Rudra whistled opening his cupboard . He pulled out a neat and well ironed shirt and started wearing it .

His phone rung .

“Haan bol , Ajay””’..”

“Rudra are you coming for the football practice today ????????”

“Yes buddy ”

“Rudra, inform Rahul Sir that I will be coming a little later , after an hour ”..Sanjana ke saath shopping pe hoon ” ”

“Oh Sanjana !!!!!! The beautiful angelic ‘.”

“Bhabhi hain teri ””””’.. ”

“I smell something burning”..”

“Your brain , idiot ””””’ Inform the coach that I’ll join you after an hour , bye ” he told and cut the call .

Rudra giggled and tossed his phone on his bed . He picked up his sport kit and flung the straps on his shoulders . He grabbed his phone and the keys of his one year old Apache . He wore his shoes and was about to lock the door when he heard his phone .

“Yes mom ” Rudra told

“Rudra , breakfast kiya ????? ”

“Haan kar liya ” kya baat hai , aapko meri fikar bhi ho rahi hai .i thought you were busy with dad ..”

“Shut up ”

“okay hands up ””.”

“Acha Rudra , you will have to pick up a family friend of ours now ”””

“What no ways !!!!!!!! I have my football practice ”””I can’t sacrifice it ”

“Rudra, its just a practice session”””’but that girl is here for an important task ”

“Football is important for me in the same way ”

“Rudra ””..” his mother, Jhanvi warned

“You are going to pick her from the railway station .She is travelling in Intercity express, train number xxx. Her train reaches Mumbai at 11.00 am . its 9.30 now . You will be right in time if you start within 20 mins . Aur haan , her name is Soumya . She is from Chandigarh and she will be wearing a blue salwar . She is going to Banglore via mumbai . I want you to pick her from the railway station and take her to our house . Serve her some refreshments and make her feel comfortable at our place . She has her flight to banglore by 3 pm . Drop her at the airport . I’m trusting you Rudra ”

“Mom !!! I can’t afford to lose even a single practice session .You know how important it is for me .I have my State level match after 15 days ”

“Rudra please , it’s a request from me and ur dad ”””that girl is the daughter of your father’s late childhood friend . She is new to Mumbai .Cant you even afford few hours for your dad’s friendship ””'”

Rudra remained silent

“Are are you there””..”

“Rudra , Do it for me . ”

“Fine , I’ll do ‘..”

“Thanks Rudra . It will be a great help to her if you drop her to the airport . Poor girl she is new to the city and more over She is ””’.”

Rudra cut the call before his mother could complete . He texted his friend that he would not be able to attend the practice session today due to some personal reasons and informed him that Ajay will be reaching there an hour later .

He locked the doors and headed towards Chatrapathi Shivaji Railway station .

10.50 am

Rudra reached the railway station and he wore his googles . He received an MMS and saw her picture . A girl with hazel brown eyes , a cute button like nose and pink lips . Rudra shrugged off and was irritated . He had never missed any single practice and today he had to miss just because of one stupid unknown girl. The announcement was made and Rudra went towards the platform . He searched for a girl dressed in a blue salwar and made few mistakes in finding her too . Finally he saw a girl collecting her bags from the train . Her back was facing him . Her hair was neatly braided and Rudra guessed her to be that Lavnya or Savnya or Soumya or whatever . The girl turned and as his prediction she was the girl whom he had come to receive . Rudra approached her and stood in front of her .

” Rudra , son of Jhanvi Oberoi ” he told and paused

“My mom told to pick you up , lets go ” he told and moved forward . Soumya was struggling with her huge luggage and her hand bag but Rudra cared a damn . He went towards the parking lot and Soumya followed him . Rudra started his bike and adjusted his shades .

” Baito ” he told .

Soumya sat behind him , placed her bag on her lap and held the rod behind her for support . Rudra accelerated and they drove for an hour .

They finally reached Rudra’s home . Rudra pushed open the door and then sat on the couch . He saw that Soumya was still standing outside .

“Andar aayiye ji , baitiye ji ‘..kya mujhe iske liye invitation bhi deni padegi ?? ” Rudra told sarcastically .

