Rumya OS – My Prince Charming

My story revolved around current situation in ishq baaz where saumya is kidnapped by kamini and rudra and priyanka are asking mahi aka fake shivay about saumya in holi party.Kamini messages priyanka from saumya’s phone that she is going to Pune.After party mahi is held captive by anika -rudra and shivay becomes mahi.

Rudra doesn’t have a good feeling about saumya’s disappearance ,
saumya not  told anyone about her visit.
He was lost in thoughts , meanwhile dadi come and ask rudra ,

” Rudra, saumya’s mother called and she want to talk to saumya .Where is she I didn’t saw her since yesterday?”

Rudra was shocked how was it possible that saumya’s aai doesn’t know about her arrival .

He was restless now.

He remembered mahi’s words that he was angry on saumya.

His little brain started to work for first time ,he goes to mahi and throws water on him.

“Where is saumya ?What have you done with her?”,rudra was hell angry ,

anika see him and get shocked she never saw this side of Rudy.Rudra was super cool for the whole world but he only shows his furious side to saumya or for saumya .

Mahi was still in deep sleep due to bhang so he couldn’t say anything.

On the other side shivay took mahi’s phone .

Kamini called mahi and say,”I hide that fat girl in basement ,I hit her so badly that she won’t woke up easily.She was so smart to find our secret but poor girl ,we hold her before she could tell anyone.but please
be careful and don’t let anybody find her”.

Shivay was shocked he understood that the lady was talking about saumya but he didn’t recognize the voice.

Shivay called anika and told him about saumya’s whereabouts.

Anika tells rudra about saumya,she was crying badly while saying all that.

Rudra was shocked , saumya’s word rang in his ears ,
“Every girl wants a prince charming who takes care of her and be with her Always”.

Rudra remembered his promise,”If you’ll fall in any problem I could save you”

Rudra remembered how it was always saumya who took care of she consoled him when Romi stole his clothes and tried to marry she threatened Romi to stay away from him .How she stood in front of that shooter to save him and now she is danger because she wanted to save my family.

She was his Savior always.

Rudra decides to fulfill his promise this time and he ran towards basement.
Anika tried to accompany him but he was too quick and angry so she couldn’t say anything.

Rudra entered the basement .He looked for saumya.After some time he saw an unconscious girl covered in gulal and tied with ropes.She was his saumya ,his heart bleed seeing her situation .
He shouts her name and goes near her.

Rudra opened  ropes and try to wake her up .He try to put her head on his lap and then he saw blood in his hands.Saumya’s hair were all in blood and pieces of glasses.Rudra cried badly.
Without any thoughts he tried to pick her up,she was a little heavy but at that time rudra couldn’t think of that.He hold her waist and put her hands on his shoulder and he takes her with him out of basement.

Rudra remembered his own words,

“I can save you but I can’t pick you up like shivay bhaiya picked anika bhabhi”.That was irony of life.

Rudra brought saumya to his room and anika called doctor .Rudra was crying badly ,he didn’t left her hand for even one second.

Doctor told them that her condition is a not good ,she needs rest for some day.

Rudra couldn’t hear anything ,he was just crying for saumya .

Saumya opens her eyes slowly and saw her prince charming , her crybaby crying but this time the tears was for her.

His tears were a proof that she was the one who has a special place in his heart that nobody can replace not even himself.

Rudra noticed that saumya opened her eyes and without wasting any second he hugged her tightly not wanting her to go anywhere now.

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  10. I have made an analysis on ishqbaaz…it will be soon uploaded today…so please read n let me know how it was

  11. I have made an analysis on ishqbaaz it will be soon uploaded today so please read n let me know how it was

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