rumya ruvya love chapter 17

rumya ruvya love
chapter 17

bhavya’s pov

today 5 days has passed after rudra’s confession of his marriages , these five days were very difficult for me , I had worked with him to find everything about soumya , we had contacted every possible friend of him , his ex-boyfriend rhyan , and everyone.

we both have also gone to her broadcasting studio in which she had worked as love angel , but there was nothing we can get , there was no number , no record where she may be , but a ray of hope was given by the recpensitionist of radiostation after my interrogation and making her afraid of me as I am ACP , I would have done something like that but she didn’t get to the point when we were requesting about the whereabouts of secret love angel , she then told us that there boss must have her contact no. as she is used to work here secretly , no one has seen her face and known her , so I and rudra fixed the appointment with there boss as soon as possible as I was an police officer and he was an oberoi with these tag , we had an appointment today , we both are going now towards his office sitting in a car , but these days were like an hectic to me , I have tried my best to control my emotion infront of rudra , anika bhabhi kept saying sorry to me and at the same time encouraging me and being pride on me that I have decided to help rudra , I cried a lot at nights , and tried to be strong and remain as a best friend to rudra , not expressing my feeling , anyhow I had survived these days , these was the most difficult time for me , difficult than by my training session , difficult like loosing people in my life , now we are heading towards our last hope to find soumya , maybe I would be free from rudra , I have decided , once he would get soumya , I would leave from his life for forever , never seeing his face again
rudra’s pov

I am sitting in the car peeping outside the window , thinking about the past five days , I am really very grateful to bhavya , as my best friend , she had done everything to help me finding soumya , I don’t know what I had done in my life , if I would not have bhavya and chubby as my besties in my life , today I may find my sumo and I will say my heart out about every single mistake I have commited , have hurted her , I was thinking what would I say to her “ I am fool who said these words to u” or “I am guilty for my mistakes , plz forgive me” many lines , many thoughts were pondering in my mind , I literally was occupied with so many thoughts that I don’t know what would I say but I hope after searching from these many days we would get something fruitful from mr.khandelwal (boss) , I was praying to god when I saw that I have reached my destination , we both came out of the car , start moving to the office , where we say that lady receptionist giving us a smile may be with a fear of bhavya , I thought , but after giving back her a smile , we headed towards mr.khandelwal , there he was sitting in his chair , we can see it through his glass door .

we knocked the glass door , he asked us to come in , we entered the room , we both introduced ourselves , after listeining to our names , he stand from his chair
“how can I help u both?” he asked us in surprising tone
“ mr.khandelwal , actually we wanted to know about soumya tendulkar who used to work here as love angel” I replied him
he looked quite shocked might be bceoz we knew who love angel was ?
the after composing himself he replied “can I know who u are , and why are u looking for her”

that question who I am of soumya has been asked many times and I myself don’t know but I said “ actually we are her friends , her college friends and suddenly she disappeared , we wanted to contact her and know about her , and I am rudra singh oberoi and she used to live in our house as a friend” I tried to explain him so he may not ask further questions

he sighed a little “she doesn’t work here anymore and I hope u know that , well , I don’t know what took her to leave this job ,as we were going really well , we had really great responses and many people even asked about her after she left , I also said that I will increase her pay but she refused and asked for leave”

I know that why she must have done that , she just wanted to be very away from us , I was in my own thoughts

when bhavya asked “that’s okay , mr.khandelwal , we would be really grateful if we can know where is she now , or can get any relative important information about her , her cell no, did u have her contact no.”

yaa that was really important , if we can know where is she

“ I don’t know where is she now , but I do have her contact no , I had taken it , if I would need her near future , she had given me , well she promised me not give to any another person , but you both look u know her well , that’s why I am giving u” said mr.khandelwal , I was happy that finally we would have some clue where is she , maybe we we would be able to trace her know about her .

soumya’s pov

oh my god , there is so hustle bustle going around me , and all are busy doing some work of my engagement and here I am sitting infront of the mirror thinking whether I had taken the right decision of getting engaged with abhishek so early , yaa yaa what are u thinking soumya , he loves u and have every quality to keep u happy , it’s the very right decision of your life , I don’t know what was happening to me but my mind did not stop thinking and from somewhere my mind crashed to rudra , we were married but no it was marriage by mistake and it does not mean anything , right soumya , and I am not doing anything wrong with abhi , I had tried told him so many times but he said he didn’t care about past but looking towards our future , and I agreed with it , whats now left in past , nothing , it had been seven months and I should move on as daadi maa say , I don’t what made me say yes for engagement that too so early , every moment was coming back to me when , abhi’s mom came asked that if we could have engagement , and then abhi told me that he is not at all in hurry , it would be fine , he will wait but I said yes , and now today evening we are going to be engaged , he would be my fiancé , I saw daadi maa coming towards me and instructing me to get ready

“yaa daadi ma there is lot of time , there are 3 to 4 hrs , what will I do getting ready so early” I argued

“ no , u will not know how time passed , get ready soon” ordered me my pretty daadi maa


I am really sorry guys , for being super late , I m really sorry , I am doing sit ups okay now , but do comment and tell me how was the episode , and I will try to update regulary , I ll try

and a very happy diwali guys , enjoy

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