Rumya os-Jealousy with passion

It was a pleasant day, as today shivika were getting married.

All were both busy and exited. But wait there is something or someone burning.

Rudra was flirting with other girls and smiling inwardly by seeing his sumo’s fuming face. Gaurika laughed silently looking at Rudra’s tactics to make Soumya irritate. LOL

Girl 1:hey handsome.

R: hello beautiful ladies.

girl 2: oh, you must be Rudra, Rudra Singh Oberoi.Right…

R:yes, but person who are special for me call me Rudra(eyeing Soumya), so call me Rudra.

Soumya pouts angrily in which he losts…

Girl 1:thanks dear, will you like to be my date tonight.

R: yes (still lost as his focus was on Soumya)

And girl kisses on his cheek.

He was shocked and recovered, knowing what happened.

Tears threatened to fall from Soumya’s eyes and ran out of the sight.

Rudra denied the girl about date.

All this was witnessed by Gaurika.

Om went to Rudra to cool down the matter and Gauri goes to Soumya, Gauri too was upset from Rudra and thought of a payback.

She told Soumya about Rudra’s prank and made her calm.

She makes Soumya to wear her lengha which was of net material. Its choli reached till her mid rib And its peacock blue looked great on her. It was fully backless holded with two thin straps revealing her smooth back.

As the bride was called downstairs,both divas came along with anika.

And our Om and Rudra were totally blown off.

While all rituals were going on, Rudra was checking her and Soumya felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze. He noticed that and smirked and Gaurika shared an intense eye lock.

In between Rudra tried to talk to her but she gave attitude and went away.

Rudra followed her and saw some boys flirting with Soumya and she also flirted back with oh so s*xy smile on her face and went. All boys were drooling over her.

On sensing nobody’s presence he pulled her in an empty room. He locked the door, pushed her and placed his lips on hers wenting all anger in a wild, passionate kiss.

S:Rudra, Yeh sabh kya hai, chodo mujhe.

R:kyu apne naye bf ke paas jaana hai.

S- tum aise kyu bol rahe ho, aur main toh sirf usse baat kar thi.

Oh, toh flirting ko bhi baatein kahete hai…sumo, tum sirf meri ho, tumse iss tarah sirf main baat kar sakta hoon. TUM SIRF AUR SIRF MERI HO…

Toh maine kabh kaha ki main tumhari nahi hun.

Toh tum uss se flirt kyu kar rahi thi.

Par tum bhi toh uss chipkali se kyu chipak- chipak kar flirt kar rahe the, jahan ladki dekhi nahi bas fisal gaye.

So, someone is burning…hmmm…miss Soumya tendulkar is jealous(mischievously).

Toh tum jealous nahi huve.

Rudra Singh Oberoi…and jealous, No way . I was just being protective and possessive, you know…

(Acting like Rudra) yeah, I know…Rudra Singh Oberoi being protective and possessive…

Aur tum, tum toh jealous hui na…bolo.


Moving closer to her…and she steadily moved back.

Her back hit the door, His breath fanned her face making her knees go weak.

R: ab bolo, hui jealous…

S: no… (she shuddered)

Rudra peaked her lips.

R : jealous

Soumya nodded her head in no…and pushed him to escape but Rudra pulled hard and kissed her and asked her in between* jealous*

Soumya pushed him moaning *no*and ran out blushing…

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  1. Now if I see Rumya ff or Os I guess it has to be from you. 😉
    Again you made me go crazy with such cute chemistry. Awwwwwwwesome

  2. Amazing dear loved it…❤❤❤

  3. Super

  4. Nice ff dr and rumya Superb dr….

  5. Aarti32

    Awww..Mere cuties Rumya ?? love them..Loved dis OS..Dunno y they aren’t given screenspace in d shows?

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thanks and I don’t think they will ever give space to rumya as now like Omkara they are bringing new lead for Rudra. …mansion shrivastav

      1. Aarti32

        Plzz..Not again!! Neha was d best yaar..Dunno y they love changing d leads?

  6. Awesome..

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