rumya ruvya love chapter 24 maha episode by niku

ruvya rumya love mahaepisode
chapter 24

after 2 days
soumya’s wedding day

rudra has spent both of the days thinking about soumya and soumya’s word “his love is very much to keep us tie together”
he had never felt so low , weak before , he knew that when he denied his marriage , soumya loved her , and he was a such a fool who was not able to realize her love , her purity

he blamed her for the things which were not at all related to her , he humiliated her on the flight where she saved everyone’s life and she was ready to take bullet on her
he was laughing at the instant and then crying on his faith , no not at faith but himself that what he had done
he reminded all the moments from the start of his journey to find soumya , to realize his mistake with the help of chubby , his childhood friend who told him that soumya loves her

he smiled at the fact that soumya used to love him , then the memories came flooded back that how he denied to chubby that he had not done this all due to his ego , of being sumo fat , he had not slept for nights , had escape from everyone , like now he did
he was in dehradun but didn’t went back to soumya’s house , the same way he had left the house and hadn’t talked to anyone , he had visisted the places where soumya and he met , he went to the place where they were married in charity event and he drunk a lot at the same way he was doing from past two days and then next day he opened his eyes infront of bhavya , his bestie who had helped him to reach soumya

everything was totally same , he lost , drunk , thinking of sumo , the guilt , his mistakes but the only difference was that at that time, he had to find sumo but now he had find sumo who is marrying that damn abhi ,

he smiled thinking that his both best friend who played a major role in finding soumya thinks that he will come back with soumya but little did they know that she getting married

rudra talking to himself – wait , stop rudra , chubby said she loves u , and and she said she don’t love abhi that means she loves me now also and the most important thing rudra , u dumbbell oberoi , u were married in a charity event , ur marriage is still valid , denying does not say u r not married , go rudra go , run , u duffer , run , there is still time

rudra ran with one thought in his mind
“its time to stop the woman I love from marrying the wrong man”

on other side
soumya’s pov
rudra has shown up after our last conversation , well its good for me as my mehendi and sangeet went smoothly and I enjoyed that

today is my wedding day , I not so excited as I should be, I am happy that I am marrying abhi but deep down in my heart I know that a part of my heart will always belong to rudra

I think its better this way , I should move on and enter my next chapter of my life and I think I am ready

I know rudra does not want me to marry , he had something different in his eyes when we last talked , his eyes told me he would take me back but I hope he wont

I am moving on completely from him today and I hope he would to , oh soumya he was never at u so there is no choice of moving on , only u had to move on and today u will

abhi took really very nice venue for our wedding , its very beautiful and big too , as the gathering is quite small

“ready for hair and make up soumya” asked riya who had walked in the room with the beauty crew
“yea” I said smiling brightly
after 2 hour

“u look beautiful” riya said in a awe and I did

my hair was done with a bun after curling my hairs , my make up was done perfect like a total bride ,I had wore the jewelry given by DM and abhi’s mom

I took a round infront of a mirror , my lehenga was so beautiful , with red and golden work , too heavy , but I loved it

knock knock

“come in” I said still looking myself at the mirror
“ wow , my sweety looks so beautiful , she is now going to bid by me” said my DM
I hugged her and a tear came to my eyes
“no ,sweety don’t cry , u will spoil your make up”
I smiled at her and she put a nazar ka teeka behind my ear for my safety
“are u ready sweety” asked my DM
I nodded my head in yes

the door where ceremony was taking place opened , I saw many people sitting on the seats and some were standing , then immediately my eyes looked over abhi , he looked very handsome in the red golden sherwani

my DM and on other side , riya carried me to the place where mandap was set up
now I and abhi were standing against each other , looking at each other shyly

pandit ji asked us to put the varmala’s but abhis mom interrupted
“ pandit ji , in our side , varmala in not the ritual to be done , in our custom , it si not there”
everyone gaped and was like why no varmala
then she again said “ in our side , it is said that this varmala , garland exchanging system bring bad omen to us , in our family history of marriages , no marriage was completed after this ritiual”
then she asked to my DM that if she was okay with it , my dm said “ I have no problem , but I don’t think that this custom should be left as”

