rumya ruvya love – Chapter 14 by niku

rumya ruvya love chapter 14
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rudra – u want to know who soumya is , soumya and I were married , she was my wife , do u get it she was my wife

bhavya pov t – I felt numb with his words , what she was rudra’s wife , he is married , I could not know the reason why I am living in this world , the person whom I loved is not mine , can never be mine , never , I don’t know why god always takes away the people whom I love , I don’t know why , I suddenly collapsed on the floor wanted that earth should swallow me now , tears were shedding from my eyes constantly , I was unable to stop them
rudra bending down on his knees , tears rolling from his eyes – I am sorry bhavya , I am really sorry , I kept away a very big truth of my life hidden from you , I am really sorry , actually bhavya , u were my best friend , u were very close to me like my brother , u shared the pain of ur life but I didn’t I am sorry bhavya , but the story is more

bhavya pov – this rudra what he thinks of himself , I was only mad u loved him , he never ever considered me more than her best friend , I am such a fool but there is more of his story and I have to listen right

rudra – but bhavya u promised me right that u will help me in finding soumya yaa u said that right

bhavya pov – this rudra what he thinks , I ll help him , he hide such abig truth from me , I ll help me
(guys note the sarcasm in bhavya’s pov)

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  1. Jasminerahul

    was’nt posted b4?Plz don’t make Bhavya -ve.Let her leave peacefully.Her’s is a nice character

  2. Ankita27

    Nice update

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