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rudra pov

I left bhavya’s room and I realized how difficult was her question , who was soumya , I myself don’t know who was she or who is she for me , how can I answer the question , who was a question for myself too , I can read through her face that she had many more questions , many more , yes she can have , she was my best friend , she shared her every pain with me ,the pain of losing her family , her loneliness but what did I do I hide my pain , I hide my guilt , I betrayed her too as a friend , i can see that she trusted me , she belived me that I would tell her the story of my side , I would give her answer when I wanted , she didn’t question further that shows her believe over our friendship and but I know that I have to tell her everything about her , about me , then only bhavya would be able to help me find her , and not only that , I have to tell her becoz bhavya is not only my friend but a part of my family who has rights to know everything as I claimed rights over her and she told about her pains but before that I have to figure out , how I am going to tell the story of my life ,which I thought have been ended , which I thought was a past which will never come back , which I thought I will never dig but I think destiny want it back , destiny want to me , face myself or I would say wanted to make me feel the pain which I had given to her , given to sumo , my sumo .

soumya’s pov

arrgh , I groaned on myself , I could not concentrate on my work and I had drank 3 cups of coffee but still I could not focus onn my work , riya was seeing me rather I would say observing me but she didn’t argued me or tried to talk , perhaps she understands me , that I need time to ponder over the things which had taken place in my life , I have been thinking of rudra from the start of the morning and I was trying to engross myself in work , but that was actually not working , I don’t know why the good moment I have spent with rudra were coming back to me , I was comparing rudra and abhishek but how could I , they both are too different , he never cared for me , he always blamed me but abhishek was totally different , hmm totally different , these thoughts are not leaving me but one thing is very clear of above all , that I have to move on , with the time life changes and moves forward , the same I have to apply in my world as daadi maa says moving is the only option which heal the wound but the question will my wounds be healed , can be nurture again . I thought on a moment thinking about the possibilities in my life which can happen , I finally decided that I will go with flow I will definitely give a chance to abhishek , and this time I ll explore , I ll find out whether I can trust him , I ll not become the fool like the previous , I ll take my own time , I ll made my own ways and yaa that’s how soumya is ,yes that’s how I am

I smiled thinking that after such a long day , I have finally taken a decision of my own but this smile didn’t gone unnoticed by miss riya , yaa how can she leave me without teasing , she started teasing me with abhishek , I know she did it deliberately to lighten my mood , my thoughts , and yes she won also , I unnecessarily blushed , my chubby cheeks got pink

“hmm someone is blushing haan” here she was again teasing me but this time I felt someone’s presence near my desk , I just held high my neck and saw abhishek standing there , my eyes got wide , had he heard the conversation , if yes what he must be thinking of me , oh my god , a flood of embarrassment ran through my body , I no longer could hold my eyes and suddenly riya left the place coughing , I swear I will not leave this idiot

then I heard a voice “ soumya if u r fine than would it be fine if I ll drop u to your house” I can see the shyness in voice , the way he framed his sentence make me laugh and I chuckled feebly , he noticed it and felt more shy and I felt guilty making him more shy

without wasting time I said yes , I noticed riya winked me as I went towards his car , he opened the door for me like an gentleman , I felt happy but another side of me wanted to know the real him , was he always a gentleman , or just behaving .

I knew that in these six months he have been constantly propsing me for a date , but he never behaved like a cheap person , never misbehaved as a boss too with not me but to any employ , he was always so good , he never saw me with the eyes of lust , his eyes show a concern for me , his pretty eyes , he never made me uncomfortable .

before I could think more he spoke “ soumya , actually I wanted to talk , no actually I wanted to ask a help from u , I mean that I actually don’t wanted to drop u house”
“what” I gaped what he didn’t want me to drop house but he just asked
“ amm I mean that my only purpose was not only to drop house , I actually need ur help in finding some good gift from sister , day after tomorrow is her birthday and I don’t know what to gift , I would be very grateful if u would help me” so he wanted me to go shopping with me , hmm sound interesting

“and see tomorrow is Sunday , its holiday , no office , no work load , so there is no excuse too , plz help me” he said it with pleading and his eyes were too pretty , how can I say no and yes that was the moment I was finding to explore him , to find him more

I said yes and he didn’t believe his ears , he just stopped the car and asked me did I just said yes ,oh so I got he was not thinking that I would say yes so easily , or would even say a yes

precap – what do u think , is soumya falling for abhishek ??? will soumya move on ?

did u like the chappy tell me plzzzzzzzzzz , give ur comments and silent readres do comment and like my chapter , love u all

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  1. awesome

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      thank u charitha u were alwyas a regular commemtor , thank u for ur support , ur motivation thank u once again

  2. Aleya.marzan

    want to see roumya together not ruvyaaa!!!!!!

    1. Niku16

      for that u have to keep on reading my the story dear

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  3. yaa I actually think saumya should move on with abhishek n plz tell me who is playing character of abhishek n plz dont turn him negative loved epi it was fab

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      abhishek’s charachter is played by kunj from tashen e ishq and if u want u can take anyone imaginary

  4. Reckha Sanskaar Singh

    that is so true i like roumya not ruvyaa…and also are they not a couple. as far as i can remember soumya and rudra got married but i dont know if they divorced or not. but yes Aleya.Marzan is right….

    1. Niku16

      yaa u r very right , the show have not shown that they have been divorced or not and u will be seeing more with the upcoming episode

  5. pls make it rumya and bhava as friend pls…….. make rudra jealous with abhi pls

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    rudra’s log as bhavya’s friend was described emotionally. rudra could have said that sounya is his will bhavya react then?so finally sounya said yes to go with abhishek.she. is trying to move on.but I don’t think she can forget rudra that easily

    1. Niku16

      yaa jasminerahul , it would be intresting how will i show the truth coming infront of bhavya , for that u have to keep read my story

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    Awesome…I want rumya together

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