The day arrived still getting on their nerves. Everyone was happy chirping about the party. Except these two, they knew what was going to happen.

The evening, party and media arrived.

And so did the Kapoors.

“Who invited these Kapoors???”, Tej growled.

“I did.”, Rudra answered.

“You are good for nothing Rudra.”

“And I’m proud of that, Mr. Oberoi.”, He smirked.

Through Khanna, Shivay got to know that Svetlana is going to upload the video, and he couldn’t let that happen.

He came upto her and Saumya’s room and was about to open it when a hand stopped him. It was Rudra.

“I know bhaiya you want to protect our family but I won’t let that happen today.”

Shivay pushed him.

“No Rudra , I love my family way too much to see this happen and no one can stop me not even you.”

“No bhaiya you are wrong, I will stop you no matter what.”

“What will you do huh? Will you hit me ?”, And Shivay slapped him.

“I don’t know, but to set everything right, if I have to do that, I WILL DO THAT TOO”

Saumya was hearing the commotion outside and the slaps.

“Rudra what is happening ?? Are you alright ?”

“I’m fine just a little sibling war, you do your work, don’t worry about me.”

“Saumya!!”, Shivay roared, “shut the damn thing, I won’t let anything happen to my family.”

“Saumya don’t listen to him.”, Rudra shouted back.

“I won’t. Di help me now.”

Svetlana was able to connect the damaged hard risk to Saumya’s laptop. The coding practice helped the sisters a lot.

Here Rudra went upto the door and locked it from outside, putting it in his black dhaga around his neck, which he got from the dargah.

“Rudra why are you locking us ???”

“Just do it, bhaiya will do anything to not let the clip, the footage leak.”

“Enough Rudra !!!”,Shivay roared and a punch landed on Rudra ‘s perfect jawline.

“Even I can do anything to protect my family. You want to fight your way out, fight me.”

“You know that I will never raise my hand on you, but for getting them justice, let’s just say that I will.”

And then the fight began.

Omkara was sent a footage by Khanna on his phone and he ran up to see them fight.

With great difficulty, he separated them.

“What the f**k is wrong with you two???”

“Rudra is going to expose our parents, he is going to have them arrested and us – DESTROYED.”

“We won’t be destroyed, these people many people out there are just a few minutes from their justice O, our parents have destroyed so many people, their happiness, and in that process, in these 22 years, he has destroyed ours, you saw how he broke everything in our family, and he never ever tried to improve it, improve himself. Do you really think I care about him or any of our elders after what I heard, after I heard the truth ?”

Omkara was shocked.

“But what about our mothers?? ” Om asked.

“Our mothers ?”, He laughed, “our mothers, thy helped them, so they are also criminals, and I’m not going to be one of them.”

“I’m with you, Rudra , not going to help our criminal parents.”

“Om are you mad ??”

“No, you know until Rudra hadn’t said it, I would have helped you to stop him not anymore, I said this to Ishana, and I’m telling you now too, Agar baat sach aur mere parivaar ke beech mein ho, toh main sach Ko hi chunoonga.”

I don’t know what to do.”

“Just keep your mouth shut.”, Both the brothers said.

“Saumya whatever help you need I will give you but if you have ever considered me your Bade Baal waale bhaiya then please leak whatever video info you have about the Kalyani mills incident please.” He touched the door and said.

Both the sisters were shocked, they could understand Rudra but Omkara begging them to leak the video was surprisingly shocking.

“I will Bade Baal waale bhaiya.”

In few minutes.

“Rudra open the door we’re done.”

And he unlocked the door she was shocked to see his bruises. She touched his face and tears brimmed her eyes, nobody knew that he was her strength as well as weakness. And Svetlana knew that already.

“How did this happen, who did it ?”

“Bhaiya was fighting me to stop you-“

And the next moment he saw her marching towards Shivay, ready to kill him.

Rudra and Svetlana exchanged worried glances. Before Rudra ran upon her and picked her up from behind.

“Rudra leave me I’m going to kill him, what does he think of himself.”

Svetlana came next to her.

“Saumu cool down.”

“Saumya cool down.”

Both of them said together.

“I’m fine, put me down.”

And then the next moment she threw down a vase.

“I think we should go down.”, Omkara said.

All were nervous but decided to descend the stairs, to see what was decided for their fate today, to see what their fate decided to show them today.

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  2. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see a mature rudra.he wants to expose his expose.but expose that he I to fight with shivay as shivay wanted to protect his family.glad that om is supporting rumya.wonder what will happen now

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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