rumya ruvya love chapter 16


rumya ruvya love
chapter 16

the very next morning of karvachauth
at Mumbai

anika’s pov
last night I saw bhavya crying and slamming her door , now I should once check bhavya how is , I knocked on the door 2 -3 times but she didn’t opened , so I opened the door as it was not locked and what I saw make me feel sad
bhavya was lying on the floor , it can be seen that she had cried a lot last night , tears were still in her eyes closed
, I suddenly sat beside her on the floor , and started awaking her , she opened her eyes and immediately hug me tight and started weeping , I grabbed her but could not stay more without consoling her as all this raiyta faiylaing was done by me , I only made her realize that she loves rudra without telling her the big truth of his life , and it was all my mistake
“bhavya” before I could say more

she started speaking “ bhabhi , see god is so cruel with me , he has taken away my love , bhabhi , he was the only one but he took away rudra from me”

I was confused as this truth does not mean that they cant be together “no bhavya , what are u saying”
bhavya started hiccupping and stammering “bhabhi , rudra don’t love me and he loves soumya , he wants me to help him in finding soumya”

I was totally in shock that how is it possible , the rudra who took out soumya from his life , yaa we all know that they had chemistry , but he never accepted his marriage , he also made us accept that he don’t love him , nothing is bw them , now I know what disaster I had created in bhavya’s life , I don’t know how would I face her , I just thought that I am guilty for not telling the truth of rumya marriage but here I am the most guilty person , I had done so wrong with bhavya , oh god what I had done

tears started coming from my eyes too seeing bhavya’s condition
“bhavya I am really very very sorry , this is all my mistake , I never knew that rudra loves soumya , it is all my mistake , u are suffering” I started crying

but bhavya smiled , tears were still in her eyes but she was smiling , I was confused why she is smiling
“bhabhi , its not ur mistake , how will u know that rudra loves when he himself don’t know that he loves her”I was surprised by her statement what she meant
“bhabhi , he thinks he just want to apologise her , as he is guilty for saying bad things to her but bhabhi , I can,I can see in his eyes , the love for her , the care as u saw in my eyes for rudra” I felt really shocked , that how can be a person , so strong , so selfless , and no , I am here to make her feel more strong , to support her .

I just hugged her once again becoz I know its not easy for a person to see someone u love , loves someone else and u yourself admitting it , it needs courage and yes my bhavya has that courage

“ bhabhi , I have decided one thing what if I don’t get my love , I will help rudra finding soumya , atleast he would have his love” she was crying at the statement , but I was proud of her

“bhavya , I am proud of u , really proud , u are the strongest and the selfless person I have ever seen in my life , I am sure , u too will have someone in ur life that would love u more than u love u herself”

“I don’t know bhabhi , I think its not possible , (smiles) my destiny always plans bad for me , I will never have someone my life , no one can take rudra’s place from my heart , but I am too sure now that I will try to help him in finding his love , I will try , I know it would pain(pointing at heart) , but bhabhi , I am used to it , everyone leaves me , no matter what, I am not good for anyone” I just kept my fingers on her lips , how can she say that , I know she is broken from inside , but i very well know that , she would have someone who will love her like a queen , I know that she will not understand it now , as in case of mine , I never thought that shivay would come in my life , I would have someone who will love my more than me , now I saw old me bhavya , but my inner conciouseness knows that she will have the best , destiny must have planned something more better for her

I make stand bhavya , made her go for a shower and I strictly ordered her to do breakfast but she insisted that she will have it in her room , I don’t made a argument and agreed bcoz at this time she needs time for herself

I leave her alone for binding up her inner turmoil

so , now plz plz tell me did u like anika’s pov and yes bhavya is a positive character , and rumya seens on the way

plz do comment guys

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  4. UF3355

    Dear Niku
    Anika Pov😘 Thank You For Making Bhavya Character Positive😘 It’s Interesting Chapter😘😘😘👏👏👏

    Take Care And Stay Safe😊

  5. Jasminerahul

    anika’s pov was written beautifully,yes anika did a mistake by hiding d truth from bhavya.thanku 4 not making bhavya -ve.good that she decided 2 unite rumya.but sad 4 bhavya that she is alone.plz give her a love interest like anika said

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  7. Ankita27

    Awesome update

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