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RuMya :Jab Miss.Mumbai Met Mr.Delhi “SHOW SOME ISHQ” By Fenu (Ten Pearls) (Pearl:07)


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both walking

She : omg…i’s was just wow…kya khubsurat gana gaya tum ne yaar(What a beautiful song you sung)..i just loved it…you are a rock star…
He : Thanks !!

She : par mujhe ek baat samajh nahi aayi..tumhare gane me thi kaun..sunchi..ya fir wo pehli wali…( But I did not understand one thing. Who was in your song? Sunchi..or the first one …)
He laughed : dono..(Both)
She : kya wo sach me etni khubsurat har chiz me tumhe wohi dikhayi deti hai…( But is she really so beautiful? You see that in everything else)
He smile : bhari hai..(Full)
She : moti hai..??(Fat is?)

He gave irritating look : i meant..bahot hi pyari hai.(very cute).solid hai..
She : solid…?
she again started laughing at the word solid…
He made angry face : tum mera mazak bana rahi thi kab se..( How was you making fun of me)
She : nahi baba…seriously nahi..(No)

there was some seriousness in her voice..he smiled..
She : aur sach kahu..aaj kal aise ladke milte kaha hai..( And the truth is..It’s been said now a days to meet such boys !!)
He : aise matlab..
She : aisi matlab..aisihi..apni gf ke liye kavita likhane wale(like you who write poems for his girlfriend)…what really inspires them..i really don’t know but its amazing..
he smiled..
He : me bhi kuchh kahu…(can I say something )
She : kaho na…(say)
He : aaj kal..jisse dekh kar kavita ke bol ban jaye…aisi ladkiyan hai hi kahan ab..(where are such girls seeing them we can make poetry words !?)
She : hmm true..

He : aaj kal ki ladkiya..pehle salary puchhti hai..emotions sab to baad ki baat hai…( Today’s girls .. First salary asks. Emotion attachments..they are all after …)
She : par esme galat kya hai..(But what’s wrong in this)
He : matlab..
She : ab subah ka hi issue dekh lo..humne coffee pi..tum to the khali jeb..aur agar mere paas bhi paise na hot toh…( Now look at the issue in the morning. We drink coffee. You were empty pocket..and if I do not even have money)

he looked at her annoyed…she just called him khali jeb..
She laughed : dono ka bartan banjhane padte…( Both of them had to wash the pot/utensil )
He : tum baar baar mujhe wahin kya taunt kar rahi hu…(why are you keep taunting me about that)
She : bas example bata rahi hun..(I’’m just giving examples)

he still not convinced…

She : aur waise bhi..sab ko security chahiye hi hoti hai…i kavita vagaire karna achhee baat hai..shayad tumne sunchi ke liye songs tak likhe honge..par eska kya..( And anyway..Everybody needs security …i mean.. It is a good thing to do these poems..Maybe you have written the songs for sunchi…but what about this)
she said making her fingers go in her mouth…

he looked her confused…
She : khane ke liye kuchh nahi lagta…??(there is nothing to eat???)
he twisted his lips giving idiotic smile..
She laughed : ab sunchi ne bhi tumhe puchha to hoga kitne padhe likhe ho..aage kya karna chahte ho..(Sunchi also must have asked about your studies and what you want to do in future?)
he shook his head smiling…

She : it obvious yaar…
He : mujhe dekhkar tumhe kya lagta hai..(what do you think by looking at me )
she looked at him confusingly…
He : kitna padha:likha hu me..(how much I m educated)
she still thought..
He : kaun hun me..kya lagta hai tumhe…(who am I ? what do you think?)
She : um…she started guessing…
He : no stop..
She : ab kya huva…
He : tum guess mat karo..pata nahi kya guess karogi..aur ek bahana mil jayega mujhpar hasne ka tumhe..( Do not you guess..Don’t know what will happen .. and an excuse will get you laughing at me ..)
she laughed…
She : achha fir tum hi bata do na..(then you only tell )
He : M.Tech hu me…

She : job kahan karte ho..(where do you work?)
He : mere khoon ne kabhi kisi ki goolami karna nahi sikha…( My blood never learned to do slavery)
She : ohhh hoo..made in Delhi..

both looked at each other n giggled…
He : me hamesha se sportsman banana chahta tha..( Always wanted to be a sportsman)
She : cricket ??
He : hmm..par meri dadi ne kaha pehle apni padhayi complete kar lo..fir business join kar loo…( But my grandmother said, first complete your studies..then join business.)
She : fir(then)..??
He : bagawat..mene kaha me cricket nahi chhod sakta..( Revolt..I can not leave cricket in the said ..)
She : fir kya…

He : fir kya..dadi ne gussa kiya aur mene business join kar liya..ab aksar daat chalti rehti mamle me delhi mumbai..same..( Then what..Daadi got angry and I joined business..It’s often going to keep running. In this case, Delhi, Mumbai..Shame ..)
she smiled…
She : sunchi se shadi ho gayi..??(Got married to sunchi?)
he stopped did she..for some reason. his smile faded away..she looked at his serious face..he shook his head in NO…smile n started walking again…she felt some kind of pain in that no…she followed him..
She : kyun..(why)
He : bas nahi ho payi..(just couldn’t happen)
She : kyu re..

to ease the situation she joked : kahin woh bhi ajeeb nahi nikli na..
He smiled : aisa kuchh nahi hai ok..(nothing like that oky)
She smiled : i know i know..
both started walking again…
She : par sunchi ke baas kisi aur ladki ki taraf tumne dekha tak nahi hoga…(after sunchi ..haven’t you see other girls !!)
he didn’t look at her..but his expression told her that she is right..
She :you are too loyal to your emotions haan…