before that abhi interrupted “ mom let it be nna , see everyone is so excited for the garland ceremony”
abhi’s mom again said “but beta”
abhi interrupted her again “no beta veta mom , this garland exchanging is happening and I don’t know anything”

after that his mom sighed and we changed our varmalas and sat on our places in our beautiful mandap
pandit ji started chanting their mantras and after some time he made us to stand and asked us to take fairas , vows , the seven vows of taking round and giving promises to each other
we made our promises to repect , care , take all the responsibilities of each other and our families , we promised each other to be together and whatever may be the condition good or bad

we both sat on our places again , riya tied us together with our duppatas
“ now gentleman , put the sinddor in the vermilion of the bride” pandit ji was saying but get stopped by the loud voice
“N – no” I said shaking my head , he cant do this………. he wont do this

“you cant marry him sumo” he said walking towards the mandap, fully drenched from outside rain , making me to take a small step back
“ what are u doing rudra” I question him , I knew it was a time to move on

“ I am not letting the woman I love slip through my fingers” he says as he stops infront of the mandap
I was confused , what did he said , he love me but its too late
I said “ its too late” shaking my head
“ no, its not , I love u sumo and and this marriage can not happen as u are legally married to me in an charity marriage event , no matter we deny or say , we are married” he says loudly and I cant take it

“ no this is not true” I yell . he cant just come there and stop my wedding and think that I am going to believe him or run away with him

“I I am sorry , I I cant cant do this” I say grabbing my lehnga as I hold it up and run out of the mandap past rudra into the pouring rain as I take a quick glance at abhi

“ I am sorry abhi” I whisper to myself as I keep running . there is make up running down my face , my hair bun is open , drenched in rain , my lehnga is getting ruined by the rain . luck wasn’t on my side today as rudra caught my arm as I was running from him , from venue , from everything

I didn’t even realize he was chasing me , but that’s probably bcoz my eyes are clouded by tears . nobody would be able to see them though , they were disguised , streaming down my face along with rain

my mind could not take that he loves me and we are legally , married the marriage he never accepted , which was nothing for him , for us

“sumo stop” he says getting a better grip on my arm as I try to get away , I don’t want to stop . he needs to stop chasing after me and let go

“look at me” he says turning my face , when I do , he inhales deeply

his grip loosens and I notice that his expression sofetened , probably because of my tears . he wasn’t supposed to tell that I was crying , but I don’t even care anymore. rudra was about to say something , but I beat him to it.

“how could u!” I yell hitting him in the chest.

“because we are meant to be together!” he says grabbing hold of my wrists.

“I cant be with u ,rudra” I yell crying more.
“plz forgive me sumo , I am sorry for what I have done, I am sorry sumo , plz be with me ” he said pleading to me
“No , no , I don’t love u anymore” I yell and he drops my wrists. he looks like he is hurt the same way he had once hurted me.

“w- what?” he asks quietly like he’s afraid of what he’s hearing.
“ I – I don’t love u anymore,” I said looking away and I can tell he is shaking his head from the corner of my eye.
“you do ….. I know you do.” he says looking straight at me, but I shake my head. it hurts, seeing him like this as I lie about my love for him , he cant know how I feel because we could never be together.
“I don’t,” I say still not looking at him.

“look me in the eye and tell me, u don’t love me”he says seriously and I glance at him.
“ I….I” I couldn’t seem to say it.
“see u cant say it” he says and I need to make him believe.
I take a deep breath before looking straight into his eyes.
“I don’t love u anymore” I say and he staggers back like I just stabbed him in the heart.
“y- you’re lying” he says like he is trying to convince himself
“I am not rudra….. its time we both move on , I cant be with u …. I am sorry” I say and turn on my heel leaving behind the man I love most behind in the rain because I cant take any more pain…..

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and yo it’s the longest chapter I have written yet
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