rumya ruvya love – Chapter 13 by niku

rumya ruvya love chapter – 13

at om
no ones pov

there is so much hustle bustle around the house that everyone got up early from their usual schedule , actually everyone’s sleep is disturbed , and our rudy boy too get uo , yaa its true that he ha not slept well from many days but his coocned sleep is broken now

every man of the house sees that their wives are not there , nor anika the lady khumbkarran was sleeping , nor gauri in room , neither pinky and jhanvi , everyone shivaay , om , shakti and tej are shocked , they all come out from their rooms and sees that whole oberoi mansion is decorated beautifully with flowers but what was the occasion , it is still a question , all of them start putting pressure on their little brains , is there someones birthday , or someones anniversary which they are forgetting but neither of them got the answer but soon realized their very big waali mistake , it was karvachauth and none of them remembered and bought the gift , their mouth were opening like they are soon gonna die

shivaay – what the hell om
om – what shivaay
s – om I forget it was karvachauth and that too its my first one and I have not bought the gift
o – me too shivaay and u know I even don’t know what should I gift gauri

all these conversation are listened by shakti and tej

shakti – listen u both , I really give u an advice , that arrange something fast for ur wives gift or later u both will regret
tej – haan shakti has a good experience
all chuckled at that
shakti – bhaisabb

tej – vaise what u have bought for pinky
shakti – vo vo bhaisabb , I forgot but I ll manage , as usual I ll keep a fast with pinky and will bought some heavy necklace and she will be happy

tej thinks that he never ever gifted jhaanvi after all his bad deeds but this time as he is repenting on mistakes , he thinking of doing fast with jhaanvi and also to bring a gift for her

while our both obros shivaay and om are thinking what should they arrange in such a less time

on the other hand rudra gets to know that whole oberoi mansion is decorated due to karvachauth and a thought strikes in his mind will soumya too will be having a fast for him , no no why will she , I never agreed that we are married . but he doubts on himself that why he is thinking that soumya might have kept fast

all ladies of om had got up early in morning at 5 to take their respective saargis and now they all were planning about their karvachauth’s ceremonies

all these ceremonies are continued and all o bahus are looking very beautiful , they have dressed themselves the best and gauri and anika are looking the most preetiest women as it is their first karvachauth while all oberois man are busy in their planning for gift

at afternoon on dinning table

daadi – arre khoteyo why u all are not eating , I know all women have kept fast but why tej shakti billuomru are not eating

shakti – maa , u know naa I always keep fast so I ll not eat
d – okay but why u all are not eating
shivay taking anika’s hand in hand looking in anikas eyes – daadi I have also kept fast for anika
d – haaye mai marjavvan , vo what anika’s say mera billu toh sweet singh oberoi ban gaya
(omg my billu has turned into sweet singh oberois in anika’s language) and u om
om – me too daadi
(guys note that in my ff everything is okay b/w rikara)
d – okay so u all have kept fast
pinky – but jeht ji , why he is not eating , abb he will not keep fast for jehtani ji right

daadi looking towards tej

tej hesitating stammering – vo vo maa I … I ….. have also kept fast for jhanvi , maa I know I have done many mistakes in my life but now I want to give all the happiness to jhanvi which I could not gave in these years

jhanvi – thank u tej
tej – no need to say thanks jhanvi , I never gifted u anything in these yrs , but now I am regretting on my mistakes , and sorry jhanvi i have not bought any gift for u but I today I promise u that I will give u every happiness which u deserve , the respect , the honour , the love everything I ll give u , that’s my promise

jhanvi wiping her tears and nodding in yes

daadi – so now whole oberoi mansion except me and rudra , haina
ru – no daadi , I don’t want to eat anything I am not hungry
pinky – kyuun abb tune kiskleiya fast rakha ha , soumya ke liya yaa bhavya ke liyee ( oh now for whom u have kept fast for bhavya or soumya )
daadi shouting – pinky
pinky – oh my mata mummy ji maine ekdum corrects kaha h , 6 mahine hua nahi h soumya ko gaye hua par abb bhavya ke piche pada h (OMM , I have said everythings very corrects , soumya had nt left for six months and this boys is flirting with bhavya )
shivaay – mrs oberoi , I hope u r forgetting that u don’t have rights to speak in family matters and be in ur limits

bhavya was utterly shocked by pinkys’s statement
bhavya pov – what pinky auntyji is saying , why will rudra keep a fast for soumya , and what relation does he have that all oberoi family knows about her and they even didn’t contradict her , oh my god , my head will burst with these many question

all of them leaves the table and no one goes behind rudra as they saw bhavya running behind rudra

in rudra’s room
rudra was standing in silence well he was totally aware that bhavya is standing at his back

now bhavya could not control herself – speak rudra speak (shouting) who is soumya rudra , who is soumya , I want to know

bhavya was shouting at the peak of his voice
rudra – u want to know who soumya is , soumya and I were married , she was my wife , do u get it she was my wife

bhavya pov t – I felt numb with his words , what she was rudra’s wife , he is married , I could not know the reason why I am living in this world , the person whom I loved is not mine , can never be mine , never , I don’t know why god always takes away the people whom I love , I don’t know why , I suddenly collapsed on the floor wanted that earth should swallow me now , tears were shedding from my eyes constantly , I was unable to stop them
rudra bending down on his knees , tears rolling from his eyes – I am sorry bhavya , I am really sorry , I kept away a very big truth of my life hidden from you , I am really sorry , actually bhavya , u were my best friend , u were very close to me like my brother , u shared the pain of ur life but I didn’t I am sorry bhavya , but the story is more

bhavya pov – this rudra what he thinks of himself , I was only mad u loved him , he never ever considered me more than her best friend , I am such a fool but there is more of his story and I have to listen right

rudra – but bhavya u promised me right that u will help me in finding soumya yaa u said that right

bhavya pov – this rudra what he thinks , I ll help him , he hide such abig truth from me , I ll help me
(guys note the sarcasm in bhavya’s pov)

precap – I hope u will be happy with this episode , but this is gonna be continue , and tell me what do u think will bhavya help him , or she will become negative , a selfless , will she become a hurdle in rudra’ love life???

drop ur comments and don’t forget to like the episode

yours niku

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  1. awesome


    Dear Niku
    Oberoi’s Karwachauth Preps And TejVi Scene??RuVya Conv Rudy Confess Bhavya Pov?? It’s Nice Chapter??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  3. nur amy shivika

    pls make bhavya negative and make rumya pls.100000 i love rumya not bhavya

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    It is nice.. Unite rumya

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    Superb update…

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    wow…KC episode.good that Tej is fasting 4 jhanvi.loved their scene.So rudra too fasting?Bcz of Pinky Bhavya got an idea abt rumya n Rudra bursting out who soumya was a superb scene.very emotional.I want Rumya.but i don’t want Bhavya to turn negative.fed up of the 2nd lead turning negative in all serials.I want bhavya to move on with some other guy as she too deserves someone nice

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