He : pata nahi kyu…(don’t know why)
he looked at her now…both looked at each other for a sec..
He : par waisi gudiya fir kabhi mili hi nahi..( But that type of doll never got again)
She smiled : mili nahi..ya tumne dhundi nahi..??( Not found..or you did not searched)
he looked at her for this questions…
He : aise cheeze dhundne se mil jati hai..??
she smiled…n shook her head in NO…he too smiled…
He : kitna ajeeb hai na..joote..kapde..gehne…sab humare maap ke hisab se mil jata hai..agar nahi ho to bana sakte hai…par aise cheeze nahi milti…( It is so strange that Shoes,clothes,jewellery … we all get according to our measurements..If you do not, you can make it … but such things do not get(life partner))

he said so genuinely ..that she smiled truly at him..he was way to different from inside…though he behaves kiddies..childish from outside..but he is a real matured person from inside…
He : hai na..
She : hmm…tumhe dekh lagta nahi ke tum itne emotional ho…( You do not seem to see that you are so emotional)
he raised his made in Delhi..n both started laughing…

He : achha mujhe batao..Rehaan kaisa hai..??(tell me how is Rehaan?)
She : chale..der ho rahi ho…(lets go…we are getting late)
saying she started walking..while he stood there confused at her avoiding his question..he immediately followed her…
He : bhag rahi ho..(Running away)
She : nahi re..der ho jayegi na..esiliye..(no…will get late that’s why)
He : abhi bhi NO decided hai ya..ab answer badal rahi ho…
She : answer badalne ki koi vajah ??(Any reason for change in my answer)

He : mujhe kya pata…tumhare kitna ajeeb hai na…jaan bujhkar Rehaan ka topic avoid kar rahi ho..pehle kuchh aur bol rahi thi…aur ab kuchh aur..tumhara kya pata..agle 1 ghnate me jisse milne aayi ho..ussi se shadi karne ke liye haan kar dogi..

She : mujhse jyada tumhe hi fikar hai meri shadi ki…
He : kyu na ho..aur isme galat hi kya…agar tum jisse milne aayi ho..woh dil se achha ho..toh usse shadi karne me kya prob hai…( Why not..and what’s wrong in it … if you have come to meet..he is good with what is the prob in marrying him)
she looked at him…
He : aur waise bhi ussi se toh milne aayi thi tum..Mumbai se…( And by the way you had come to meet him.. from Mumbai)
he teased her…she was serious now…but he failed to realize that n teased again…
He : tumhare Rehaan ko pata hai kya…??..haan haan..

she angrily shout : will u plz just shut up..
a silence spread between them…
She angrily : har baat pe mazak banana jaruri hai kya…
saying so she started walking…he didn’t understand her at all..he followed her…
He : ye achha hai..kab se tum mera mazak uda rahi thi..wo thik hai..aur mene thoda sa mazak kya bana liya…tum shuru ho gayi.( This is good..that you were mocking me..he is fine..and what made me a little joke … you started).” will u shut up “..he mocked in her voice…
she looked at him more angrily..
He : ok fine fine..m sorry..ok..

She : no no..don’t b sorry..samne khade insan ki kya situation hai ye soche bina sirf bakbak karte rehna…nonsense..( The person standing in front of the idea of what the situation is, just keep chattering without thinking.)

saying so she started walking again…he closed his eyes..he was super angry now…
what does she think of herself..she can tease others but other should not tease her…

He shouted : stop…
she stopped and turned a back to face him..he walked towards her stood in front of her…
He : tum khud ko samajhti kya ho haan..(what do you think of yourself)
she looked at him angrily…
He : jab tak tum mujhe nahi bataogi ke tumhari kya prob hai..mujhe kaise pata chalega…3 se 4 ghante huye hai..hume mile huye…kya expect karti ho tum me tumhare dil ki har baat jaan lu..haan…
She angrily : no no no..itna expect karna to bahot jyada hai…tum sab ladke ek jaise hote ho..bilkul ek jaise…kuchh shanti mile esiliye yahan aayi thi..par yahan jyada hi dimag kharab kar liya mene khud ka…(you all boys are same..i thought to I will get some peace here but I spoiled my mind)

blabbering in anger..she started to walk again..
He : I’m not done yet…
she stopped at her place trying to control her anger…
He : kab se dekh raha man me aaye bake ja rahi ho…tum kehna kya chahti ho…( Seeing from time to time..what is going on in mind … what do you want to say …)whoever u way u have the right to insult me..get that clear..

she looked at him…her anger has turned into seriousness now…she wasn’t angry anymore..but was in deep thoughts…

He : tum mujhe keh rahi ho..tum khud kitna sochti ho samne wale insaan ke bare me..mazak..insult..tum karo to thik..par wohi koi aur tumhare sath tumhe mirchi lagti hai…us Rehaan ko tum aise hi dominate karti …em khud milunga us ladke se…jisse tum dekhne aayi ho..aur use tum se shadi pachhatayega zindagi bhar..barbad ho jayega…( You are telling me..You think so much about the person in front of you… Joke..insult..You do it right .. but someone else will do it with you.. So you seem to be chilli … You must be dominet to Rehan…I m sure…I will meet that boy personally…whom for you come here..i will say him not to marry you if he will he will be ruin)

saying so he started to walk angrily…leaving her alone with tears..

To Be Continued…

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