rumya ruvya love chapter 21

rumya ruvya love
chapter – 21

daadi maa’s pov

I don’t know whats written in the faith of my sweety , this engagement have been done , but I don’t know soumya has taken the decision in rage , fury or love , I just want my soumya’s happiness , plz god , help my soumya in making the right decision of her life , this rudra has again entered soumya’s life , I hope he doesn’t bring a storm with him , but bring happiness with him , I also saw a girl with him but she left when soumya and rudra was fighting with each other

many guest has also left the place when argument started , but finally from god’s sake , engagement happened

I started walking randomly wondering in my thoughts , when I saw that same girl outside the gate crying , yes I remember her , she was the one who was with rudra

I walked towards her , looked in her eyes , she was crying , crying with a pain of losing someone , I can feel her pain , it was totally visible from her face , she was looking totally as a pure soul who has lost precious one from her life

I put my hand on her shoulder , she looked over me , she started wiping her tears
(guys she is bhavya , I hope u must have got till now)
I could not control myself and asked her “ beta why are u crying ?? what happened , I am soumya’s daadi maa”

she looked in my eyes for a second and then spoke looking here and there as if she would look in my eyes and her lie would be caught“nothing daadi ji , vo I am fine”

“ u can tell me beta , I know u have the pain of losing someone”she was shocked by my statement as if she was not excepting me to say those words

I don’t know what happened to her , she immediately broke down , tears started to flow from her eyes .

“ beta , u can pour ur heart out , I am here to listen and its sometimes good to let out your emotions to someone , someone like me , a stranger” I put my hand on her hair to console her , to calm her down

I was feeling as if I am consoling my daughter , u may think I am mad , but it has become my nature to see everyone as my grand daughter , as if my own daughter ,it may be bcoz my grand daughter died and I was not there with her at her bad times , so I always see every girl as my daughter

I put her chin up from my hand “ look at me beta , tell me whats bothering u”

“what is there to tell daadi ji , I have no one whom I can say mine , the god has always been very cruel towards me , he has never given me a family , whenever I get some love or family , he takes away them from me , daadi ji , after so many yrs , someone came into my life who made me happy from the sorrowful , grief girl , he made me happy , smiling chirpy girl , but see what circumstances I have in my life , that guy does not love me , he love someone else , I am just friend to him …” with this she cant speak more , she started stammering and hiccupping , I suddenly hugged her took her in my embrace , to tell her that everything would be totally fine

from her talk , I knew whom she was talking about , may be she was talking about rudra , that’s why she left the place in bw , may be that’s why she was crying seeing her love going away from her , I did not confirmed , I did nt ask her the name of the person

“ meri bacchi , my daughter , listen , this god has made best pairs for everyone , my inner voice say u will get someone , who will love u more than u love urself , he will complete the incomplete u , remember my words , my daughter , u may think that god is cruel , but he will give ur happiness back with more love and care , u will find ur beloved ones , who will love u , take care of u more than anyone in the world , keep faith on u my bacchi , on the god too” I hugged her again , I know she will get a perfect guy and family for herself , deep down somewhere in my heart I know this

“daadi ji , I felt happy after talking u , I don’t know I will find my love or not or will ever be able to forget my first love but I will try to move , I promise u” she said those words with such a determination , I was happy and I knew she will do her best to move on . I don’t know when my eyes become moist , tears come out from my eyes , I just nodded my head in yes

“daadi ji , I need a favour from u , if rudra ask about me , plz tell him that I had gone back to Mumbai , I got somework there” I can see why she didn’t wanted to stay here

I said okay to her and give her a peck on forehead , she hugged me back and left the place , I saw her going and then I wiped up my tears , I was so confused that the stranger even whose name I don’t know had developed such a bond , relationship with me


so bhavya left the place and her chapter is closedin my ff too , so I hope u like the daadimaa’s pov , their bonding
I hope that u must be clear about bhavya’s emotions too , u must have realized that what she must be feeling when all this was happening
well this ff is soon gonaa end , so I thought of not giving any other bhavya’s pov but expressing her feelings through others point of view

I hope u enjoyed , so plz like and comment on my chappy
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yours truly

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