rumya ruvya love chapter 23

rumya ruvya love
chapter – 23

rudra’s pov

the sleep was far away from me from these many days when I was trying to find soumya and now when she is infront of my eyes, I was not able to do anything , the seen of her engagement was going infront of my eyes again and again , replaying itself

I saw the sun rising and got up from my bed , I looked around my room , I was really thankful to soumya’s daadi maa that she allowed me to stay here for a night when I pleaded her , it was very sweet of her , well on other side , her eyes showed me pure worry for soumya .

I got into the shower and when I come back , I heard noises out of the door , I dressed myself quickly and opened the door , I saw many people working here and there , putting flowers and doing some decoration , while many girls were roaming here and there too , it was then I spotted DM

I asked her “daadi ji , what is all this going on”

she looked nervous , tensed answering my question , as if carefully choosing my words “vo , we are doing preparations for haldi ceremony”

I felt like my floor has slipped from my feets , and it now clearly shows why was she nervous about my question , so it was soumya’s haldi , she has not only exchanged rings with that man but soon going to marry him , i was shocked but i knew she loves me , I had to apologise her and get her back

my thoughts came to a stop when I saw soumya coming from other side In a beautiful yellow green lehnga , her hair open , wearing long earrings of flower and a single bracelet , but the most beautiful was her flower crown which suits her , it was looking as the crown was only made for her , for the princess , I felt bad that I have hurted the same princess this badly that she has moved on and even don’t want to listen me

I cornered myself as the girls surrounded her , started teasing about the man whom I guessed is name abhi through their talks , then they started apply haldi to her

it was then I spotted a girl who was talking to much to sumo , like best friends or sisters , I came to an idea that maybe that girl can tell me about sumo and that disguisting abhi

I decided to talk to her
I was finding a apportunity to have some words with her
after some time of sumo’s haldi , I saw her going in a room , I followed her and stopped her by calling her name riya , if I am not wrong that her name is riya

she turned back recognizing me
“ u are the same man who yesterday came to so..”
before she could complete words I spoke “ yes , I am rudra singh oberoi”
with this she started going back to the place
“plz listen to me once” I pleaded her to listen me
she stopped “what do u want from me”
“ I need ur help”
she immediately spoke without thinking “no I am not going to help u in anyway , I am not going to betray my bestie by talking to the person whom she does not want to talk”

I felt really happy that soumya had so faithful people around her but seriously I needed her help to know who abhi is

I started requesting her that I only wanted to know about abhi , after many request she finally gave up and asked what I wanted to know
“ who is abhi and how sumo I mean soumya and abhi met”
“see I am just anwering ur question bcoz u are requesting so much and I feel like trusting u so , abhi is soumya’s boss , I and soumya works in her company , about six seven months before they met , they were good friends , from past six months our boss abhishek was asking her for a date , but she rejected every time and last month she excepted it and from then they are together”

I was fuming with anger that abhishek was asking her for a date from six months and but I controlled it saying , rudra she going to marry him

“ so they both get together well so much that she is marrying him by knowing him only a month or two”
“ I don’t know mr.rudra what took her overnight to take a wedding in four days well , it was only decided to have an engagement and there was no plan of getting married and I know soumya that she does not love abhi but abhi do loves her from his heart , and I am so very sure that abhi would keep her happy well in short they would be happy together”

riya left with this , I was standing in utter shock that she had decided to be married becoz of him , it was not predecided , I was confused should I be happy that soumya don’t love abhi or be sad at the same time that she is moving on , she is marrying

no rudra u have to stop this marriage , u have to talk with soumya , she have all answers of ur questions

I headed back to the place where haldi was going on , I saw that haldi ceremony was over , everyone is again doing some work and all are busy with themselves , I knew it it’s a perfect timing to talk with somu

i started walking here and there looking for soumya , I saw a room , I knocked it but no one answered , so I opened the door , and I was mesmarised to look the beauty infront of me , she was drying up her hair with a towel , coming out of bathroom in simple whit salwar suit , looking purely adorable , she looked towards me and we share eyelock for some time
I can tell that the eyelock consist of love pain , hatered , and all mixed emotions , it was broken by me as I closed the door so no one can interrupt bw our conversation . I started to move towards her

when all of the emotion of her eyes were replaced by an anger “what are u doing in my room”
“ sumo , I am not leaving this room before u listen me” I said with full determination and confidence in my voice
“ what left to listen mr.rudra singh oberoi and u should knock before u enter someone’s room and second think I am someone’s fiancé and going to marry him in four days”

“ I know sumo that I have done many mistakes , I have hurted u , I have so much wrong with u and that today I feel myself so guilty that I am not able to look myself in the mirror , I have done very wrong with u , i know u have full rights to be angry with me but plz don’t do the marriage , I want to apologise for every mistake I have done , I beg u to forgive me , I know I am not the one who can forgiven , u can give any punishment u want , u can beat me , say anything what u want , u can humiliate me as I have done with u but plz don’t give me such a punishment of u being marrying , plz soumya”
before I could say something more

“ u are very late mr.rudra singh oberoi , u see today u have realized ur mistakes but now its of no use , I have moved on mr. rudra , I have and I am very happy in my life , see abhi loves me so much , he trust me which u never did , now plz stop ur this fake drama and leave my room”
she said these with such a hatred and yes she was correct I never trusted her , I never believed on her , but I will not let myself weak , I will ask her for the forgiveness till she did not forgive me

“ sumo , plz”
“ no sumo , my name is soumya , u mr.rudra I said leave my room now”
I held her hand tight as she was going to leave room
“what about u soumya , u said abhi loves u , do u love him”
I can see she was dumbstruck with my question , I very well knew that she does not love abhi so how she marry him

she looked back in my eyes “ yes I don’t love him”
I smirked that I was successful somewhere but that happiness didn’t last long
she said “ yes I don’t love him but he loves me and I like him too may be today I don’t love him but tomorrow I will definitely love him , and I know that his love is very much to keep us tie together”

this time I left her hand , she went , this time I was dumb struck by her statement , I was standing numb there regretting on my mistakes

hey guys , I hope u like this chappy , u don’t know it took 3 hours to right it , and it took days for me to rewind the stories and parts in my minds , I have been thinking for this confronation so long, practicing it again and again in my mind

drop ur comments and views about the part
love u
urs niku

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