Saumya went inside her room and her sisters followed her, while her husband stealthily followed them.

As soon as she entered the room she broke down and before she could shut the door, her sisters got inside.

“I did it didi, I did it, I have made my fathers and bhaiya proud ??”

“Yes you made them proud, but”, and they sniffed.

“But what ???”

“You should meet Maasi Saumu.”

“But -“

“No Saumu enough is enough, you are coming with us to meet her, that’s it, di pack her bags”, Tia declared.

And in no time they were down there and Rudra bid adieu to them. He heard everything.

As they reached her Aai’s home Saumya’s eyes started tearing up.

She finally gathered her courage and pressed the bell.

She heard her footsteps and about to run but sisters were standing there determined to make her meet her Aai.

Finally the door opened.

And she turned.



And they hugged each other immediately and cries as well as comforted each other.

“I’m sorry Aai, I thought if I stayed away from you then you won’t be ashamed of me.”,and she cried.

“Did I tell you leave me? Did I ever ask you to go away from me? No. Who told you to decide about me without even asking me ?”

“I’m sorry Aai.”

They all went inside.

“Maasi Saumu has to tell you something.”, The sisters declared.

Saumya was shocked, she wasn’t prepared for this.

“What are you hiding from me now, Saumu ???”

“The truth about Sameer bhaiya’s death.”they said it finally.

“What ???”, Aai shrieked.

“What are you hiding from me Saumu please tell me, did something else happen that day, what happened?? What truth are they talking about?? Please tell me my dear.”

“Aai, bhaiya didn’t die in a robbery,”, Aai gasped, this was worse what had happened to her children what was her daughter hiding from her.”he… he was murdered in front of my eyes.” Her breath hitched. “Why? Why was he murdered??” She was going to pass out now. “Because he tried to save me from getting raped.” There she said it, and all hell broke loose. “Oh my god Saumu please tell me that-“, Saumya interrupted. “No Aai, I was”,and Aai started crying.

And then she slapped her so hard that she fell down and her lips bled.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier???”,Aai shouted.

“Because I was scared, the whole hospital knew and you didn’t because we didn’t want you to, police wasn’t helping instead they were threatening me, that the guys would release my MMS and kill you, my only mother I ever had in my life, my Aai.”

“I should have been careful about the truth, I should have never let you know about the truth.”

Five years ago…

Saumya’s college exams had just finished and she was having her holidays. She was enjoying with her youngster gang, Svetlana, Tia, Sameer, Romi, Rohit and Dushyant. They would go for parties, picnics and sometimes to the karaoke studio. One day Tia and Svetlana were away for work, and by work, it meant planning against Oberois, Aai knew about this so she asked Sameer and Saumya to be away from the plan and everyone respected her words. They knew her fear of loosing her dear ones, and that she didn’t want to lose anyone now.

So that day Shobhna visited them, Saumya was in the kitchen preparing tea for her Maasi with her headphones on. When she was taking the tray towards them, the volume in her headphones was low so that she could hear if her Aai called her, she heard them talking about her.

“You love her so much Chhoti, even when she is not your blood.” Shobhna said.

World stopped for Saumya as soon as she heard the words, what was her Maasi saying

“So what if she is not my blood, she has my late husband’s blood, that makes her my daughter.”,her Aai said it with pride.

What did her Aai mean.

“You didn’t accept her for three months, how did you accept her?”

“You know Sameer accepted her the very first day as soon as he saw her, he had lost his little sister a few months ago, after which I could never give him a sibling, he was just ten and she was just four months old.”

Her head started spinning but she continued to listen they talking about her past and it looked like they didn’t realise that she could hear them.

“Her Sam bhai,he took her in immediately, while I cried my eyes out when Harsh brought her home, he said he brought her home because he didn’t want her biological mother to turn her into monster and that I needed her, well he was right, he had cried himself to a pulp blaming himself and asked me to accept her but I was adamant, her Sam bhai made her walk, and took care of her along with Harsh, while I turned her away everytime she crawled towards me. Sameer knew she was his half sister but still loves her like she is his own sister, he would even die for her.”

She wasn’t her Aai’s biological daughter, that was all she understood, she had another biological mother who would have treated her worse, but how could Aai turn her away, what did she mean when her father brought her.

“And I would just cry after turning her away, it hurt, that a such a child wasn’t mine, she was trying all the ways to get my attention, then one day she came next to me sat beside me, didn’t do or say anything, and then suddenly she said Aai, she called me her, her mother wasn’t Marathi nor was Harsh, and that meant Harsh and Sameer were teaching her Marathi, even for three months I ignored her but still she came to me and called me Aai, I saw in her big eyes the love she had for me, and I picked her up and cried, she wiped tears, but when I didn’t stop she cried with me too, when we calmed down, she played with my hair just like her father and brother. I knew that very time that she will be my daughter, and that she would never fail me.” And Aai wiped her tears happily.

