rumya ruvya love chapter 20

rumya ruvya love
chapter 20

rudra and bhavya reached to a place which was fully decorated with flowers and lights , the house was looking like a bride itself

rudra’s pov
I wondered that whose marriage is going on , we both started moving on , with my quite observation , I found out that there were very less people gathered there for someone’s enagemant , well I have not thought that how will I confront with sumo in someone’s engagement but as we have landed her through the tracing of soumya’s mobile , she may be here , I was praying to the god that my sumo should be here only

we move towards the gate of entrance , I saw people gathered there , I started searching sumo , and my eyes immediately landed on a girl , yaa my sumo , I saw her standing in a beautiful attire of cute red pink lehnga , I was mesmarised by her beauty , I noticed that she has lost some weight around 5 , 7 kgs but I don’t care , she was looking very pretty cute , suddenly I saw that she was holding a ring in her one hand and from other hand , she was holding some boys hand , it was that point I noticed that it was the engagement other than my sumo , I felt like as a sword piercing my heart , I felt broken but at the same the urge of stopping her felt inside me

I shouted “no , no this engagement can not happen” with this sentence , all the eyes landed on me , they all had a question mark on their forehead , who am I , then I saw my sumo who was looking at me shocked

now its no one’s pov

soumya came near rudra , having the engagement ring still in her hand
s – why are u here now , and who are u to stop my engagement , u want to stop my engagement , but this will happen ,see

soumya walked back to abhi , holded abhi’s hand once gain
r – I said that this engagement can not happen , stop this now

a – why this engagement cant happen , who are u
rudra with tears in his eyes – bcoz bcoz she is married
a – what??
r – yes she is married to me , we are married

suddenly soumya started clapping – wow , rudra singh oberoi , I am impressed , what are u saying that we are married , what kind of joke is this , ohh now I get it , u cant see me happy right , I am engaged and now u cant see my happiness , so u came here right

r – no sumo , what r u saying
s – stop , don’t call me sumo , my name is soumya , and what marriage are u talking about , we were never married , if I am not mistaken , the marriage was mistake in a drunken state , u never excepted its marriage , now after seven months on my day of engagement , u are here saying we are married , mr. rudra singh oberoi , we were never married , it was a simple mistake

r – no no sumo….

s crying – no don’t say anything , u again cant take my happiness back , see he (pointing towards abhi) is the person who made me happy and today I am going to be engaged with him , u urself will see with ur eyes

r – no soumya , I am here to appologise….
s – oh for what , mr.rudra singh oberoi , u were the one who said to me that u are the person for whom my family is suffering , I am the bad omen for the house , u were the person who said that u never want to see my face again in ur life when I saved u in airplane , u said so many things to me and now today u are here to applogise and creating problems in my engagement

rudra was totally numbed , he knew that it was him who did all the mistakes , he deserves it , he never ever thought that he will come across those circumstances , some time ago , he was thinking that how will talk to soumya in someones enagagment but it is soumya’s engagement , he felt that he would have never wished that soumya may be in that place or somewhere deep down in his heart , he thought that it is fine if soumya is happy in her life but it hurts him to see soumya with someone else , to see her getting engaged with someone else

in no time soumya walked to abhi and asked
s – do u trust me abhi , I know u had many questions in ur mind and u have all the rights to break this engagement , I know I would have told u my past but u only said that u r looking forward in our future , not at past
before soumya could say anything more
abhi – I trust u soumya , I trust u

it was everything soumya needed
s – so that means we are still doing engagement
abhi nodded in yes
soumya saw towards rudra and put the ring in abhi’s hand , and immediately forwarded her hand to abhi
abhi too put ring in soumya’s hand
everyone clapped

rudra fell on the floor , he saw the trust in abhi’s eyes which he never had for soumya , he saw the charm and love in abhi for soumya which he could never gave to soumya but something in his heart still said that somewhere in soumya’s heart she still loves him , he felt that it was her anger who did that enagagment , it was some burden in hers that she was carrying from last seven months inside her , he was crying at his destiny that he realized his love when his love was going apart from him , he never valued , never considered his marriage when soumya was with him , somehow he felt he should not loose hope , he should fight for soumya , fight for his love which he has discovered in no time , he gathered all his courage , all his strength for the fight he was going to fought for his love , for his life and everything , he stood up with a strange fury in his eyes , fury of getting back his love

precap – so now how will rudra fight for soumya , will soumya forgive her , will soumya listen to him

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  1. It’s was too awesome.. love it

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  3. Feel very sad that sumo is fiance of some one else but i hope rumya will back soon as couple and bhava married abhi

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    finally the long awaited rumya meeting .but so sad that rudra had to see soumya getting engaged to rudra.but soumya is right in her place.good that rudra decided to fight 4 his luv n get her back.wonder how will he win her back

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