Soumya was totally confused . Rudra took that she could not understand his sarcasm and told , ” Come in and let your majesty’s beautiful feet touch my hut ” he mocked .
Soumya frowned and came in . Rudra held her hand and pulled her with him . He went in front of the washroom and stopped . Soumya narrowed her eyes . Rudra pushed open the Door and told , “Refresh yourself ” and then he strode out of the room .
He entered the kitchen and made 2 cups of coffee . He stopped and told himself , ” does she like coffee ??”
He replied to himself ,” Even if she doesn’t like , she has to drink ”she doesn’t have a choice ”
He came out of the kitchen and saw Soumya entering the drawing room . He gave her a steaming cup of coffee and told , ” drink ”.even if u don’t like ” .
He saw Soumya staring at his lips and he rolled his eyes irritated .

“Behenji bhi aaj kal aisa bhi sochthi hain ”'” he told himself and told her to sit in the opposite couch.

He took the T.V remote and started to watch a movie forgetting that he had a guest at his home .

After an hour .

Rudra entered the kitchen and made some pasta . He pushed a plate to her . Soumya made a face seeing the pasta .

“Kya hua ??? you don’t like pasta ???? Listen behenji, I don’t care if you like pasta or not !!! If you want eat it else bin it ‘.nahi nahi you have to eat it !!!!!!!! You can’t waste food ”
he told and saw that she was again staring at his lips .

“You B**** !!!!!!! I’ seeing form the beginning , you are always staring at my lips ””. Wanna kiss me ??????? Come on , baby !! ” he told nearing her . .

He held her shoulders roughly and told , ” Why are u always troubling me ??? Tumhari wajahse I have missed my practice ”’…You know how important it is for me ?????? How do you know, you are busy with your own problems and you want others to leave all their duties to come behind you and help you ”
He saw that Soumya was again staring at his lips . He felt irritated in talking with her and pushed her away . Her head hit the wall and tears pooled in her hazel eyes dues to the pain . She rubbed her head and weeped silently . Rudra felt bad for her but then shrugged off thinking that she deserved it and then started to enjoy his pasta .

After an hour

Rudra came near her who was reading a book . He pulled the book out of her hand and told ,

” Behenji , when is your flight ???? ” He saw Soumya confused

“I asked when do you have your flight ”

She made and understanding face and then moved towards the handbag and gave her ticket to him

“3 pm ” he saw the timing and returned the ticket to her .

” Muh se bol nahi sakthi ?? ticket hi dena hai kya ??? ” he mocked

She tried to motion him something but Rudra ignored her and went into his room

He came back after 10 mins and forwarded her a paper


She read and looked at him

“Your style ” Rudra told and left into his room .


Rudra came out of his room and saw that she was all set . He wore his watch and told her ” Not bad !! I have seen that girls take a long time to get ready , but you are too fast !!
Oops”’ tum behenji ho na , why do u actually need to get read . All you need is a salwar , a duppatta ,a pair of jumkhas and a shoe and you have everything ” Rudra mocked .

They headed towards his bike and they moved from the parking lot .

On his way Rudra thought of asking her why she was going to Bangalore but then later shrugged off telling himself that it was not his business .
He recalled the vents in the past 3 hours and realized that he had been rude to her from the beginning but later assured himself that she deserved that . He dropped her in front of the airport . She got down from his bike and stood in front of him . She mouthed him a thank you but Rudra could not understand . She again tried to tell him but Rudra stopped her and told , ” Happy journey , bye ”'” He paused and told , ” I hope I’ll never see you again ” . He saw Soumya looking at his lips . he felt irritated and then zoomed off from the airport .Soumya too headed to get her boarding pass .

Rudra on his way heard his phone ring . He sa that it was his mom’s call and attended the call .

“Rudra ”..”

“Haan mom , I have dropped her at the airport ”

“Good , did you give her some refreshments ””””..??”

“Yes mom ”

“You treated her well na ???”

“Yes mom ” he told but his heart told Really ,did you ””’??

” Poor girl , she is already DEAF AND DUMB and on top she is now suffering from LUNG CANCER . She is now going to Bangalore for her treatment . ”

~~~THE END~~~

Hello Friends !! Again We both write something this time for RuMya for Renimaa’s concept !! We thought much and we ended here in our views OS should end here only if we try to write Rudra’s POV or feelings OS will surely loose its charm.

Listen fully conversation -Think before you tell anything !!! Who knows your prediction might be wrong about a person !!!! The pain that you hurted a person remains in your heart forever and it cannot be washed away by any dettol / volini or any costly solutions.

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