“It wasn’t her mistake.”, Shobhna said.

“Yes it wasn’t her mistake that her biological mother drugged Harsh and slept with him only to break our marriage.”

The tray she held came crashing down, she realised that she was an illegitimate child of her Baba.

The ladies saw her and were too shocked to react. Saumya ran away.

Back to present…
“I then ran away to church and then bhaiya came to know what happened,he came to me and

Saumya was sitting in the church and was trying to keep herself from crying but couldn’t,

“So my sister would not tell me her worries now.”, Sameer said coming from behind.

“I’m not your sister, I’m a mistake, how could you accept-“

“Accept you ? Who would not accept you ? When I saw in dad’s arms you snuggled closer to him while you slept, and when he gave you in my arms you smiled in your sleep and snuggled closer to me, and moreover to my heart, you opened your big eyes and you smiled seeing me, and that is what I wanted in my sister. And my heart said that you will be my sister, and when I heard Baba talk the truth about you I was enraged, but it wasn’t his fault neither yours and when I kept you in the cot just for sometime, I felt incomplete and you started crying, my eyes disobeyed and so did my heart and in no time you were back in my arms and I rocked and you immediately smiled, I knew my sister was home.” Sameer smiled through his tears and Saumya hugged him immediately, crying.

“Come on now champ we gotta go my friends are waiting for us, and now no more crying ok, never ever, it will hurt your Sam bhai, hmm.”

“I’m sorry, I will apologize to Aai too, you all got worried today because of me, I love you bhaiya.”

“I love you too, Saumu kiddo.”

“Hey I’m not a kiddo.”

“Yes you’re”

“I’m not.”

“That we will decide when we get home now use your legs to start walking.”

They laughed and came out of the church, not knowing that their banter would be remain unfinished.

Back to present…
“But how did you got…”

“Bhaiya’s friends Rohan and Soham, they first killed bhaiya and then raped me.”

“What ???”

And Saumya told her everything about that night and also the fact that her Aai would never be able to become a grandma.

“We can still file a case on them, let’s go.”

She took her hand started leaving.

“That won’t be needed Aai , I killed them with my own bare hands.”,she said with such a voice that it sent shivers down her spine.

“What? What about the police?”

“They didn’t ever come to about it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before Saumu ??”

“After that incident I didn’t want to lose you, losing you is my biggest fear Aai, I thought tht you will blame me for bhaiya’s death, and that thought itself was horrifying, and I thought staying away from you would not hurt your self respect which I thought was lost because of me. I’m sorry Aai.”

“Never ever say that Saumu, you are my self respect and my life now, never close up on me or leave me alone, I will die if you do that again.”

“Never Aai, I will never shut you out, I swear on my life.”

“Accha, woh sab thik hai, but where are you staying Saumu what if I want to visit you?”

“Oh no don’t come to my place, it is too small, sometimes I stay with didi.”, She couldn’t let he Aai know about the revenge thing, she knew it would hurt her so she winked at her sisters who understood her and agreed with her.

“Oh ok, I will try to come, hmmm, and take care.”

“I will, you too take care, after my exams, you have full rights to irritate me.”

“Of course.”

And all of them laughed.

She returned back to the mansion.

When Rudra saw her back he saw she was smiling and it reached her eyes.

He hugged her from behind.

“What happened, wifey seems happy today ?”

“Yes, I met Aai today, after so many years, it felt so good Rudra.”

He kissed her hair, then turned and kissed her on her forehead and then as usual deeply on her cheeks giving life to her butterflies.

Suddenly she felt like throwing up, she ran up to the bathroom, upto the sink, but forgot about the door so Rudra entered hurriedly, by the time he entered she had finished throwing up. She saw blood in the sink. Did she just throw up blood, both wondered and when they both looked upto each other in mirror they were shocked, she was bleeding from her nose.

She touched the blood.

He was shocked to see her that way.


That was all she could say before collapsing, and Rudra held her head before it hit the ground. Tears blurred his vision. He shouted out to his brothers.

“Bhaiya, O, call a f**king ambulance now!”

He needed his love to stay alive, else he would not hesitate in killing himself.


Pheww, 1925 words I have written such a long chapter without a song for the first time.

Saumya’s another past is out finally, if you would remember that chapter about her rape and Sameer’s death you may see that she was about to tell the truth about her parentage.

Please do comment about how it was.

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