rumya ruvya love chapter 22

rumya ruvya love
chapter – 22

it was the early morning , the whole house was bathed with light of sun , but no one slept , the incidence of previous night made none of the person to sleep nor DM , nor soumya , nor rudra , neither abhishek

abhishek do trusted soumya but still that night he could not sleep , the memories were just coming back
something same was happening with soumya , she was thinking why now rudra has come back to her life , was the humiliation not enough which he had given to her , the sudden appearance of rudra made her weak once again but she made it out as nothing affect her , she knew still some part of her heart loved rudra but at the same time , she was very clear to move on with abhishek and now she wanted to tell everything to abhishek as soon as possible

she got up from her bed , took her phone which was on charging and messaged abhi that she wanted to meet him as soon as possible

abhi checked the message as his phone beeped , he wrote he would be coming to her house in 20 mins and he would be meeting to her in the garden just outside of the house

soumya was not shocked that it was an instant reply , she knew he too must have questions in her mind
she got up , and washed her face , brushed her teeth , without combing her hair , she put her hair in messy bun with the rubberband and in her night pyajams and top , she went to the garden .

soumya saw abhi in his pjs and a plane tshirt , his hair messy , no doubt he looked handsome in it too

first they both were just looking to each other awkwardly , what to speak but soumya stared the conversation

s – I am really sorry abhi , plz muje maff kardo , I should have told u the past of my life befor heading towards our future
a – no need to sorry soumya , I only told u that I want our future to be good , I don’t want to know….
before abhi could speak
s – I know abhi u trust me and I wonder u really do trust me so much , I am happy that I have got u in my life , but today I want u to listen whole my past which I thought will not affect my future

soumya’s pov
I took a pause and started to speak
“ before coming to dehradun , I was in mumbai for my studies , I met rudra first time at an hospital crying , he was crying for his bada bhaiya , I consoled him”

as I was tolding every incident of mine and rudra , evry memory came refreshing , giving back the pains , I told him everuthing from my love angel to bade bhaiya ,anika bhabhi , bade balon walein bhaiya to my teasing of rudra as crybaby , dumbbell oberoi , each and everything , how our marriage took place in drunken state , how we hide the marriage to how he denied the marriage , how he treated me , how he put blames on me , what happened at plane and everything

“abhi when I came here at dehradun , I was totally broken , in pieces , it was then DM entered my life , she is not my real DM but more than that , she was my tenant , she bring back the soumya who I was , so this was my story and I would be totally okay , if u now wanted to back off and leave me”

immediately he holded my shoulders with his hands softly and spoke “ I already told u soumya that I trust u , I love u”
then he holded my chin upwards with his finger “why will I break this marriage when I know my would to be wife is so strong , faithful towards me”

I was very happy that he is such a nice person who respects me so much

abhi then spoke “ soumya I want to ask u onething , I know u used to love rudra before but do u still love rudra”
I was taken aback with the question but I was also very clear that no matter I want to move on with him , he is just a perfect person who loves me
“no abhi , I don’t love him anymore , and yes its true that I don’t love u too but I like u and I know I would be loving u later , now I just want to live with u” I saw the contentment in his eyes , the satisfaction and a small smile crept on his face

“abhi , I want to say something more”
he looked at me in confusion
“ abhi can we preponed our marriage date , can we marry in 4 days”
I knew I was rushing but I cant give time to rudra , I don’t wanted to , I don’t want to feel weak on my knees , somewhere in my heart I knew there is a very small place in which I still love him , loves rudra and that place I would not be able to give someone’s else but the person standing infront of me is just a perfect person who loves me a lot , who trust me ,respect my decision , he is the one with whom I can spend my whole life happily , no matter what I don’t want my heart to forgive rudra

abhi was totally confused , standing there , as if he was trying to read me , to see why I am doing this

“ soumya , there is no need of hurry , we have time , a lot of time , we did engagement in hurry but I want u to take time for our marriage , I want that u don’t rush thing , I already told u this”
he again spoke “wait , are u doing this bcoz rudra is here , staying at your house”
I was shocked , he did read my mind but I don’t wanted to say it was true , I lied to him , I lied
“no no abhi , its not like that”
“then what it is like”
“ its just that I think I am ready for marriage , and its fine abhi , if u want to take time for our marriage , I am sorry I didn’t think about u , but u always think about me , I am really selfish , I am sorry abhi , its fine , u can take time”
“ soumya make one thing very clear in your mind that there is no need of saying sorry to me , I love u girl , and I have no problem in marrying u in four days but it just that I don’t want u to force or took any decision of ur life in pressure , I just wanted u to be sure , if u are really ready for the marriage” he spoke with such a concern in her eyes that I started to like him more
“ abhi , I am ready , I am ready for us to be married” , he hugged me immediately as if assuring that everything is fine or saying that he was with me with every decision

plz guys don’t kill me after this chapter but tell are u happy that soumya still love rudra in some corner of her heart or are u sad that she is going to marry in 4 day
chill guys , trust me , u are going to enjoy this ff to the core
till than stay tuned
yours nikunj

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  1. I’m sad soumya still love rudra and happy tat she going to married in 4 days.. ?. Waiting for the next part eagerly

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    Nice….I’m feeling bad for abhi.he is really a nice person and I’m happy still soumya loves rudra in corner of her heart waiting for next part

  3. Its gonna be interesting to see how rudra and soumya will be together, waiting for your next update eagerly

    Dear Niku
    Soumya Abhishek Conv? Iam Happy That Soumya Stil Love Rudra? Iam Not Sad For Soumya Marriage Decision Because I Know In End RuMya Unite Iam Sure You Unite Them? Really Excited For Upcoming Chapter??? It’s Interesting Chapter??????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  5. Jasminerahul

    soumya loves rudra,but since her heart is wounded by him she wants to move on with abhishek.cant blame her.loved soumya opening up her pat with abhishek n still he is accepting her.since rudra is back she wants to marry abhishek in 4 4 days how will rudra win her heart back?waiting to know how rumya will unite

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    It is nice

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