rumya ruvya love chapter 15

rumya ruvya love chapter 15

at Sunday , karvachauth day
at night

daadimaa – so how was ur shopping with abhi sweety
s – daadi maa , it was really nice , and u know what I took a test of abhishek
d (confused) – test , what test
s – ohh daadi maa , actually I kind of did maasti with him , means I actually wanted to know that he is really such a good nice person as he is around everybody , daadi maa he is my boss at my office and I have always seem behaving really nice with everyone and dadi maa we were not friends so , I never knew how he was casually
daadi maa interrupted – so what did u got my sweety
soumya – daadi maa for me first thing which is really important for my going to be husband (suddenly gets sad by recalling the word husband and remincising rudra but covers up for daadi_) is respecting elders

d – so did he passed
soumya telling the story to daadi ma and recalling the incidence

so first we went up to cloth section as abhishek told me that her sister like dressing up very much and then I saw a old lady serving water and juices to the customer and I knew that as abhishek is rich man , and usually rich people don’t talk nicely with low class people so I decided first test
I told abhi that I am on that section so he can feel alone and I intentianlly made that old lady fall on abhi and all the juice and water get splashed on abhi

daadi maa in curiosity – so what did happened ??
soumya – I am telling daadi maa wait and the major shocking event happened

d makes a mental note that he must have screamed on old lady and had sewed her

soumya continouing – and and and he was not concerned about his clothes rather he was concerned that that old lady does not have any injury , he calmy asked her that is she okay and daadi maa I was in utter shock and then after 5 mins I come out from their hiding place and reacted like oh my god what had happened here

daadimaa twisted soumya’s ear – you are being very naughty soumya now a days , u have troubled him so much

s – daadi maa , leave plz , its hurting
d leaves her ear
s chuckles – picture abhi baakhi h mere dost
d – huh so he passed 1st test and now tell me about next one
s – hmm so he passed respecting elders test no. 1 and second was I want to confirm that is he really a cheapda in anika bhabhi’s language
soumya just numbed on her memories
daadi maa suddenly understands the situation and hugs her tight

soumya keeping the situation calm – haan , test was to check , that he respects girls or not
then we went to men’s cloth section to take his new clothes as he was fully drenched with water and juice , where from a distance , I saw the section of of of

soumya stammers
daadi maa – of what sweety
soumya – of lingeries
d – oh no , u u are such a stupid girl
soumya laughs – daadi maa , u r the modern , my s*xi daadi maa naa , so listen now , and there were posters of girls in bikni so accidentally pushed him that side and went into hiding to see will he look at the posters and check them out or not

soumya mimicking abhi
abhi closing his eyes – oh no , were I have come , what this place , this soumya where is she , I cant stand here , oh my god , how should I go out place , how did I came here

soumya – daadi ma , he was terribly shaking , it was really unexcepting for me as now a days , boys are always taading (staring ) at these posters and girl , and daadi maa , he was looking too cute , fumbling and stammering , closing his eyes with fingers
( guys imagine kunj of tashne – ishq in this situation)

then I immediately called a girl and told her to take him out of the place

d – also laughs thinking about abhi’s situation
d – so he passed 2nd test too
s – yap , he passed and the last one was the difficult for me too , it was confrontation
d – confrontation
s – yes , I want to confront that why he like me or rather say love me , daadi maa u know I am fat and my past is
d – oh my sweety , u r not fat , I ll just kicks the ass of the person , who would say that u r fat u r totally perfect my baby
s – yes , that’s what abhi said
fb starts
at malls , cafertia
s – abhi , I want to ask u something , something about me
abhi getting serious – yes ask
s – abhi , u r a perfect , tall and a handsome guy , any girl will date u but u like me , u r proposing me from last six month , but why me , see I am not of ur standard
abhi – yaa u r right u are not of my standard
soumya little bit shocked – yes that’s what I am saying na , I am fat , I am not that beautiful , that u a person can like u can love me
abhi – no u r wrong soumya , totally wrong , u r above my standards , u r really above me , u think u r fat , u r not , u r perfect , u are so cute , so good at your heart , u know that u r such a pure soul that anyone can love u and I will be the luckiest person on this universe if u loved me , u are a precious gem soumya , a very precious gem that I am not of u standard , and don’t u dare to say anything wrong about my soumya , about u

soumya had tears in her eyes , she had never been given such a respect

fb ends

daadi maa – hence my darling has passed all your three test
s smiling – yaa
d – so now whats ur opinion about him
s hugging d – I like him daadi maa , I really like him

precap – what do u think what will happen nect , of bhavya , of rudra , and see soumya had started liking abhi , there is so much suspense and many things are going to happen , till than wait for next update

keep showering ur love guys , do comment and like my episode
yours truly niku


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