rumya ruvya love chapter 19

rumya ruvya love
chapter 19

soumya’s pov

my friends from my office are roaming here and there , teasing me about abhishek , that how I am getting engaged with my boss , but I am in my own world , thinking about the call , I don’t know why I felt that it was rudra’s call , maybe I am overthinking about him , about my past .
riya just snapped her fingers infront of me “see girls , someone is day dreaming about our boss” I nodded in no but they continue teasing me

I don’t know from morning why mind is just pondering here and there , I decided to myself that now I will not think about rudra or any other thing , today is the special day of my life , I am getting engaged and I don’t want to spoil it , I know abhishek is the perfect partner for me , he will keep me happy , he is not at all like rudra , arrgh I am again thinking about that person , stop it soumya , I said to myself
then I saw that my door is opening again , maybe now more people would enter and start teasing me but there was daadi maa standing with some girls

I was confused , I think daadi maa understood my confusion

she said “these are the girls who will ready soumya for the engagement , they will do her hair , makeup and everything , they will make my princess more beautiful”

I was surprised that how daadi maa afforded them bcoz they were wearing he uniform of the best hair do saloon of dehradun , it would be expensive , we were not that rich , I see that my friend leaving the room , now that saloon girl , daadi maa and me were left in room

I could not control my curiousity and asked dadi maa “daadi maa , but how did u manage..”
DM (daadi maa) put fingers on my lips “don’t say anything sweety , I know what u are thinking but I am ur DM right and u know I also had my grand daughter , and I had kept all this money for her marriage but as she is no more in this world but I see my grand daughter in u and I hope u will not mind , planning your marriage by me”

tears rolled down from my eyes and I hugged my DM hard , she too hugged and said “sweety , this is not the time to cry , its ur and my day to enjoy , now get ready in two hours , u had ur engagement”

I whispered in her ear “I love u DM , I Love u a lot”
she replied “I luv u too sweety , my soumya” and caressed on my hair

I love her like my own daadi , like my own mother , she is the one who had balance stability in my life , from my tenant , she turned into my only daadi maa , I love her so much

after 2 hours
rudra’s pov

finally i reached dehradun , I shouted coming out of airport “ I am coming soumya” , I saw that many people were glaring towards me as I am mad , but I ignored them , bhavya smiled seeing me , I am so happy but also preparing in my mind what to say to soumya , after meeting her , bhavya stopped the cab , we both sat inside it , bhavya told the address to the driver and asked him “how much time it would take to reach there

driver “madam ji , it will take 45 mins to reach the place atleast”

now I knew that it is going to be a very long time of my life , I don’t know how I am going to pass it , I was excited , sad , at the same time

I was seeing outside the cab , the rain has spread the greenery all over the place , it was looking beautiful as my sumo , I was reminiscing the moments I have spent with soumya , our eyelocks , our sweet nok jhok , her way of saying cry baby , dumbbell oberoi , me kissing her on the cheek at our drunken marriage , a lone tear escaped from my eyes thinking about our sweet moments

on other side
soumya’s pov

DM came inside the room
“aww my princess is looking so beautiful in this cute lehenga , I hope abhishek would not die looking at u”DM said teasing me

“now don’t u start DM” I pouted in fake anger
she immediately put a kaala teeka under my ear , she hugged me than , I felt like my own mother is showering love on me

now its my time to see myself in the mirror , the saloon girls didn’t let me to myself in the mirror

I looked in the mirror , I was looking really beautiful , my pink red lehenga was looking perfect on me , it was quite heavy according to the occasion but I wore it as abhi’s mom bought it , my make up was not too much , not very light , it was suiting me and my hair was kept into a stylish bun , I felt liking thanking them and I smiled and sweetly said thanks to them and told them that they would leave after attending my function and taking food
first they denied but didn’t argue more , and settled on my request

suddenly riya entered and encircled me in her arms , she told me that we have to go out , everyone is waiting for me , my one more friend from office came , they both took me outside , I looked over the people from the stairs , then my gaze turned to abhi , he was looking really handsome , we were colour coordinated , we both looked into each other eyes for a second , I left the gaze and came down from stairs

abhi’s mom and her sister shreya came near me and start taking me near the sofa where abhi was standing , abhi was continuously staring me but I didn’t felt bad , it was not at all a stare full of lust , anyone can see it was full of love , I kinda of blushed with the scenario and it didn’t get unnoticed by shreya , she started pulling my and abhishek’s leg

we both were finally settled at sofa and riya came out as the host of the function , she started her blabber of our fake love story , yes it may be a love marriage from abhi’s side but it is an arrange marriage from my side

I was distracted from thoughts when shreya started dancing on a song “naachne de yaara hill doll ke”
then riya danced on
“ mai bano teri radha”

I must say they both danced very well but shocking was my daadi maa , she got on the dance floor and danced on the song “ ladki beautiful kargyi chull”
I have to say she is full of entuthiasm and danced too well
but now riya and shreya dragged me and abhi on the dance floor , I was very shy and hesitating , it would be my first time to dance with abhi , they both played an romantic song “ chand saifarish” and we both have to do couple dance , then after sometime , all of us joined the floor

precap – so what do u think , will engagement happen , before rudra reaches , and think what will happen when soumya would see rudra ??
agge jaane ke liye padhte rahiye rumya ruvya love

plz guys do comment and like my episodes , soon the ff is going to end , plz all silent readers do comment on my ff

yours truly nikunj

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