rumya ruvya love chapter 18

rumya ruvya love
chapter 18

rudra’s pov

I am very confused at this point of time , it true that I have planned lot of things for this moment in my mind , if I ll find her contact no. or I ll see her than what I will say but now I am highly confused , I am standing under the building of radiostation with
soumya’s no. in my hand , bhavya is looking towards me to call her , but my finger has stopped working , I cant feel anything , my mind has stopped working but one thing which I can clearly hear is my hear beat , they are running too fast , I can feel the weather outside , it was gloomy , it was raining

I was in my deep thoughts , there was a silence bw bhavya and me , I am standing with the no. on my phone , I saw the expression on bhavya’s face , I don’t know why I felt she was sad , she was sad like me , I pondered oer the thought for a second , was that the reason , she was not speaking anything

but she immediately said “rudra , I know itwould be difficult for u to talk to her but”
she stopped as if she didn’t not have more words to speak , she squezzed to my shoulder , I knew what she was trying to say , I have to gather some courage to call her ,without thinking more , I justed clicked the dialed button

with the rings , my heartbeat too was getting fast , but the rings went and the call died , I looked over bhavya and she told me to try once again , I called soumya again , this time too ring went but no one answered , I was just going to cut the call when I heard the call was picked

yes the call was picked , a voice came “hello” , I could not speak anything , slient tears rolled from my eyes , she was soumya , she again said hello , who is there??

I was on cloud nine , I felt like I have achieved everything in my life , I was hearing her voice again , her meloudious voice , voice of my love angel , tears were just not stopping

suddenly I hear that many voices were coming from behind , I was not able to hear anything
I spoke soumya , but she didn’t heared , she was continuesly speaking hello , after I the call was cut

I called her back again , but the phone came to be switch off , I walk in the rain , I grabbed the floor with a sound of thud , tears were flowing , I was happy that yes there are chances that I can meet soumya , get her back but sad too if I did nt get her back , the negativity was too much there in my mind that happiness can not be seen in me , in myself

I didn’t noticed bhavya until , she landed her hand on my shoulder , I saw in her eyes , I can see the deep pain in her eyes , I felt like they too were crying but the rain was hiding them , I can read it , it was like a pain of losing someone from ur life , I don’t what happened to me at the moment , I just hugged her tight , I took her in my embrace , maybe becoz , the pain I felt was quite similar to me or it was just a hug I wanted to calm myself , a bestei hug

after some time we just took ourselves out from the mess , that rain has created for us , we changed into our dry clothes from the drenched ones , we are were going to boared a flight in 15 minutes for dehradun , I was glad that bhavya took the no and give it for tracing , she found out the location where the phone last switched off when I called soumya , we both know that soumya is now in dehradun and we are heading there now together , yes together , bhavya was not ready to come with me to dehradun , I don’t why but I knew that it would be difficult for me to face the situations alone , I needed my best friend who had helped me till here to find soumya , I tried my best to convince her , finally she aggred after lot of insistence

I know we could have easily taken the chopper , but it would led to many questions from shivaay bhaiya , that where are we going and no matter what he would get to know that I am finding soumya and that was the very reason I took help of bhavya instead of shivaay bhaiya , I don’t want him to take stress or take trouble bcoz of me , he had finally got married with anika bhabhi , after so much of problems , I want them to enjoy hence I decided to take a flight , normal flight , we would be reaching there in 2 hrs , I would be finally meeting my sumo

precap – so what do u thing will soumya get engaged , will rudra be able to reach before engagement , and I hope I have given quite description of bhavya’s feeling from rudra pov , there is much going to happen , lot of dhamakas

I hope u enjoyed the chapter and silent readers do comment plz , like my episode


thanking you
yours niku

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    phone scene was very emotional.wish soumya knew it was rudra.waiting 4 rumya meeting.i hope d engagement doesnt happen

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