making people look at me.

“is there a way down there?” I ask pleading and she nods

“theres the door over there to the left that has the staire leading to outside …. but sir , you wont make it..” she says pointing to the right with a sad look

“I am an oberoi and oberois never quiet , watch me” I say and run after the women I love…

I ran and ran down the stairs through the door to get outside and I was so happy when I saw a motorcycle.

it must belong to someone who is moving but I need it , I hop on and get it to start before speeding towards the runway .

I wont let her leave me again.


soumya’s pov

the plane was full , there was a girl sitting beside me who seemed really nice to me , but all I could think about was rudra…

she talked me and we introduce ourselves then

she asks me “so what reason are you going to shillong for” I sigh

“just to get away from all my problems for a few days.” I said leaning back to my chair.

“how about u” I ask glancing at her.

“boy trouble… my boyfriend I broke up due to my ex and I needed a gateway” she said it and it reminded me of abhi and rudra.

“yea, I know how u feels because my story is quiet same like yours or totally same , my marriage was yesterday but it broke , and I am also leaving to free from some drama ” I say feeling my eyes tear up.

“ oh!! I am sorry” she says and hugs me ,I see the plane has start moving

“are you an hopeless romantic?” she asks randomly or changing the topic

“not really… I like romantic stuff , but I don’t think I am hopless romantic . why??” I ask wondering where the question came from.

“because I am… I love watching movies where the guy chases after the girl he loves at an airport or something like that” she says and I glance out of window

“yea , but none is real . its all a big fairytale” I say looking back at her

now we are about to take of on the runway when everyone around us starts pointing out of window and murmuring stuff that I cant understand

“what do you think is everyone is looking at?” I ask shruti(friend whom she is talking so long) then she glances on the window with her wide eyes glancing.

“that someone’s trying to race the plane on a motorcycle” she says and I turn to look…

“rudra” I whisper

“whos rudra?” shruti asks me
“we have to stop the plane” I say looking out of window

“stop the plane!” shruti and I yell together

“ stop the plane” we yell again but more people yell with us.

the plane is just going faster

“shruti I am going to the front and have them stop the plane” I say as she gets out of the isle seat and I ran to the front

I bang on the flight captains door much to the attendant dismay
“maam u need to take ur seat” they say trying to get me stop

“no , I need to stop the plane” I say and captain opens the door

“please stop the plane” I say and they sigh because everyone is chanting to stop it

he sighs and I smile and goes back to my seat

as the plane stopped , rudra also stops his motorbike

the door opens of plane and shruti speaks “ go get your prince charming” unknowingly without my words she had got the right things

as I walk down , I look people looking me and following down to see whats going to happen . I want to know to because I too didn’t have no clue.

“rudra, what are you doing” I say as I descends down from stairs and walk towards him.

“I am stopping the woman I love from leaving me again” he says and I stop infront of him

“ru…” I say to start , shaking my head , but he stops him

“no sumo , let me talk first” he says and I nod

“I know that u love me… nothing u say will make me believe otherwise” he says and I shake my head.

“I know I am not perfect … I make mistakes , but I love u , I love u sumo” he says and I feel my eyes getting watery.

“I cant live without u sumo …. your me first and last love , my only love and I wont let u leave me” he says and I stare him in saddness

“I cant live without u sumo , I lost u once due to my mistake … I wont lose u again…” he says and gets down on one knee …. he pulls out a small black box from his pocket and as he open sit I gasp…

“ will u accept me as your husband , will u marry me again” he asks me making me speechless

“rudra….” I say sighing as I slightly shake my head

“you have hurt me so much” I say with slight tears as I look at him
his eyes seem like they are loosing hope . I want to say yes , but there is still something holding me back.

“ I know sumo , trust me I know I hve hurt u . but plz give me another chance!” he pleads as he stands up while I look behind me and see that almost everyone is watching me.

“ru…”I start and he cuts me off.

“ I love you sumo , nothing is ever going to change that , you’re the only one for me … please.. don’t leave me ….” he says again and I can feel all of his emotions through the words.

“okay” I whisper as I look up to in his eyes

“what?” he asks as he didn’t he hear me.

“ yes , I ll marry u again , yes I do accept u as my husband” I say and he has the biggest smile ever.

he wraps my arm around my waist as he starts to spin me around . “ she said yes” he yells and I cant help but laugh as he finally puts me down.

rudra took the ring out of box and grabbed my left hand. he brought his lips to give me a small kiss before the sliding the ring into my fingers.
“ I love you” he said smiling down me

“ I love u too” I blushed seeing people clapping around us


hence the story ends , u ll get the epilogue day after tomorrow , i hope u all must have enjoyed

i just want that at this last chapter , every silent reader should comment and expree his her views on my story

thanking you for your support , love , comments and everything

yours truly


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